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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Too confusing to post!

This be my fun time. Yep! Me, you and the keyboard, at the end of a long day after working with challenging people for eight hours. The time, I enjoy the mostest!!! I know that's not a word, but if I want it to be a word, and you know what it means, then I'm making it a word! Anything be possible here on Glen View! I have a question for you? Is it me, or are people in general, certainly not you, that tune into Glen View, but are people getting dumber or WHAT??? I thought I had problems! Yikes! To think these..... ????? can have children! That's uncomprehensible! Damn that's one big word, coming out of my brain! That be confusing, and incomprehensible.... What the hell I don't even know what them words mean and now there's two! Since I have absolutely nothing of any real importance and have possibly, at mostus, an hour, before my eyes shut, let's examine that word uncomprehensible. Well, I don't actually mean us, as in me saying "let's" because, at the time I write this, you haven't read this yet! Oh my God! I've been teetering on the precipice for so long, you reckon, have I finally, gone over? At this very second it SURE seems sooo! Doesn't it? Oh it's worse than I thought! I'm asking you out there a question as I type this, and there's no fricking way you can answer, cause you haven't seen it yet! Is this a dream? It seems like one of my irrational, idiotic, dreams. 

((((I'm sensing OUT OF CONTROL here!)))) ALERT! ALERT! Sugar with draw! Yeah! That's what I can blame it on! I'm off that white stuff and it is making me sillier! Holly mackeral I don't need to be any sillier than I was! No way Jose!

Un-comp-re-hen-sible, I have no clue what the word means! What about in-comp-re-hen-sible? I have no clue what that word means! Then why in the hell did I use them? I have no understanding of why these two words popped out of my head! I suppose I have no understanding of why any words come out of my head! They just do, and I'm training my fingers to go with them, as I unwillingly watch them form on the monitor!

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  1. Hahaha, every once in awhile I pop out with a word I didn't know I knew . And yes, people are getting stupider everyday. I think it is the combination of the dumbed down education system and the crap they put in the food these days and the fact that at least half the population is drugged up in some form or fashion. I mean you can't raise a child on ritalin and not expect some negative effects to result.

    Have a good day G !