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Monday, March 5, 2012

Mother Cries!

Tornado's rip through my state a couple days ago. This morning snow hits the same area, wowza has Mother Nature gone crazy, like most everything else in our world! Mother Nature rules, always has, she flexes her muscles for all to see. No one pays attention it seems to her! As seasons turn from one to the other overlapping sometimes happen. Makes one feel small, really small! Mother Earth fighting back at the infliction of pain. She feels the cruelty to her children, she roars with lightning because of all the lying in her world. Evil men with no heart rule nation after nation. Cruel men drill deeply into her skin to bring up her blood from deeper and deeper, destroying the waters of the oceans. She cries, why not use the energy that's free, wind, sun! Other new energy's exist, but greed hangs on to the old ways to further cause her pain. She cannot fathom such pain given to her by her own children! She cries she shakes, she revolts, they do not listen. The mighty bombs from the atomic age scar and send killing winds around her! Why she cries even more! Why does the ones she gave life too, create such cement encased radioactive power generating stations that are doomed to fail! Why pollute the waters that give and sustain life? The food of the seas are being polluted, destroying many of her crowning  achievements. She growls and spews ash to ease her pain. Her outer shell once free of junk, know fills daily with debris, why she asks? She cries out into the heavens WHY? Why would man do this to their Mother? Wars have been around forever, the price of warrior people. She does not believe in war, but protecting what one has is logical. Crossing oceans to flex muscle is bullying. No better than a child bully! She cries at what has become of her vision. Some days seems too much and she finds herself pondering, starting over. She has too much heart and cannot do what mankind has done to her! She waits as they destroy themselves! Only then after a long depression and cleaning what man has polluted will she be able to try once again! Hope is her only ally as she cries at the thought of losing her children. One day her children will love her the way she loves them, one day! She cries, she'll mourn and try once more because she loves her children even when they don't love her!!! Glen


  1. Oh my gosh !! What an excellent, well written piece this is Glen . I could feel the anguish of Mother Earth through your words. You have captured the heart and soul of this planet and put into words what she would say audibly if she could. And actually, she IS crying out to us in her own way.

    Again, just Brilliantly written my friend!!

  2. And by the way, my heart goes out to all the victims of the tornadoes this past weekend, both in my home state and the other states affected. I've been through five hurricanes in my life but I was fortunate each and every time in that we had not major loss personally. In a way I think tornadoes are much worse because you have very little time to get to safety and the winds are so much more destructive. God be with all of those who will now work to rebuild. But one thing I have learned because of going through natural disasters is that is usually when mankind is at it's best, when people pull together and work together to help each other. What a shame it cannot always be that way.