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Friday, April 6, 2012


Good morning my DEAR FRIENDS, this ain't, "Mr. Rodgers neighborhood!" This be "Mr. Glen's neighborhood!" An old man with nothun better to do, before dreamland, than to practice for a spell at typun, whatever comes out of his head, from here in the ( I lika that word! Heart to heart! That's what I try to do, from this old man's heart, to my friend's heart! Oh! I better stop... I'll get all misty eyed, and cry into my keyboard!) I'll get me some squeaky, rusty keys, to go with my squeaky, sticky, worn out knees. Sorry! Sometimes, I QUACK MYSELF UP!!! A little humor makes the world go round. YES IT DOES!!!

I use to, come home from work, grab a sandwich, or somethun, somethun! That somethun, somethun, be SOMETHUN, not good for this old boy! I donna hafta tell ya what that somethun, somethun is, do I? That would be .... I'm tryun to explain, and be a thinkun! I call what goes on in me brain, thinkun, you may call it thinking, it be the same, I just like leavun off them g's, and addun, u insted of i! Why? Hell I don't know! I just do!

I best explain for y'all out there in blogland. Mr. Rodgers, Neighborhood was a childrens show that used to be on several years back. Of course I never watched it! (Uhh, uhh)  Mr. Rodgers has..... ah oh! ...... has .... how do I tell the children that usd to watch him .... on shit! They are not children anymore, what was I thinkun? I was stuck in some kind of time warp! In that case since they be all grown up Mr. Rodger is dead!!! [ tears flowun all over my keyboard ]

(Why the hell am I makun such a big deal out of some silly old show that I didn't give a rat's ass about!!!)

[[[ Oh! Oh! Am I thinkun this, or, am I typun this for the whole word to read? Oh my goodness gracious, see what old age does to an old man! I don't know, if I'm in the past, present or visitun the future, as in the big A, don't make me spell it! Just think of it like this! Every time you visit Glen View, you probably get a mite confused. You've heard of dejavu, havent you? Well this be similar. Instead of havun flashes and the feeling you've experienced that before, I get the same, only experiencun alvu as in alzheimers! ]]]

Seems like only yesterday I would watch Captain Kangaroo and his side kick Mr. Green Jeans every morning before school!

If I type words without brackets, or them sideways eyelashes is what this old ?ucker calls them! Damn it, I have completely frozen me brain! Been doun, too much thinkun!!! My brain is on the verge of  overloadun! I will not be able to reboot myself, like I can my computer, oh shit!!! What will I do? Well I suppose if my wife comes into the den and seesa, me frozen at the computer, she knows the drill, she has done it a thousand times!!! Here is how it goes. I overload my brain, sosa my mind shuts down, my body is motionless! She sees me not movun, soo she checks fer a pulse! Yep! There's a pulse! Sosa she slaps me rights hard upside me head, presto! I be as good as new, until the next time I think too much! Yep it ain't easy being Mr. Glen! But I think, my wife kinda likes it! It be better than a double shot of coffee smackun me upside my head in the mornun! I'll hear her singun after that, starts her day off right!!! I think for her birthday this year, I'll fake an overload, to see how hard she actually hits me! I'll report back to y'all on that okey dokey!!!          

I got so super size silly today I plum forgot what I was gonna say a loong time ago when I started writun this silly ass post! Oh yeah! I started to make some kind of point in the second paragraph. I was sayun, I come home and fix me somethun as in somethun baad, fer this old boy and put my body in my lazy boy chair, turn on that television and further continue the nightly madness of rotting my old brain even before its time! Yep I was A LAZY BOY POTATO! You can watch only so many repeats of that show Maad, oops I mean Married With Children, you know the one with Al Bundy. Sosa after watchun every episode about a hundred times, I decided it's hi oh time I used my brain a little! SOSA AFTER 350 POST THIS IS WHERE MY MIND IS!!! ANNNDD IFFUN IF YOU READ THIS SILLY POST, FROM THE KING OF THE SILLY PEOPLE! I KNIGHT YOU, SILLY LIKE ME, AND SAY "goodnight!"   Glen!!!!!!!!!!!!  Ah, ha, ha, ha!!!!

((( Oh shit! I can't believe I wrote that! Oh are you still there!)))

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  1. Bless her heart ! (your wife ) I can almost picture her checking to see if you are alive and then smacking you up the side of the head. What a mental image you have left for us readers !