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Monday, April 9, 2012

Dying Warm!

I hope your weekend was rewarding!!! Spring, being so early here in the Heartland, I have mowed my lawn three times already, should of been four but thunderstorms and muddy conditions won out! Most all trees have leaves, about a month early, I'd say. It's unbelievable, the beauty, so early! I hate winters! Someday, when my ship comes in, (yeah right) I'll move to a warm climate maybe KeyWest Florida. I wish to be so close to Havana I can smell them cigars rolled, even though I do not smoke! (In my dreams, always nice to dream!!!) Without dreams what would happen to me? I dare not go there!!! For without my dreams, "I dare I would not be".... Of that, I have not, one iota of doubt! AT ALL! They are my salvation... How can one be so sure... One must know his strengths, as well as his weakness! Believe me! I'm all to aware of mine! Unfortunately, as I think back, my weakness ruled too long! I'm on a quest this fine Easter Sunday. One does not have to believe in man made religions, to feel the power of The Creator! I feel The Creator as strongly, possibly more so, than ones born into orthodox doctrines. I can feel the energy of the universe flowing through my soul. I choose to think through my heart! I know my heart, what it feels! My heart does not lead me astray! It breaks at times, from many things, because, I think through it. My mind and heart work in unison, not separate. They have fought, sadly most of my life. The heart will win if we listen. Your mind is a thinking tool, a computer so complicated science cannot understand its complexity. Wow! They also cannot explain what causes the heart to start beating at the precise second it does. Seems only one logical explaination! The MASTER FORCE of the universes starts the heart at the appropriate time! Science tries to monitor and explain all! They cannot! THE BRAIN IS NOT DEVELOPED YET, THE HEART IS THE SWITCH OF THE SOUL! HOW BEAUTIFUL IS THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

Someday! If only in my dreams! I wish to park my old tired body in a rocking chair, on the front porch with an ocean view. (Ah! Now I' really dreaming! One can have an awake dream can't one?) Rock away life's aches with the warm sea breeze, ever so gentle massaging, my old frail body. A glass of ice cold homemade lemonade, with real lemon pulp, swishing in my mouth, proof of reality, not processed artificial manmade yuck! Free to write anything this, feller can conjure up, sound mind, OR not! Feeling free!

After sunset the July wind blows warm, filling my heart, my soul, beyond capacity, I cry out for all to hear, as my eyes swell. My cry is, of joy! The full moon bounces off the ocean, producing shivers, running the length of my spine, rolling into my head with unequaled content of life. I pinch myself hard, believing it a dream? No, it's real! Heaven here on earth! I think "If! I had but a short time to live, unable to move about, then this is where I wish to take my last breath, dying warm , feeling love in Mother Nature's arms, caressing her breasts, feeling her heartbeat! Beauty beyond imagination! 

I wish not, to die, cold, shoveling snow! How sad, falling over into a white mattress of death! My last breath, twenty degree air! My body aches, from that thought, so cold.... My mind flashes my life, thinking if only, I'd done this, or that, not been so recklessly, saved more. Ah! But when your young, you feel as though, you'll live forever! You think yourself a young stallion, roaming free, nostrils flairing, breathing in the power of life, that only comes with youth, searching for, expecting excitement, conquest, not looking for trouble, body sound, capable of standing much ground, should you need too! Not foolishly free, but the power of the universe flows from within! You imagine yourself standing on a mountain top, as myth's speak of ready to take flight to fly free!

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