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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

P. P. P.?

I don't know where yesterday's post popped up from! But I can tell you my friends out there (say hi Glen) in blog-o-spere, is there such a word as that? Oh hell! Who gives a rat's ass, it is now! Ding! Dang! Darn it! Where have I read that before? You never know what kind of words or variations of proper words an old Man and Senile people might come up with! That's what makes this pecking away at these little letters so dad-gum fuun! Yip-pee-I-A or is it yip-pee yi-A? Seeing the word pee reminds me, please hold.....................

"Yee-haw" was an extremely fun post to write. I was tired when I come home from work, so I curled up with my dog Pedro and slept for about 30 minutes. I warmed up some of Glen's own meatloaf and fixed a glass of tea, sit my old body at the keyboard and lickety split non-stop, that little prose was done. Man I loove when that happens!

I wish to confess to my friends, who I lovingly call Brothers and Sisters, if I can be so bold? I'm going to be doing some testifying tonight! Pedro heard me speak these words and put his paws over his eyes and jumped under his blanket.

Any way, I'm a junkie, an addict, yep! Here you may have thought this old man Glen reminds me of my Grandfather. (If you did think that, I take that as a compliment, thank you!) I get so carried away sometimes as my mind zooms around like the Andretti's at The Indianapolis 500 Motor Speedway!

I began this excursion in madness as a hobby, to occupy me, (I meant to type my time, but, occupying me, is exactly what I BE DOING, EXCEPT IT "ain't" PROPER! NA, NA, NA, NA, NA, NA! guess what I like it and I'MMA LEAVING IT IN!!!) because physically I can no longer enjoy my old hobbies. I have all this pent up mad cap madness, I have accumulated for well over half a century. Yep! I be getting old and my body is wearing out. Yet my mind still whirls like an old Maytag Wringer Washer! My mind doesn't run as good as a new Maytag washer, but it be like that Energizer Bunny, doesn't miss a beat! Not that anyone would ever read my silliness, but I wanted to give it a go!

I have many obstacles to jump over, ONLY an old fat mad, don't do! NO JUMPIN! nope! One obstacle be, no computer! Whoopsey! Another obstacle be, no blog! Another obstacle be KINDA LARGE REALLY! I Don't know the first thing about writing, zip, nada! Then, then, then, my hands started sweating and trembling! The LARGEST obstacle of ALL! (Can you guess it?) I have never typed in my life!!! I hear all you fancy pancy ones out there who have typed since Kindergarden saying "nothing to it!" Well La-de-da!

So I'm thinkun (meant to) ain't nuthun (also again, ah oh! I'mma feelun silly) but coordination and knowing the alphabet. Shucky dern, I've know me letters since first grade, no problem-O! Damn my first look at the keyboard! Somebody done messed up my keyboard! These letters, be in the wrroong place! Have they changed the alphabet since I attended first grade??? Wow-za! I be in a heap O trouble!!!  Now I be in a real s-i-t-u-a-t-i-o-n! I be up the creek without a paddle!

I have three words on my refrigerator, PATIENCE, PERSISTENCE AND PERSEVERANCE. I put them there for a reason! Gosh darn it! I plum forgot why!!! Yes I did! I walk by the refrigerator and half hidden under a picture was these words. A white light shines on these words, about that time my head felt funny, like being smacked, not enough to knock you out, but to get your attention. Someone or something, is attempting communication! About that time, I hear a voice say "what are you doing idiot"! Yes, it was my little woman smacking me upside my head, to wake me up!

So here I am less than two years later, I find myself addicted to coming home after working the late, late shift and before I go to bed "practicing." I added that P because I need to catch up with all of you! Yes I do! I be an addict! Yep! I'm gonna practice and use them other three P's until I get the hang of it! HA, HA, HA! I'm having soo much fun I hope I never get the hang of it!!!  Your Pal Glen

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  1. I enjoyed this post. Sorry I am late getting here. I had the grandbaby today so didn't get to comment earlier. You just keep right on practicing patiently as you persevere in this effort and be persistent in writing this blog because us senile people out here absolutely love reading everything you come up with.

    Have a great night/day :-)