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Sunday, April 29, 2012

I Can't Stay The Course!

Well as usual, I don't have anything earth shattering or important to write about. All I can give you is ME, being ME! Who am I? I'm a over 50, oh shit! Sorry, I hate when I cuss! SORRY! A side effect of working in factories all my life! I be 60 now, but don't tell, OK! Oh !@#k! I can't believe I told my age! Sorry once more! I tell you what, I'll just make one big APOLOGY, in case my fingers slip! You know, I've been working REALLY quite hard, fer a spell, on my typing and on my thinkin! (Thinkin, be my version of thinking, only I like the way thinkin sounds, if that's allright with y'all?) You know with doing all this thinkin crap, comes some responsibility! Why? You know it's one thing to just type what your brain thinks! But it's another thing, to go back and try to understand what your brain said! I know, I know, I know! I probably confused you on that! Please reread, a few times and it'll make sense! Don't you have that trouble? My mind be so much faster than my fingers. My mind be going 100 miles per hour, my fingers can only translate at school crossing zone speed! Ah ha! That be a wee, little funny! Oh !@#K you're not supposed to have a double something or another as in a descriptive use in a sentence, such as, wee and little, side by side! Guess what I don't give a rat's ass! It be me and I gotta be me! You know, I be at an age that I don't want anyone doing my thinkin, or telling me what I think! All your life people be a telling you, what to think!

(Oh I like using A's, in a strange way, so just overlook it! Remember now, if you read my meandering nin-ca-poop, I gotta be ME! How did I get to be me? Hells fire! I don't know! I dare not think upon that! It be  a lifetime accumulation, I reckon! Let's just leave it at that, okay!)

See, it ain't easy being me! My mind always be interrupting, ME! My mind, be a doing it's own thing, leaving the rest of my body hanging. I can't stay the course! Conversation be a taking place up top and my body be a waiting for instructions! Of course, those of you fine people, don't have that trouble do ya? Well maybe you do! It be the totally !@#$ed up world we live in! Oh crap, I used that F word again! Oh, I apologized earlier, never mind!!! I drive a truck late at night on the interstate system, what do I see? I have a really good view, causin I be a setting up higher than them SUV'S and regular automobiles you see. Them crazy ass morons, be texting at 70 miles per hour!!! I WON'T EVEN TALK ON MY CELLPHONE WHILE DRIVING, YET SOME CRAZY FOOLS BE, A TEXTING! Sometimes I wonder anymore? Who be the crazy one, me or them! The lines be so blurred, I can no longer tell! I used to think, I be plum nuts! Now in my old age, when I'm supposed to be dismissed as a crazy old fart! I be confused, BIG TIME! When I was young, I automatically thought that once you reached a certain age, senility set in! Now it seems ignorance runs amuck, EVERYWHERE! I must ask, why??? Has the school system failed our children? How can that be? We spend a heap O money educating them! Build mighty fine architectural wonders, the finest leaders with all them them pretty letters behind their names! These educated ones have spent more time a learning than, some live! They be so smart, talk so fine, write so pretty! We dumber ones might think they be running for office, as in Politicians! SOO! My question be, to y'all out there! How the !@#K can our children be a getting DUMBER??? This old country boy, that was educated before these fine architectural designed buildings, made of glass and namsy pamsy air and heating systems, with stairs that we had to walk up. How did we learn anything? We never had computers! We actually had to write with a pencil! Uwee! How ancient is that? We had to walk or ride our bicycles! Uwee! Or worse still we rode on a BIG YELLOW BUS! How ungodly awful is that? We were never chauffeured to school every day by our momma!

So I reckon I have nothing to say today sorry! My lifestyle makeover be going good. Me pants be getting loose. Uwee! I keep this up, I'll go on The Oprah Winfrey Show! Hold one second someone is trying to get my attention.................

Okay! Okay! Okay! You nunb nuts! Oprah doesn't have a show any more, you moron! She has her own channel. You should get out more, or watch tv! You might learn something, Joe Pesky rather unrudely blurts out!

For you new to my mind, Joe Pesky is an inner voice of mine! Sometimes they raise their ugly voices unexpectedly! Now don't tell me you don't have inner voices! We all do, whether you care to acknowledge them is a different matter! I on the other hand embrace them! I listen to them and find them funny, thought provoking, knowledgeable! I just wish one of them had been an English Major! Oh well! Goodnight my friends from Glen Of Glen View.


  1. Ok I will forgive you for using that bad word haha!! You know what? I would want you to be nothing else except YOU. That is why I come back everyday, to read what YOU write. Who needs "earth shattering" and "important" ?? I prefer genuine and real anyday.

    And for the record, I think it is THEM who are the crazy ones, not you, so there !!!

  2. Hi, Blogger was acting strangely earlier. I tried to log in and it said "no such blog exists" . Now it lets me log in. I got BOTH of your comments so not sure what happened. Just something to confuse me I guess !!