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Friday, March 2, 2012

VIEW & Sugar Pills

Howdy! Whether yee live in Osh Kosh Wisconsin, by gosh, or Great Britian, or Norway, or Germany, or China, or Russia, or Australia or wherever yee may be. Mighty nice to have you tuning in to my own channel, I call GlenView. I don't know what you call the building that treats the people that are slightly off kilter, a wee bit strange or just plum nuts! Years ago the sanitariums usually had names like Bell View, Glen View, Strange View. Apparently if you used View it was a signal for Nut house. If you were rich you might go to Mountain View, or Lake View. Didn't mean you were any less nuts just meant your family had money. If your dirt poor and crazy you probably would get locked up in a State Mental Hospital. I love reading about Hospitals that used to be in my State over 100 years ago. These Hospitals in the countryside located near what was advertised as healing spring waters. Yep I've read of these so called good for what ails you places. You know the first thought that comes to mind when I read these old advertisements? The old Snake Oil Salesmen of around the same time. In case you don't know about these Salesmen I'll describe them to you. I have heard stories from my grandparents about traveling Salesmen that would rent a theatre or any building with seating available, advertise in the local newspaper. Their pitch or advertisement may read "Magic Elixir discovered in the Amazon Rain Forest that will cure all that ails you!" You have a fast, smooth talking Salesmen extrodinaire that could charm the audience into buying this medicine that was mostly alcohol.

Could this of been like Sugar Pills, you know where the Doctor gives the patient a little pill and the patient believes the pill is curing them, but actually there is nothing in the pill? Aw come on, no one would ever stoop to such idiotic, lame brain ways such as this, would they???

So we have healing spring waters, magic elixir, sugar pills and a big limestone building to house people. Makes sense to me! But I'm a resident of my own Glen View hospital. So these lunatics or spoiled strung out on elixir ones, lay in the healing springs waters, take sugar pills and watch the other nuts for a spell and get better, it was modern medicine far ahead of it's time and revolutionary way back then.

Those of you out there, wherever you are in the world have a much easier "row to hoe". (Old country slang, as in going up and down rows of corn digging out the weeds with a hand hoe. I love that old time expression but never thought I would ever get a chance to use it.) I got all sidetracked, I haven't taken my magic elixir for today!

Y'all out there in The Magic Land of Blogdom have me. I'm like your very own Scared Straight program. You see what insanity done to me and you realize at all cost you don't want to end up like me living in my own Glen View Sanitarium!

Damn! I have absolutely no idea where this post came from but sure am having fun writing it! Oh! If anyone out there has a nice stately mansion with a mountain view, or maybe a beach front mansion with a sea view or a mansion with a lake view, like a scenic castle overlooking Loch Ness, I could handle a couple years looking out over the lake looking for Nessie! Wowza! Living in England I might be able to actually learn English! Wouldn't that be a hoot! Personally, I would say that would be an impossible row to hoe!!! (ha, ha)



I remember as a child sitting outside of this big limestone building beside a small stream. It had a large round driveway with gigantic oak trees. My parents would leave my brother and I outside and go into this building. My brother and I, both very young, thought it was a park. We would watch the squirrels play, I absolutely love to watch squirrels playing, don't you? There's people coming and going from this big mansion. It's a hospital, but you know something mighty peculiar! That hospital no longer has oak trees with squirrels, it has acres and acres of parking lots. The hospital itself has grown by leaps and bounds. It has shot upwards and outwards buying whole subdivisions. Mercy sakes alive, I wonder what in the world is going on in this Sanitariun/Hospital! Y'all out there reckon there might be something amazing such as magic elixirs, sugar pills, healing spring water or what? I read where they are one of the largest employers in my community. Y'all need to help a crazy old fart to understand how the hell this small Sanitarium mansion grew into this Super Duper Store of a Hospital. It just don't make a lot of sense to a country boy! The population in my town can't be anymore than thre times the size of when I was 12! So why, oh why, can this Hospital be countless times bigger in size and the number of people working there?  Goodnight! My sugar pills may or may not have kicked in, or my batteries need recharging! GLEN



  1. Back in the old days hospitals were there to actually take care of people. Doctors really cared about their patients. Way back in the old days, the doctor would accept a dozen eggs, or fresh vegetables or anything that a person could pay with, because they truly cared about their patients and making them well and I doubt there were many doctors that denied treatment to someone without money. Now especially with the hospitals, it is nothing but another big business out to make a profit. It's all about MONEY. It's the same with these big drug companies. It has nothing to do with helping people get well or stay well. It is all about making more money off the backs of the less fortunate. If there is nothing wrong with you, they will invent something so they can suck money out of you. Fill you full of poisonous chemicals to keep you coming back. The bigger the hospital, the better for them, the more they have to offer in technology to find something they can make you get treatment for and keep you coming back. Well this is my take on it anyway !

  2. I thought of another explanation why the hospitals are so big. The world is so full of craziness now that they need huge hospitals to hold all of the patients??? :-)