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Friday, April 27, 2012


This word is stuck in my mind for some reason. I must say it is a most beautiful, pleasing! Harmony be, when everything comes together, and you're feeling, GOOD!!! You decide to take a stroll on a spring day, the smell of early flowers, is everywhere, the light wind carries the fragrance along with you. The colors of the rainbow are truly amazing! Mother Earth, she be, looking mighty fine! Trees look outstanding, in their spring attire. Springtime, gives you new spring in your step. The air, man what has God done to this air? It fills your lungs with crispness. Sweet tingling sensations, a shot of real, reality, as you get caught up in the moment! Who-wee! Strides lengthen with heavens air. You've grown taller, admiring the beauty above, the blue looks, so much more, BIGGER, BLUER! The cotton clouds float as effortlessly, as you! You close your eyes, harmonizing with the universe. Your face is, ear to ear smile, not at anyone, but at life. You glide block after block, through parks, parking lots, until you reach the ocean. You stop and sit down in the warm sand. The child within, is unleashed, uninhibited once again, age has no meaning! Only your senses, the vastness of the ocean gives you a chill, uncomprehendable, it seems so endless! You hear seagulls, feel the warmth! Ahh warmth! You lie back and make a sand angel. Oblivous to all, or anyhing, except the now, that moment, the feeling of peace, contentment, harmony, resonates! You take off your shoes, squeezing the warm sand with your toes, oh my God! Can it get any better than this? You stroll along just beyond the waves, watching the birds scamper in and out, just beyond the water line. So funny they play with the waves, yet afraid the water will harm them! You laugh out loud, it feels so right! You're unaware of anyone, your beyond the day to day nonsensical realities. You're tresspassing on the borderline, to where Angels congregate. After who knows how long, you awaken, on your sofa. It was a dream! But what a dream! You still smell the ocean. Face feels red, tiny needles pricking, like when the wind is blowing hard or you have been outside too long. You laugh with the contentment of a most fulfilling, once in a lifetime moment. You look down at the carpet, your shoes are full of sand, sand is betwen your toes. You laugh, man how you laugh!!! You've been harmonizing with the most powerful force of the universe and it was out of this world!!!  Goodnight and sweet dreams!   GLEN

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  1. I love when you write like this. I could feel all the sensations of the breeze and the sand and the smells of the fragrant blossoms and the sea air. Well, I guess I can feel those things as it sounds exactly like what I experience when I take walks on the beach especially when it is deserted in the late fall and winter and very early spring.
    Thank you for reminding me of all this beauty, of the "harmony" of nature and the world. If only we could be rid of the evil, the greed, the lies............Then our world would be just as you describe.

    Beautiful post today G