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Friday, March 30, 2012

Convenient Stores/Diet Sodas and Laughter!!!

Let's see if I can rustle something up. Yip pee yi aw little doggies. Oh, I got to tell you what I seen tonight. This old feller, that be me got off work earlier than normal and was going to the store one of them always open ones except for Xmas. I stop at a Convenience Store, DAMN gas be $4.15! I haven't ate lunch, so's I get me a bag of cashews and a diet soda. Yep! old Glen is trying to lose a few pounds, I hate diet sodas, them fountain diet sodas seem to have a wee bit more taste to me! That sugar be killing me and I've gone cold turkey! I don't think the carburetor clean out gunk in them diet sodas be good for you, but I'm trying to trick my brain. My plan is to drink that diet yuck stuff for awhile and then drink only water.

I be sitting in my van and slowly munching on my cashews, um, um good! The first couple drinks of my fountain drink be right good. Me belly starting to quiver from the excitement of them nuts. Didn't take but a couple more drinks and the diet drink tasted like nothing. It be cold, I may as well be drinking water. What is it about diet drinks that make them go nasty? I think the gunk in them does something to your taste buds! My buddy, Mr. Taste Bud be going "nasty stuff, yuck, yuck, yuck!" It be a good thing them cashews are good, cause Mr. Taste Bud be.... pissed off! He be saying "give me the goood stuff!"

Shit! I ain't told you what I see going into the convenient store. It's always fun to visit a convenient store, usually an old man, that be me, can get a laugh, even if I'm only there a couple minutes. This convenient store be the most convenient one for me and it's conveniently located off an interstate. Man oh man, this convenient store and one located smackdab in my city be the most convenient to see strange ones. So's I like to visit these two convenient stores. I reckon the convenient stores bring out the different, unusual, aliens, or the other aliens! I been thinking, they ought to call them Comedy Stores, seems more appropriate. What I'm about to tell you sure made me chuckle. I see this young man going inside, his pants be, beneath his buttocks. He has a belt on, I start laughing because I don't see how his pants keep from going all the way down! He has on pretty blue underwear, he wants to show the whole world. He be mighty proud of his underwear. I damn near choked on my cashews. I be chewing my cashews and drinking my yucky soda like I was at the movies, waiting fer this young man to come out! He comes out and I notice he was wearing a hat and around his neck was what looked to me to be several large necklaces hanging all the way down to his midsection or where a normal belt should be worn. What's that all about, I don't know! The only thing I can figure out as to how he keeps his pants up. Oops! I don't mean up to anywhere's normal, as to where normal low pants are worn by a lot of young ones. His pants be below the curvature of his buttocks. I believe he must velcro them suckers to his underwear! How's else is them pants going to stay where he wears them??? Man I'm glad I went to this store. I watched a little comedy routine and have a post to write about. After the young man, alien or whatever left, my imagination gave me another chuckle. Can't you imagine this young man sent back about 50 years. The police would lock him up send him to Bellvue for the hopelessly insane.

Okay, I get each generation likes to dress differently! I can buy into that, it be a style, wanting to be unique! During my days there was the long hair thing. Pants went from tight legs to bell bottoms in the seventies. But, 'butt,' what is the purpose of the low, lower, and showing the curvature of your ass, wearing even the most amazing underwear??? I'm sorry but I have been around to see the mind altering stupidity of being different and having their own unique style to imitating the mentality of challenged ones, work into the dressing down and dumbing down of THE FUTURE LEADERS OF OUR WORLD. Call me old fashion, I hope there are significantly better educated, better dressed ones wanting to lead than the ones I come across in my life. If in my little corner of the Midwest I see these things, I can only wonder what lies in the more open, modern world! I'm sorry enough is enough. Have we spoiled and loved our children so much that we have created this world for them? I believe we inadvertenly have lost sight of our true priorities. To get by in the modern world mothers and fathers both must work to get by. Family values have deteriorated faster than computers become obsolete. Ah, there lies the problem! The modern world of instantaneous everything, is destroying us. The basic core values have eroded, as surely as the governments war on education has gone south. Bigger, better, more is not GOOD just look at our government, need I say no more!!! 

I wasn't planning on getting serious, but I must voice my opinion! Glen

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  1. First of all I am proud of you for trying to make some changes in your diet. I think that is a good idea to transition from the sugary drinks to the point you drink all (or mostly) water. That in itself will help you lose weight. There are other things you can do once you get through this phase, but I think it is good to go slow anytime we make a change in our eating habits. I think you have more of a chance to succeed that way.

    I did laugh about what you saw in the store. Especially when you said if he suddenly went back 50 years they would throw him in the loony bin. That is probably true :-)

    Here they passed some sort of law making it illegal to wear your pants that way. They won't put you in jail, but I guess you can get fined for it. I haven't seen near as many "pants on the ground" people walking around as I used to. But I am sure in the bigger cities they still do it. I used to watch them coming out of the school dressed like that and they would walk down the street and every couple of seconds they would grab those pants to keep them from sliding the rest of the way down. For the life of me, I don't see why they think that looks cool. It looks ridiculous, but then I am an old lady so what do I know huh?? But even my youngest daughter who is only 20 thinks it is stupid, so there is hope for some of the young people !

    Great post this morning G. Thanks for the laugh :-)