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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Turn'er Loose!

Wowza! I'm feeling rea-l-l good tonight! Don't know why! Don't care! I'm going with it! Yes I am! Is my body purging out them impurities of a lifetime? God I hope so! No junk food in my body for over four weeks! Hallelujah on that! I be feeling that good juice from all them vegetables and such! "Woo doggie" as Jed Clampett would say. Beverly Hillbillies be one of my favorite shows growing up. Silly, funny, entertaining and Ellie Mae looked mighty fine, in them jeans! Of course a young lad doesn't notice those kinds of things! I can still recite the opening song.  Good family entertainment, yes sir.
I have nothing against the TV of today, I just don't watch it! Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha! Why? I find nothing entertaining, it be that simple! Theses C. S. I. shows have been done to death. (A little joke there.) Comedy shows, where are they? The gay thing has been done to death! I never found it funny to begin with! Come on people give me a break! Going into famous people's life's, who gives a fuck! Like the Osbornes, or all these other silly ass shows spawned from this format. The Kardashians, don't care! Hulk Hogan, give me a break!!! There is so many yuck shows, I can't remember the titles! Given the choice of having today's shows, or family shows like The Andy Griffith Show, or the old Walt Disney Show, hosted by Walt Disney, Gilligans Island, Gunsmoke, Red Skeleton, Carol Burnett Show, Mchale's Navy, Leave It To Beaver and on and on, I'll take the old ones!

Sorry! Except for an occasional movie here and there I don't watch TV. I did watch a good movie on DVD called War Horse. I despise the war scenes, but was necessary I suppose. Yes I did cry! I'm getting to be an old softy! I reckon I get so excited when I see something on my 25 inch boob tube, I cannot control myself. Yes you read right, my TV is 20 years old, has perfect color and works just fine! I gave $329.00 for it and it still serves me good. IF, and I say IF, there was more worth watching, I most certainly would go out and splurge for one of them, gigantic big ass, new fangled, put on the wall monsters! I would get me one of them blow my ass away surround sound systems, park my lazy boy recliner right in front and let the thrill blow my hair back and my brain into the modern ages! But Damn! I donna, thinka, I wanna! It seems to take more, and more, bigger and bigger!!! Damn how much sex, violence, vulgarity can people take? Apparently a lot!!! Every new generation has their own remake of movies that have been done and done and done!!! Are people dumb enough to go to the movies, pay outlandish prices for the ticket! Take your overtime money to buy popcorn and a one gallon coke! Ahh, but you get free refills! Yeah, if I was to drink them great big drinks I would miss the movie! How many Harry Potter knock off movies can one take? How many Pirates of the Carribbean can one take? I never understood one word Johnny Depp said! I did think he dressed funny and probably needed a bath! I like Johnny Depp, I used to watch 21 Jump Street when it was on TV. But damn, is Johnny Depp in every movie made today? They're so hard up for movies, they made a movie out of 21 Jump Street! I bet that was a real box office success! Now, had they have gotten Johnny Depp to reprise his roll as a 50 year old to go undercover posing as a 17 year old, that would be worth watching! If anybody could of pulled it off he could! You think I've gone nuts, that's beside the point! You can take all the camera trickery and lighting and make anybody younger!

The classics of television are being made into movies because there ain't one fricking thing original anymore! Take for example The Three Stooges. I grew up laughing my ass off at them and still love The Three Stooges. I was in the hospital, bored to death a couple years ago and happened upon the original silent Hal Roach Little Rascals, they almost stopped my heart from laughter. It was 12 hours on the classic channel. Every body, Doctors, Nurses, all asked what I was watching and watched with me and laughed. Yep, even them highly educated Doctors got a kick from the silent Little Rascals movies. I believe they were called shorts, like The Three Stooges, man they were funny!!! There ain't nothing original today! You take writers that find a new generation, Hollywood jumps on it! The vampire thing has been done to death! (HA, HA, another little funny.) The killers get younger and younger and younger! .

Damn I feel my meds kicking in big time! I must sign off, this be Glen, here on Glen View, goodnight, sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite! Uwe!!!

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  1. I agree with you. THere is nothing worth watching on TV these days, EXCEPT the old reruns of the older shows from back in the day. I am one who could live perfectly fine without a tv in my house. About the only thing it is good for is watching the local weather report haha.