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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Mr. Wiki

I'm about as relaxed as one can get without snoring! I'm so relaxed yet I haven't taken my meds. I'm afraid too at this point! I have been relaxed all day, my dreams were off Glen's dream measurement scale. Could it be that after only one week on The South Beach Plan I could feel this much better mentally? God I hope so! I did have some withdrawal problems as far as headaches go. I believe not going cold turkey with caffeine and sugar helped me. Even though diet sodas suck, and have gunk type junk in them, I do not intend to stay on them very long. I believe sodas, a bad habit developed in my childhood. Then it was the very small six ounce coca-cola bottles. My mom always loved cokes, she worked at a drug store that had an actual old time soda fountain. She actually was a soda fountain jerk! Ha, ha, ha, true story. I'm sure she developed the thirst for sodas then. We commonly referred to them as pop when I was growing up. I suppose there was a reason they called it that. From reading about the early days of coke, one article I read about was that they actually put a dash of cocaine, well I originally laughed that off. Then I started thinking about that. I know, I know, that be my problem! Seems before the modern drug cartel, oopsey! I mean, modern drug control, you could actually buy cocaine through mail order catalogs. Then I started putting other things together, like the good Doctor on the television series Gunsmoke who talked about laudanum. I just now done a little googling and Mr. Wiki says laudanum is an alcoholic tincture of opium, sometimes sweetened with sugar and also called wine of opium. Well lord have mercy isn't that sweet!!! (sorry couldn't help myself!) Did you know this Mr. Wiki was so smart you can look up anything through this fella! He be a regular encyclopedia! How did we ever get by without him? Oh!Oh! Oh! I just read recently where this will be the last year for the hard bound encyclopedia. Kinda makes me sad. I remember at school, and at the library leafing through them with wide eyes. Man it was fun!

Durn it! I sidetracked, but this old codger, ainna, gonna, apologize causin, it be a heap O fun fer me, and I hope y'all out there wherever ye be have a little chuckle at a rambling old fart, that be me! If I could not ramble I honestly think I would wither and blow away just like a, a, a, a, there I go again! I just thought, if I was a plant what would I be? I would have to be a vegetable plant! I know either a potato plant, or a tomato plant. Why? I'm so glad you asked, because I grew up eating 'taters' a staple of a poor person's diet, and I love tomatoes, especially them little sweet cherry tomatoes. Gosh darn them be good! I grow a couple every year, yep I do. Them babies are soo good fresh of the vine, um, um, um. I eat them like candy when I can get them right off the vine. The other time of the year I only use them in salads because, BABY! they ain't nearly as good!

Okay, okay, okay, laudanum was initially a working class drug, laudanum was cheaper than a bottle of gin or wine, because it was treated as a medicine for legal purposes and not taxed. Woo, wee, I bet that was some good stuff!

Sorry I could not think of anything to write. Please tune in next time when The Rambling Man will try again! Glen   


  1. YES! I am glad you chose to do the South Beach. It is great for cleaning your system of all those "toxins", all the junk that has accumulated through years of eating the crap they pass off as food. I lost a good bit of weight on the South Beach AND yes you can feel that much better even after such a short time. One of my daughters who has a weight problem is on it now and she has lost 34 pounds so she doesn't have far to go to reach her goal. Currently I am doing something similar to South Beach, but I have not added any wheat products back after the initial phase. I seem to have a sensitivity to wheat also and by avoiding it, some problems have cleared up. Good luck on this and do stick with it if you can. You will not be sorry and you are going to feel so much better AND lose weight ! I'm proud of you for making this decision.

  2. Congrats on your decision! I just finished my first two-week withdrawal from carbs on far I lost 16 and a half pounds! You DO feel like a drug addict getting off the stuff. They don't call it "South Bitch" diet for nothing. But that edgy feeling leaves after a week or so. Keep with it!