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Sunday, March 11, 2012


It's early morning and I'm about as relaxed as I can be except for possibly sleeping. Wow, it feels soo good! Don't know why but I'll take it! Yes I will!

Please, don't think I'm making fun, based on speaking about testifying, on some of my recent posts. Quite the contrary, in the churches I grew up in, testifying was considered a beautiful important part of the service. Yes it was! Brothers and Sisters as all were called, would stand up and pour their hearts out. It was pure and they always gave thanks to the one above. It was the passion, that stood out, taking the service higher and higher. Sometimes it was so pure with what was called "the spirit of the lord." The minister would say after hearts were laid open, "I can't top that, no need for a sermon tonight!" I hope, I have made myself clear on that, in NO WAY is it meant to be a put down! I remember how people would say "amen" and shake their heads in agreement. "Hallelujah, that's right" so on and so forth! The congregation became one and was feeling the beauty at the cleansing of souls. I suppose there's perhaps some religions that still do that! Although, I have my doubts! 

So testifying and the comments that I'll most likely use again, is meant to be a good thing, because I be wound up, feeling the spirit of the words I'm writing!!! If you believe in something strong enough, WE the congregation of the world should be testifying! That may be the only chance we get to speak. WE need to speak, and quit listening to all the wrong mouths that spout insanity. They're the ONES who speak with false, tongues. Those Devils be in all corners of the world! Sneaky Snakes from Satan himself, telling all kinds of lies! WE must see through the evilness of these Smooth talking, Shape Shifting Snake Oil Salesmen! You know what I be talking about don't you!!! Yes you do! We wish to believe these Snakes with fork tongues, because we wish to be taken care of, like our Momma used to take care of us as young-ins. We ain't young-ins no more! We be grown up with are own experiences of life! WE must, use our own minds, we're on our own now!

We have been led by Shape Shifters, they're smooth talkers! Yes they are! They have powerful allies, behind them, pushing their agendas certainly not the agenda of "we the people!" Amen!

These Shape Shifters wearing expensive tailored suits tell us the Simple Folk such foolishness as "I know what it's like to be in your shoes." Yeah! Right! They're mostly rich ones who are being led by billionaires or as I prefer to call them, "Ones who fancy themselves Kings and Queens!" They still think of us as their slaves!

One day many years ago, I awoke from a stupor I had been living in. I was deeply depressed and quite frankly did not think I would ever climb out of the hell, I was buried in!

WE, as in, WE THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD, must pull ourselves away from the World of Misinformation, Disinformation, Lying, Mayhem, Brainwashing, Snake Oil Salesmen of our world! It be hard I know! Everything you have been taught, is hard to give up! We must allow ourselves to see through all the smoke and mirrors! Time is now! Yes it is!
If you're reading this humble site from a poor old man, whose only advice I have to give is simple, but straight forward and from my heart, after a lifetime of believing, The Wrong Stuff!

Use our logic from within our souls! Do your own thinking, quit believing what you see on The Mighty, Nightly, Newscast! Use your own brain!--- Damn It!--- That's about all we have left! Everything else is mind control by a few, for the Masses! Always has been! In todays world of 24 hour news channels, instantaneous mind numbing, mind controling world! It's too easy, too just listen and believe, that's the problem!!! SHEESH! BROTHERS AND SISTERS OF THE WORLD WE'RE SMARTER THAN THIS AREN'T WE??????????????????????   Yes we are!!! Glen

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  1. Amen Brother !!!

    I agree with all you say here. Everyone WAKE UP and SPEAK UP. And yes, THINK for yourselves.......then "you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free"

    EXCELLENT post this morning dear !