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Saturday, March 10, 2012


It's been a long day, but, but, but, it's Friday! Yoo who! Yip-pee! Ain't it grand! There's somethun bout get-un off work on Friday! (I'm feel-un goood! Soo---I might misspell some wurds on ya, fer sum reason whan I'm feelun good and silly, I like to spell wurds---how my eers and mind hear them, this ought to be a real hoot!)

To start with let's throw all that Hollyweird weirdo trash out the window, yep! Begone---who gives a rat's hiney about the same-O, same-O?

Sports, who gives a rat's ass about super rich sports stars? If they have took too many blows to the head and want to continue so that another hard hit could hurt them BAAD! It be their neck! Not mine but all that coverage about one man, come on now I say to some of you, OR is it the Sports Writers that are soo stupid they can't find anything else to talk about! Sheeesh, good God almighty people, get a life! My thoughts on P. Manning. Team him up with Tebow and that ought to give a Rocky Mountain high! One Mile Stadium be in the Stratosphere! Ladies and Gentlemen who love their football be getting goose bumps thinkun about that! Whow-wee!!! 

Rash Lumball, is there really people out there that actually listen to that ?????

Republican Presidential Challengers look an awful like, like Politicians! Need I say anymore?

Whow! How about the price of gasoline? Is it just me? Every time I drive by them CONVENIENT Stress Stores my pocket gets lighter and my ass feels like I been !@#$ED!

After all that money spent in Iraq and we don't get gasoline for .99 cents a gallon! Them Politicians can't do nothing right, can they?

All them to big to fail Conglomerates get our tax dollars and the Federal Reserve gets the interest that we pay, now what do we get??? Yep! Not even a kiss or at least a tad of lubricant! We get the shaft again!

We can thank Nascar for starting it's season, so all the Billy Bob, Joe Bob's won't have to think about the problems of the world until November!

How about them Auto Manufacturers that we loaned, or is it give money to? There for a little while our Government was giving out so much money I can't keep track! They turned themselves around or so it seems who the hell knows!

What gives with Israel? Do they have a burr under their saddle or what! They be this little country surrounded by countries that hate them and they are talking like a Mighty Pit Bull. They have an Ace up their hole! HAHAHA! I like that! That Ace be The United States and I don't like that, one iota!

Damn my poor wittle eyelids are getting droopy and I'm having a hard time concentrating! Hell don't sound any different than normal does it!

I'm too sleepy to continue so here's the deal, all you out there continue with my thoughts. I'm going to go to sleep and visit a world where everybody loves one another and all share equally! Yes baby! If only in my dreams! IMAGINE!!! IF ONLY FOR A LITTLE WHILE, TO RECHARGE MY BODY, MIND AND SOUL!!! Goodnight and may peace fill your hearts!!! AN OLD MAN CAN HOPE CAN'T HE? Glen......    I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart who visit my humble site...

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  1. I have decided that I will just let you do all the writing haha. You always write down the thoughts that are in my head anyway, so it would save me some time. We think a lot alike about a lot of things.

    I can't imagine that people still listen to that inflated bag of hot air Rush Limbaugh. I will never forget years ago I was sitting in the car waiting for my kids to get out of school and I had the radio on and this guy came on and I thought "what the &*#@ is this? Well I listened to him for awhile and the next day I listened to him and I kept listening for a few days and finally I came to the conclusion that he was one egotistic bag of hot air. I listened for those few days because I had to figure out if he was serious or if it was all a joke.
    I guess there are people out there who still follow him after all these years, but I have no clue why!!

    Hope you have a nice rest and a great weekend with the ones you love.