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Thursday, April 5, 2012

I was an ADDICT!!!

Eleven days into a life style change, I refuse to call it a -iet. I have lost and re found the pounds so many times, I had given up! Yes I did! I was an addict! Yes I was ! Addicted to anything that was badd fer me! But, but, but, that be the point! I grew up on pasta and potatoes, filling and cheap! Unto this day those two items are my favorites. I cast them devils out, begone! Yes I did! Hallelujah!!! Also another devilish habit developed in childhood, be sodas and donuts, actually sweets of any kind. Yep! I be a junkie created in childhood! Yes I was! Adults, unwittingly, created this monster of a sweet tooth child! I carried this badd, badd, habit way too long1 Yes I did! It be a simple reward for being a goood boy all my life, but DAMN! I ain't no dog!!! No I ain't! Although, I love them poochies! Yes I do! I wish to give you an example. Old Glen makes an out of town delivery in his truck at the end of his shift, sometimes I have to stop and fill the tank with diesel fuel. So, them soda's be calling my name. Yes they would! I go inside and get me a big gulp of soda, then I hear them apple and cherry pies teasing me, calling out real low "glen, glen, oh glenny! Damn it booy, you knowza, you want us, beautiful red cherries, scrumptous apples in that sweet gooey icing!" My body walks to the cashier with my soda, I'mma looking straight ahead not looking at the sweets when suddenly, my arm jump out and snatches me a little pie, by the time I get to the cashier I find one of them sweet pies, that cashier, dad burn them, ring that pie up soo fast, I can't say"NO!" Would I lie to you? Don't answer that!!! HAHA!

BADD HABITS are mighty hard to break! Yes they arrrrre! Sorry, I got a mite carried away! You must address and UNDERSTAND them badd habits! Yes you do! It be a reward for me for being such a good boy!!! I been treating myself like my poochies, telling them they're are good doggies, giving them a treat!  Rewarding myself, as I'm killing myself! Yes I am! I made myself a large glass of tea several weeks ago, suddenly realizing how much sugar I put in to satisfy my sweet tooth! I go "lord have mercy!" Yes I did! I had previously given up salt and realized! I DID NOT miss it! No, no, no! I work a strange shift as in the late shift, I blamed my eating late on my excess baggage! It be not the time I eat! It be eating that damn sweet pie, sweet soda and be HUNGRY before I go to bed. Them addicting carbs want you eating them all the time! Them DEVILS! I am currently in the peocess of the first two weeks on the South Beach -iet! I'm not goint to use -iet, because it be a complete rest of my life plan, not a -iet. Yes I am! I have added my humor to this, but will end this post on a serious note!

Old age is inevitable. I reckon! I've always viewed it as such, can't stop it, you're going to die! But I am not ready to go! I have unfinished business, much more that I wish to accomplish, to do that, I must make a REAL COMMITMENT!!! That be not a diet but a workable plan too survive! If an old fart like me can teach myself to type, write and use a computer, then learning to eat PROPERLY, should be within my grasp!
NEVER SAY, YOU'RE TOO OLD, TO LEARN MEW TRICKS!!!!!!!  GOODNIGHT MY FRIENDS OF THE WORLD, AND TO YOU ALIENS ON THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON!  "I can't wait until my little map showing the countries of origin, light's up that one!"      glen...  


  1. Well I laughed at what you wrote because I have been in those shoes myself and I know how those pies and sodas can lure you and jump into your hand and mouth so quickly you can't stop them! I am off of the sugar now for quite awhile and I don't miss it at all and I do feel so much better. I KNOW you can do this Glen and I am here on the peninisula rooting for you to succeed.

  2. Atta boy, Glenster! We're doin it!