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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ah! Spring!

Friday is my roughest night at work, so I'm extremely tired as I make an attempt to gather my thoughts! Let's see if I can meander a bit. After making my early AM delivery I step out of my work truck, my nose inhales a most refreshing scent. Just six hours earlier there was a down pour with pea size hail. It happened during breaktime as I was outside. While watching the rain, two Canadian Geese waddled through the parking lot. They obviously was enjoying it, more than I was. I watched as they slumbered out of sight.

Back to the smell. The feint smell of flowers, or it must have been the smell coming from the trees that had bloomed, I'm not exactly sure. Anyway, there was no wind at this time and the scent was exhilerating. I stood still, my eyes closed breathing in the light, captivating aroma. Wow! Spring has sprung! A month early in the Heartland, it warms my heart giving reprieve from a hard night's work, even though I still had another hour to go, it made it so much easier, doing my time with a smile on my face. Goes to show you even at 2 AM in pitch black, magic is being made if, and I repeat if, you are open to it, wow! Spring is simply amazing! It warms your body all the way through reverberating inside your heart, if you allow! How can one not? Even though we have had a mild winter, seeing Mother Nature opening her arms wide, to welcome all, to her beauty! She is saying to the ones who can hear "enjoy all my wonders, I have been asleep, I now open my heart to all. Embrace me, as we become one!" How can one not feel that?

I suppose, some cannot in this hurry up and wait world! Some leave their house, through their garage, stay in their automobiles in their controlled environments. Get to work, while working inside another  controlled environment, take their breaks, lunch inside. Return home through the garage. Stay inside watching their mega mammoth super size TV. Shutting themselves off from the beauty and smells, to watch Mother Nature on the side of a wall, wowing at the beauty being reproduced on a flat screen inside. The modern way. True color, beauty, smells cannot be found this way! The real ones magnify the beauty beyond imagination! Why? Well if you have to ask why? You're a hopeless case my friends! Goodnight, sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite! Glen   

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  1. Oh you make me miss the springs up north! We have spring, but it is barely noticeable, but you have brought it to my imagination right here :-)

    This is what I have been talking about lately.........those little gifts that we sometimes forget to notice.