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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Front Porch and Listening!!!

Spring greetings to everyone! It was close to 80 degrees where I live, alright! I'm going to lean my head back and take a few deep breathes. Maybe something will pop into my mind. I have to remind you I type after taking my medication, so If I take too many deep breathes I might fall to sleep. If I fall to sleep hopefully my fingers can do the walking and type a little something,  something, for my friends. So here goes nothing. (snoring) I warned you, I took about a five minute snooze. Now where was I? Oh! Oh! Oh! I haven't missed anything have I? I haven't thought of anything to write about! You know what might be neat! I have never just wrote what really pops into my mind! I know your probably thinking "you mean to tell me you actually think even a smidgen about what you type!" Actually I try my best not to! By the way, I like that word smidgen, means a little! When I get wound up seems unusual or seldom used words that I have heard from my childhood, OR remember, I'm hard of hearing, always have been so sometimes I wonder if I am creating these words, or if they actually exist from my rather peculiar family. Some of my relation were real doozies, but I suppose we all have some ones in our family that best be locked up and the keys thrown away! These ones make life fun! I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the different members of my family tell stories, jokes, just having fun and laughing. I call this "The Front Porch Learning." You sure can learn a lot about life by truly listening! Real, "true listening" is gone! I'm sure you know what I mean! Too many distractions, overload of information from every direction! I'll give an example. Most of my working life was in factory, fast paced production with quotas to meet. Seems like your always chasing your tail like one of them hyperactive dogs, running around in circles. (That be worth a grin, thank you!) Once the work day starts you need the adrenalin rush to keep up with the line. So when time comes to get off work your mind is still pumping to the speed of the production line. So I come home to relax, put my lazy boy lounger back, grab the newspaper, turn on the evening news and talk to my spouse. You see my relaxation technique was not as relaxing as one might think is it? All this information overload, certainly is not conducive for winding down after a hectic day. Most assuredly I was not giving my best for really enjoying the newspaper. I heard only bits and pieces of the evening news and not paying enough attention to my better half! I felt as though I had to be doing all these things at once to relax. Relaxing my ass, no wonder I have high blood pressure! Somewhere along the line I thought I had to do all these things, sad part of it is, it become a ritual!

Flash forward to today! I see a world compounded with all the best electronic gizmo's money can buy! Am, I right! Dang-tootin I'm right! We're being wired from the get go and these young-ins don't even know it! How sad in one way! More of everything is needed to enjoy, so more, becomes more, but the important stuff disappears! Basic communication is a lost art. I'm talking real, true, face to face communication! Better still no one listens! I'm talking true face to face body language listening too learn, not waiting for a break or a small lapse from someone taking a breath to add your two cents worth!


I have come a long way from years ago, but must talk to myself to stay within myself and baby it becomes most challenging in the modern world. I learned more about life and used my own mind to reason out the bull on them Front Porch conversations, where children were to be seen, not heard! Somehow it makes a lot of sense to me in my old age! You cannot learn, if you cannot learn to listen!!!  Thanks for visiting my humble little site! Glen

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  1. I've read, but will come back and re-read and comment this weekend. I have had my grandbaby most of the week and tomorrow, so I hardly get a minute to do anything, but I ALWAYS find time to read your posts.