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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I remember watching a movie once called "Big Trouble in Little China." Right now I'm having a heap O trouble! (that's why I made the o big for emphasis and while I'm at it, I loove them cute exclamation points) Anyways! I have a title for me that seems to fit me about now! Are ya ready fer it? "Big Trouble in a Small Brain!" Ya see, I have too many things I wish to write about. My mind creates new stories, non stop. My dreams gives me even more! I inadvertently, created this nightly "whatever you wish to call it?" The practicing nightly in the attempts to learn the keyboard, has became a nightly sign off, meditative, relaxing, learning, creating, silliness love child, so to speak. It has become a ritual, where I come home after work, hurriedly fix me something fer me growling belly and hid to my computer. I get a high at work when I feel a mite tense, just thinking about going home and typing whatever pops into my head. My original goal was to get faster at typing with less of them damn devilish ERRORS! I feel as though I've reached a roadblock and am not improving! I really don't know what to expect since, I found this challenge so late in life. Well I suppose, it really doesn't matter since I am having a blast doing it, now does it? I reckon not! Somehow the act of continual learning and challenge, may just be what is needed, to keep an old brain alive before the big A. takes us sadly over. I do get frustrated because the thoughts in my head are not coming out the way I wish! Here again, possibly the challenge is what I am enjoying. A self medicating high that harms no one. I laugh at myself, at what my mind comes up with. Now you would think I have heard, all of what lies in my mind wouldn't you? Maybe a lifetime of bits and pieces of data lay dormant, waiting for the right emotion, thought, one single word, to retrieve what I wish to say! Its so-!@#$ing-fun-I-can't-stand-it-!!!!! I've come to the conclusion after a few years of playing and teaching myself the basics, my way, then if I'm still having fun, I can write all the stories that I have noted or planted inside my brain. You know it sure is cheap entertainment and you never know, possibly one day I might just learn the peoperness of writing! NAAH!!!   iT wOuLd NoT bE fUn tHeN! Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your Pal GLen.......  

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