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Monday, March 12, 2012


I'm in a unusual mood. I dislike admitting it, but I am a moody person. Not sure why, but inside of me can change sometimes in a heartbeat. I suspect if I was analyzed by a Psychiatrist, the problem began in childhood! Well hell yes! As children we're growing, learning every second of every day. Our little brains are turning faster than a guinea pig working out on one of them wheel toys people buy for them!

(I see that in my mind and chuckle, them little, guinea pigs, gerbils, rats whatever they are make me laugh.) Sorry but it's hard for me to stay on one subject!

My mind has never stopped, as a child I was thirsty for knowledge. I wish to know all, about everything. My mind never stopped. Sure it be the things that children think about, for the most part. It's them other parts that children should never contemplate, that become stuck in their minds! Can't get them out, can we? Hell! I'm not asking for compassion! No sir! These things we witness, are a part of, and or, perceive as children do, good or bad, form us until the day we die! That be a fact we can't expell! No matter how much we wish, or try. I am, what I am, from every encounter, as you read my silliness, my serious side, my dark side, my opinions and thoughts. We're all unique INDIVIDUALS formed over our lifetime.

I wish with all my heart, that children could be children until they turn legal age. Then slowly be introduced into adulthood and become acclimated to the realities of the world! At least they could live a portion of life, as a child.

I wish to ponder on that last paragraph for a minute.... Damn I think I confused myself, please hold as I re-read and reflect.

That would be ideal slowly introduced to the pressures of the real world. Yes it would! OR would it?

A child's learning is not just about playing, imagination, love, with absolutely no problems. We're a works in process from the day we're thrown from the snuggly comforts of our mothers womb! Bright lights, noise, cold, then people problems begin! Ah! Them people problems never stop! Do they?

Ah! I have strayed from the title of this post. What did you expect! I write what comes into my mind when it plops in. My mind has always been like a gerbil on a wheel, can't help it! My moods come and go for many different reasons. My lifetime supply of patience ran out 20 years ago. I can be one moody individual, of that I well know! You see I try hard, with every fiber of my being to be a better person. We cannot flip a switch and change who we are!

I have learned after a reasonably long life, to live within myself! Damn I sure as hell don't want to live within some of the others I come into contact with! Is that a put down? It depends! I've been training myself for 60 years. I sure as hell don't have the patience to start over, nor do I wish to!!!

I be the culmination of all you read here on Glen View, I strive every day to be a better person. We must live all, of everything, unfortunately, to be what we be!!! Goodnight my friemds grom G

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  1. I think most people's personalities are shaped during childhood . We are a product of our nurturing or lack of and our experiences. I'm moody too and I can go from being on top of the world to the depths of despair in a heartbeat. I do not like being that way, but that is the reality. It's interesting that you mention living within yourself...... I had something I have been wanting to write about that, but it just hasn't come to my fingertips yet.

    Anyway,it is a worthy goal to try to be a better person, but I think you are fine just the way you are Glen.