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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Update on DIE-ET!

Three weeks into the rest of my life, life style change. The die-et, is going wonderful. However, the yearly springtime allergies, has hit me like a ton of bricks!!! (More like 10 ton of !@#$ing-bricks!) I'm not talking regular allergy. I'm talking one from the depth's of helldom! Satan himself is squeezing me in his own private torture tomb, on his new fangled stretching rack! Every joint of my body aches, like I'm being ripped apart!

I'm fighting like Rocky Balboa, out of pure hard headedness! It began with tiny glimpses of what was to be, about ten days ago. I was hoping to be a "lucky punk" (Dirty Harry quote.) this year! But !@#k no, not to be! I fought hard day after day but champ Allergy Season is in blooming charge, I'm in Mother Nature's ring. (That's kind of cute! Why? Apollo Creed = Allergy Charge! Oh shit! I'm showing my age, nobody out there remembers the Rocky movies anyhow!)

I try retaining my sense of humor, but found it waning. I did write several posts that seeem, too over the top, even for this old fighting !@#$er! Talk about rambling! How would I describe it? Like Glen View on steroids!!!

Well if this was yesteryear, I would fold my hand and give way to the instant glorification of feel good food. Ya know, what I be talking about! Don't Ya! Ice cream and the make me feel better junk-o-fest buffet!

I have stuck to my goal despite the perfect storm a brewing. (Damn I like that!) Come hell or high water I intend to stick it out, THIS TIME!  Yer pal, Glen Ache.


  1. Don't cave. We're in this together and I look to you for guidance!

  2. Listen to Timster !!! You can do this Glen.

    Sorry to hear about the allergies though. They can be a bitch and I think this year it is probably worse because of the warm winter and early spring. Way more pollen than normal. I drove home from South Carolina today and I could not breathe through the whole state of Georgia. It did ease up after I got down to the peninsula though. I will catch up with all of your posts on Monday. I missed reading you !