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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I never would a thunk it?

It's late but I wish to write a little somethun, somethun. The fun part for me is--- I'sa (that be me, please remember, I'a, lika, to make up words, sometimes)

How ya doing? Fair to meddlin, I hope! I got too serious yesterday! Didn't see that coming, it just came out! When I say I don't know what I'm going to write about, that be totally true! I actually do sit down at my computer before going to bed and presto! I usually mumbo jumbo something to prime my pump, just like now, hoping to lasso onto something to get going. Once my head pump starts flowing, like the old fashion hand water pump, sometimes I can't stop. I do ramble, but that be me! At this point I'm still waiting! Come on brain give old Glen something, gosh darn it! Now the short stories, that I seem to have gotten away from is a different matter. It takes planning and such, that I didn't know I had. By the way my favorite short story is "Lost Road" I have gone back recently and refreshed my memory. The story covers many things and I put my heart and soul into it. I originally planned it to be one post, but once I started, all these other thoughts came out, it was amazingly fun to write, any way, if you have not read it, it can be found in my archives from October to December of 2010. It is four separate post. I also am rather fond of "Corner Lot."

Come on down brain, help me! I need help, is all my missfits asleep? Quite possible! I had to work over and I believe they have gone to bed! Well maybe I'll just give a little background on me. I never wrote anything about myself as I was starting this endeavor. A friend of mine knew I dabbled a mite, creating, bits and pieces of my madness,  I let him read a few hand written ones. Actually, I began by simply practicing my hand writing. I've always been ashamed of my penmanship. I was working a job where I was forced to wait for the product, so's I said "shit on this," I'm bored out of my skull and my blood pressure would rise as I must wait. Now old Glen hates to wait. I began practicing the alphabet and such and one can only do so much of that! I felt as though I was back in school. So I would write whatever popped into my mind. Just like now. One thing led to another and I wrote simple little things to pass the time.

You must remember, I never took a typing class nor creative writing class, hated English class. I know absolutely nothing about computers. I witnessed the beginning of the computer and as it become a neccessary tool for every household. My wife had one, I never had a reason for one. I hear y'all saying "where have you been?" I grew up in the sixties "MAN" home computers was not thought of then. Then came the seventies, the eighties, then all hell broke lose. Them damn things begin creating babies from out of that APPLE COMPUTER! Cell phones were not invented yet.They did have Car phones, I think Miami Vice made them look so cool! Them wireless phones began freeing the teenagers. They could take the phone into the other room so  parents could not hear! See what has happened. Look at where this technology has got us! Yikes! Heaven or hell, depends, I'd Say!!!

Damn! See how I ramble! After tons of practicing my penmanship, it never improved. I did become interested in writing down my thoughts though, so I hung with that for awhile and then just stopped! Seems I was, just wasting my time! What was I going to do with it?  A couple years later a friend of mine started a blog and said to me "you ought to start one," yeah right! I told him "I cannot type, don't have a computer, know diddly squat about one!"

Well as you can see, I did get a computer, still don't know diddly, about one, but my penmanship has improved! My friend opened this blog for me, calling it Glen View, how cool is that! I been practicing for over a year and a half now. I don't think, I'm ever going to learn and you know what? "I don't give a rat's ass," you know why? I have found my own way of relaxing, and it be what you're reading, right now! Damn, I sleep like a baby, and have found a way to release my inner stress! BUT YOU KNOW WHAT PLUM TICKLES THE THE COCKLES OF AN OLD MAN'S HEART? PEOPLE FROM ALL AROUND THIS WONDERFUL PLANET, ARE TUNING INTO GLEN VIEW! WHY? HELL I DON'T KNOW! BUT, I'MMA LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF IT, AND YOU NEVER KNOW ONE DAY, I MIGHT ACTUALLY LEARN HOW TO WRITE! NAH! OLD GLEN AIN'T HAVING NONE OF THAT! THAT BE TOO BORING! OLD GLEN DON'T KNOW NOTHING ABOUT PROPERNESS, HE BE TOO DAMN OLD, TO CHANGE NOW!!!   WHAT I CAN TELL YA FOLKS, I GONNA PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!!! YOU AIN'T SEEN NOTHING YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Goodnight my friends, and I do mean friends, we are one and the same, everybody can use a laugh, a smile, and pure silliness, that's what I'm all about!   Old Man Glen.      

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  1. I think you have done a very good job of learning the computer, typing and writing. At least I enjoy everything you write on here, both you humor and your stories which I am slowly working my way through (the older posts of yours). I noticed Blogger is about to change their format so hopefully you won't get frustrated with the new look of things. I already changed to it to see what it was about and I am not real thrilled with it, but it is what it is.

    Keep writing, keep being YOU my friend. Thanks to your friend for getting you interested in blogging. I wonder if he knew what he was setting free when he did that? *smiles*