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Tuesday, March 13, 2012


It's time to play, "What's on my mind!" Let's spin the little wheel inside my head and see where it stops this morning! Every day, be a good day, as long as the clock is still ticking! Yes-sir-ree! It seems as though it was only yesterday, I lay in my baby bed trying to snatch them pretty but irretrievable toys just above my little uncontrollable arms. Them silly things be flailing around everywhere hitting me in the head, but I could not, no matter how hard I try, snatch them pretty noise making silly looking things above me! Them big ones like my Mommy could make them things shake, rattle and row! My arms would not stretch out, there must be something amiss with them, they stay curved at the elbow, if only they would straighten! I'd knock them suckers to kingdom come, yep I would! Teasing a little baby like that! Just out of my reach and what's wrong with my hands? I keep scratching my baby soft skin with them razor blade thingees on the ends! Sheesh! Is this what the rest of my life is to be? Wanting something that's always out of my grasp! I lay here most of the day, that's not absolutely correct! I don't want to start my life off lying like them Politicians! I sleep most of the day. I have the same reoccurring dream, and it sure seems real!!! I'm in this dark, warm, snug, sound proof room! A place that I know really well and find much comfort in. It seems to fit me like a glove! I hear my Mommy's heartbeat, which makes me sleep as sound as an Old Hound Dog! There is parts of everyday, where I smell this awful skunk like odor, makes my stomach turn! My Mommy will look at me smiling. I don't know how she can smile and be smelling the same smell I am! She'll say "did you poo-poo again?" Like that skunky smelling stuff is coming from me. She must be a little silly, babies smell all baby powder fresh, there's noo-way a baby could smell like that! I suppose, if she has been smelling that awful smell over a period of time most probably took a few points off her I. Q.  I must admit most of my day is sleeping and trying to catch a hold of them weaselly, wascal, toys from hell! I'll get myself all worked up and let out a yell and throw a temper tantrum! Dang it! Babies get mad too! I just thought of something! Do you reckon, nah can't be! Maybe there introducing me to what life is all about! Perhaps life is grasping at things, beyond you're reach, stinky smells, people with silly looks on their faces from too much whatever in life!!! Oh no! What have I gotten myself into! But then there is really nice parts in my young life! Quiet time, looking up at my Mommy and she makes me laugh, feel all warm inside. Then there is lunch time, dinnertime, breakfast and all them snack times! I don't know what kind of sleeping pills that naturally comes in Mother's milk, but when I latch onto one of them suckee things it's yee-haw and dream time baby!!!  GOODNIGHT GLEN

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  1. I love how you can write from the point of view of the baby. It made me think about my little grandbaby and I had to laugh at the part about holding those toys just out of the baby's grasp. That does seem kind of cruel now that I see it from the baby's view ! Another great post from Professor Baby :-)