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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Silly Old Man Talk!

It's late in my work day and I muster up a headache. Not from tension mind ya! I've been on a rather even keel recently. Towards the end of my shift, I deliver product we produced that night. It's one AM, and I'm thoroughly enjoying the peacefulness, this late night excursion brings. I'm listening to the radio, my favorite program, Coast to Coast, a thought provoking show that discusses all subject matter. Any way, (I'm getting sideswiped,) I realize while driving, I haven't had, nary a sip, of caffeine today. Damn, no wonder this old boy has a headache!!! I make my delivery and stop for fuel, for me and my truck, it takes diesel, and I need, you know, at the most convenient, Convenient Store. Mighty convenient fer me, I must say, ah, ha, ha, ha! Mind ya, I've given up sugar, and working on eliminatiing diet sodas. I be weaning myself off of my number one bad habit of my lifetime, sodas! I was hooked on caffeine and that devil powder, "sugar." It be a fat man's double dip! Jolt my body into attention mode! Oh, oh, oh! I just wrote a funny and didn't realize it! They actually make a caffeine loaded drink called Jolt, don't they? Have you ever seen how much caffeine goes into one of them? They named it right! It has four times the caffeine of the sodas I consume, 140 mg's...

Any who!!! I got me a diet Mountain Dew and some peanuts, within an hour my headache was gone BA-BY! Them peanuts and Diet Dew was, YA-HOO!!! I was feeling mighty fine, by the time I clocked out! I go home and walk around outside, it was a 57 degrees, on a dewie night. (In more ways, than one!) There was no wind and I could smell the ever so slight aroma of flowers. It was so peaceful, I meander around for awhile! It felt GOOD!!! Me and Goofy, the neighbor's dog doing what comes natural, smelling, walking, freedom under the cloak of darkness as only a couple old dogs could, it was late night delight! What's so special about this morn I ask? (Myself mind ya!) Goofy ain't much for conversation... Ha, ha! I live on the outskirts of suburbs where the country begins, so I can walk around in my yard and not have the law called on me.

Many years ago, as in the late 70's, I lived in an old farmhouse, with access to 200 acres. I loved sitting outside on a hot summer night, drink a couple brew and look up at the stars. Just me and my dog at that time named Sam. Sometimes in the bright moonlight we'd walk back the long lane. I felt like the only human on the planet. My eyes become so acclimated to the moons glow, I swear, I could read a book! On moonless nights the stars were so bright. I would lie in my swing, gazing up into the heavens, my eyes view deep into the universe, time seems to have taken some time off! I reckon that was meditation of sorts! I had a game, that I loved to play, I'd spot jets flying, then guess as to where they were heading. I've not been able to play this game since back then, too many lights from the city and neighbors now. Back then it was total boondocks you see! 


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  1. I can empathize with the caffeine headaches as I was a coffee drinker for years and have just recently given up coffee. Those are some of the worst headaches in the world. Amazing how our bodies can become addicted to things like that.

    It was nice to hear about your good old days when you lived in the farmhouse and took those evening walks. I grew up in the country, my dad had 20 acres and all the other neighbors had a lot of acreage, most of it woods and fields. We lived on a dead end road and it was very dark at night. I remember lying outside on the grass at night looking up at the stars. It seemed as if their were millions of them. Now I live in town and I see some, but because of street lights and everything, it is not the same.

    Nice memory G !