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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ah! Spring!

Friday is my roughest night at work, so I'm extremely tired as I make an attempt to gather my thoughts! Let's see if I can meander a bit. After making my early AM delivery I step out of my work truck, my nose inhales a most refreshing scent. Just six hours earlier there was a down pour with pea size hail. It happened during breaktime as I was outside. While watching the rain, two Canadian Geese waddled through the parking lot. They obviously was enjoying it, more than I was. I watched as they slumbered out of sight.

Back to the smell. The feint smell of flowers, or it must have been the smell coming from the trees that had bloomed, I'm not exactly sure. Anyway, there was no wind at this time and the scent was exhilerating. I stood still, my eyes closed breathing in the light, captivating aroma. Wow! Spring has sprung! A month early in the Heartland, it warms my heart giving reprieve from a hard night's work, even though I still had another hour to go, it made it so much easier, doing my time with a smile on my face. Goes to show you even at 2 AM in pitch black, magic is being made if, and I repeat if, you are open to it, wow! Spring is simply amazing! It warms your body all the way through reverberating inside your heart, if you allow! How can one not? Even though we have had a mild winter, seeing Mother Nature opening her arms wide, to welcome all, to her beauty! She is saying to the ones who can hear "enjoy all my wonders, I have been asleep, I now open my heart to all. Embrace me, as we become one!" How can one not feel that?

I suppose, some cannot in this hurry up and wait world! Some leave their house, through their garage, stay in their automobiles in their controlled environments. Get to work, while working inside another  controlled environment, take their breaks, lunch inside. Return home through the garage. Stay inside watching their mega mammoth super size TV. Shutting themselves off from the beauty and smells, to watch Mother Nature on the side of a wall, wowing at the beauty being reproduced on a flat screen inside. The modern way. True color, beauty, smells cannot be found this way! The real ones magnify the beauty beyond imagination! Why? Well if you have to ask why? You're a hopeless case my friends! Goodnight, sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite! Glen   

Friday, March 30, 2012

Convenient Stores/Diet Sodas and Laughter!!!

Let's see if I can rustle something up. Yip pee yi aw little doggies. Oh, I got to tell you what I seen tonight. This old feller, that be me got off work earlier than normal and was going to the store one of them always open ones except for Xmas. I stop at a Convenience Store, DAMN gas be $4.15! I haven't ate lunch, so's I get me a bag of cashews and a diet soda. Yep! old Glen is trying to lose a few pounds, I hate diet sodas, them fountain diet sodas seem to have a wee bit more taste to me! That sugar be killing me and I've gone cold turkey! I don't think the carburetor clean out gunk in them diet sodas be good for you, but I'm trying to trick my brain. My plan is to drink that diet yuck stuff for awhile and then drink only water.

I be sitting in my van and slowly munching on my cashews, um, um good! The first couple drinks of my fountain drink be right good. Me belly starting to quiver from the excitement of them nuts. Didn't take but a couple more drinks and the diet drink tasted like nothing. It be cold, I may as well be drinking water. What is it about diet drinks that make them go nasty? I think the gunk in them does something to your taste buds! My buddy, Mr. Taste Bud be going "nasty stuff, yuck, yuck, yuck!" It be a good thing them cashews are good, cause Mr. Taste Bud be.... pissed off! He be saying "give me the goood stuff!"

Shit! I ain't told you what I see going into the convenient store. It's always fun to visit a convenient store, usually an old man, that be me, can get a laugh, even if I'm only there a couple minutes. This convenient store be the most convenient one for me and it's conveniently located off an interstate. Man oh man, this convenient store and one located smackdab in my city be the most convenient to see strange ones. So's I like to visit these two convenient stores. I reckon the convenient stores bring out the different, unusual, aliens, or the other aliens! I been thinking, they ought to call them Comedy Stores, seems more appropriate. What I'm about to tell you sure made me chuckle. I see this young man going inside, his pants be, beneath his buttocks. He has a belt on, I start laughing because I don't see how his pants keep from going all the way down! He has on pretty blue underwear, he wants to show the whole world. He be mighty proud of his underwear. I damn near choked on my cashews. I be chewing my cashews and drinking my yucky soda like I was at the movies, waiting fer this young man to come out! He comes out and I notice he was wearing a hat and around his neck was what looked to me to be several large necklaces hanging all the way down to his midsection or where a normal belt should be worn. What's that all about, I don't know! The only thing I can figure out as to how he keeps his pants up. Oops! I don't mean up to anywhere's normal, as to where normal low pants are worn by a lot of young ones. His pants be below the curvature of his buttocks. I believe he must velcro them suckers to his underwear! How's else is them pants going to stay where he wears them??? Man I'm glad I went to this store. I watched a little comedy routine and have a post to write about. After the young man, alien or whatever left, my imagination gave me another chuckle. Can't you imagine this young man sent back about 50 years. The police would lock him up send him to Bellvue for the hopelessly insane.

Okay, I get each generation likes to dress differently! I can buy into that, it be a style, wanting to be unique! During my days there was the long hair thing. Pants went from tight legs to bell bottoms in the seventies. But, 'butt,' what is the purpose of the low, lower, and showing the curvature of your ass, wearing even the most amazing underwear??? I'm sorry but I have been around to see the mind altering stupidity of being different and having their own unique style to imitating the mentality of challenged ones, work into the dressing down and dumbing down of THE FUTURE LEADERS OF OUR WORLD. Call me old fashion, I hope there are significantly better educated, better dressed ones wanting to lead than the ones I come across in my life. If in my little corner of the Midwest I see these things, I can only wonder what lies in the more open, modern world! I'm sorry enough is enough. Have we spoiled and loved our children so much that we have created this world for them? I believe we inadvertenly have lost sight of our true priorities. To get by in the modern world mothers and fathers both must work to get by. Family values have deteriorated faster than computers become obsolete. Ah, there lies the problem! The modern world of instantaneous everything, is destroying us. The basic core values have eroded, as surely as the governments war on education has gone south. Bigger, better, more is not GOOD just look at our government, need I say no more!!! 

I wasn't planning on getting serious, but I must voice my opinion! Glen

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dictionary and The Question!

I took a vote from the misfits in my mind. I can feel y'all out there saying to yourself "HUH! Did I just read, what I think I read?"

Before this old boy proceeds any farther. I wish to examine from the standpoint of a person that be piss poor in English, this sentence I wrote! The sentence being. Did I just read, what I think I read? I used the word read twice in the same sentence, BUT TO A SOMEONE WHO HAS A HEARING PROBLEM THIS IS THE WAY I SEE THE WORDS SHOULD BE! Did I just reed, what I think I red? Okay! okay! okay! This makes a lot more sense, than read. Another word since I'mma feeling goood and when I'mma feeling goood, I make up my own spelling of wurds!

Examine, should be spelled ex-zam-un, not ex-a-mine! DAMN!!! Sometimes I think I should make my own dictionary! Damn how the uck, can anybody lurn English as a second language, when those like me have been speaking it, all our life! I ain't evun begun, to talk about all the other handicapped and challenged ones! And they be a lot of them, being born fastur than rabbits! Something in the water or genes or etc.

Whow! I reckun, I got sidetracked BIGtime. (I did that causin I wanted to, okay!) I took a pole of the misfits inside my hed. I don't no exzactly how mene misfits rezide currently. I ask them "to say yea or nay to this questshun. Shude I, stop, this nitlee exzercise in practicun writing?"

Easy enuff questshun, I thot! But noooo! All my innur voyces spoke out at the same time! Spuuked the hell out of me! So I had to re-idiot-rate. "Furstly, I'll ask for only those voting yea to speek. Then I'll ask for the nays to speek up. Simple enuff, ain't it?

Before I asked the questshun, Joe Pesky resident bad ass in my mind said "okay, okay, okay, what the
uck do you want to do that for, you ucking dipstick?"

I told Joe "I have short stories I wish to work on."

Joe's answer "you fricking moron, you can't write, right and know nothing about writing! But that hasn't stopped you so far has it!"

I answer "I reckon not."

Joe ask "why can't you do them both at the same time, you numskull?"

My answer "I only have an hour or so to write before I must go to bed. I'm too tired and in a silly mood to work on my serious stuff, besides, it takes me a couple hours to get my mind in the groove to work on my short stories."

Joe says "Damn work on your short stories on weekends and have fun through the week, you nincapoop!"

So I ask the yeas to speak and they did. Then I ask the nays to speak. The verdict is in, stay tune to tomorrow to see. Nay, I couldn't do that to you, the verdict is [drum roll] Nays have it and I might just take Joe Pesky's advice and try writing the many stories in my head.

Joe's apparently not finished talking and has one more question for me. "What is your favorite short story?"

That's a hard question to answer and I don't think I can. All my rambling and silliness be just as much a part of me as my short stories. As I am bits and pieces of everything I write about and everything I will write about, SO YOU AIN'T SEEN NOTHING YET! MY JOURNEY HAS JUST BEGUN!!!  Glen.....
OH! OH! OH! and I'll do it MY WAY!   

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Albatross Free!

Sometimes late at night, I feel so free, my wish is, for all, to feel and see! I shout out to the world thankfully!!! I began this post with two words, me and you. The rest wrote itself non-stop, then I titled it, Albatross Free. Why? Felt so right! Those two words jumped out at me! A gift to you... No fear of properness, on this day, no way, no how!

Me, you, computers, wires, satellites, words = sentences = paragraphs = stories = internet = blogs = Glen View = fun for me. Hopefully a laugh. THAT! be my goal... a moment every day... where WE are connected... in spirit... souls meeting, for a purpose... to see what be... on Glen View today... old Glen tosses... away the boundries... be gone... letting IMAGINATION...  roam free... not confined by the chains, that has kept him down... you see... the old fart... wants to voice... what be in his mind... release the emotions, opinions, silliness, for the world to see... too much of everyday worries... an old man gives all... wishing all... to be free... fly with me... take the winds... spread our wings... Royal Albatross free... please join me... OUR imaginations set free... WE fly beyond all boundries... WE fly as ONE... naked of time, space, worries... if only for a few moments... all can be FREE... sail the winds... WE trade hearts... you see... color doesn't matter... purity of souls... outweighs, all... hearts are One... no wars... no hatred... if WE can laugh TOGETHER... love TOGETHER... enjoy silliness, simplicity, babies, rainbow's puppy dogs, then WHY? oh WHY? can't WE see all... see eye to eye????

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I remember watching a movie once called "Big Trouble in Little China." Right now I'm having a heap O trouble! (that's why I made the o big for emphasis and while I'm at it, I loove them cute exclamation points) Anyways! I have a title for me that seems to fit me about now! Are ya ready fer it? "Big Trouble in a Small Brain!" Ya see, I have too many things I wish to write about. My mind creates new stories, non stop. My dreams gives me even more! I inadvertently, created this nightly "whatever you wish to call it?" The practicing nightly in the attempts to learn the keyboard, has became a nightly sign off, meditative, relaxing, learning, creating, silliness love child, so to speak. It has become a ritual, where I come home after work, hurriedly fix me something fer me growling belly and hid to my computer. I get a high at work when I feel a mite tense, just thinking about going home and typing whatever pops into my head. My original goal was to get faster at typing with less of them damn devilish ERRORS! I feel as though I've reached a roadblock and am not improving! I really don't know what to expect since, I found this challenge so late in life. Well I suppose, it really doesn't matter since I am having a blast doing it, now does it? I reckon not! Somehow the act of continual learning and challenge, may just be what is needed, to keep an old brain alive before the big A. takes us sadly over. I do get frustrated because the thoughts in my head are not coming out the way I wish! Here again, possibly the challenge is what I am enjoying. A self medicating high that harms no one. I laugh at myself, at what my mind comes up with. Now you would think I have heard, all of what lies in my mind wouldn't you? Maybe a lifetime of bits and pieces of data lay dormant, waiting for the right emotion, thought, one single word, to retrieve what I wish to say! Its so-!@#$ing-fun-I-can't-stand-it-!!!!! I've come to the conclusion after a few years of playing and teaching myself the basics, my way, then if I'm still having fun, I can write all the stories that I have noted or planted inside my brain. You know it sure is cheap entertainment and you never know, possibly one day I might just learn the peoperness of writing! NAAH!!!   iT wOuLd NoT bE fUn tHeN! Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your Pal GLen.......  

Monday, March 26, 2012

I Love to Meander!

Rolling, rolling, rolling, keep them doggies rolling, rawhide! Head'em up, moove'em out, rawhide! Sorry, for some dog-gone reason, the old Rawhide theme song, from the television series, Rawhide, of the early 1960's jumps in my head! I haven't the foggiest idea why! Just another day at the office here on Glen View. In case those of you do not know, that's where Clint Eastwood got his start. Yep! Clint played a fella named Rowdy Yates, if I ain't mistaken! I also believe he was back up Trail Boss to Gil Favor the Trail Boss. Ooh my! That be a long time ago. I be telling my age, but guess what? I don't give a "giant rat's ass!" I do not care if it be a giant, giant rat's ass, as in some lab experiment gone awry! Since 2012 is going to be the end! Why? Do we care about anything? Get a dozen credit cards and as many loans as you can pull off! Let's do onto them Bankers, what they did to us! Rip them suckers off! Let them use the trillion dollars or whatever, they stole from us! Remember the old saying "do onto others as they do onto you!" December 21 of this year is the end, because the Mayan Calendar ends. Time comes to an end! There be no more calendar folks, so no one can print up any new ones fer us! We apparently ain't smart enough to go beyond that date! Let me ponder for a moment. What comes after 12/21/2012? Damn, damn, damn! I don't know!!! If them Mayans being so smart and they don't know, then we can't know! Can we?

Dang! Just as we people are becoming smart, have computers, smart phones and such, the world is going to end! That be the story of my life! I stretch out as far as I can go to grasp that brass ring on the Merry Go Round! I stretch one last time to get my prize, the very unmerry go round comes to a screeching halt, throwing me off my little fake horse! You see, I do, give a rat's ass, before this old fat fart dies, I want to touch my brass ring! It's all lights, color! After all, it's an Amusement park ride! Right!

There's people camping out by a mountain in France, waiting fer a Space Ship to come and get them. Huh! Haven't we heard this scenario before? Hey, even with my mind mostly missing, with an over active bladder and imagination! (I hope you got that little funny, I threw at ya! You gotta pay attention, don't you remember my caution?) I'm going to send a tele-pathetic message (yep! meant pa-thet-ic) to my friends on Maars (yep! also meant to, that be my impersonation of A. S. you know the former Governor of California, former movie star, former body builder. Have you seen that giant face on Maars? There be more expressions in that face than A. S. Oh my! I hope I don't get in any trouble for poking fun at the former Mr. Universe. Oh my! I'm teetering on the edge of insanity! Yep, and I think I like it!!! You haven't seen that face on Maars!!!  Where have ya been? There be a giant face on Maars that resemble faces carved in stone at the Mayan Pyramids! Would I kid around with something like that? Spacecraft took pictures of this anomaly, OR reality! That be just winds blowing the dust around that seems to appear like a big, big, big face! What! Are we simple people suppose to believe? Of course we always believe our trusted Politicians and learn-ed Scientist, don't we? They would never lead us wrong! WOULD THEY? N.A.S.A. is a part of the government, I think, just as The Federal Reserve is part of our government. Oh crikey! I had a big brain fart! One momento please, as I try to gather my wits! I be in big doo doo now! I have no wits to gather! Even a half-wit, has half of their wits! Oh! I remember now! The Federal Reserve ain't no more a part of The Federal Government than I am a Physicist! (Thank God for that!)

I got sidetracked, or sometimes I like to say "sideswiped" I do not think I've ever used learn-ed before, I have heard it used as in really smart ones like Scientist. Surely it cannot be used with ones such as Politicians!

I suppose I have rambled or meandered enough for tonight. I certainly don't want to use all my meandering up. After all, I still have until the end of this year, I best stretch it out!


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Crazy Man Typing

Instead of early a m, its late p m in my neighborhood. I want to see what this old boy comes up with, without medicine and not working today. Well I did mow the grass. I have never mowed my grass in March. Usually mid April, but the weather has been most unusual this year, here in the heartland. I'm not complaining.
I thought about, Week In Review as the title for this post. Then I thought about something, I can't remember what I did, or anything else for that matter, that happened this week, so that title doesn't seem right! I remember going to work, but damn after that it seems like a good/bad dream. Maybe I need to keep a diary! I reckon, inadvertently I do, don't I! You're reading it! Actually you're reading some of the madcap madness that's always floating around in my mind. There was this movie called A Beautiful Mind, if I recall correctly with Russell Crowe. What would you call my mind? A Mind After Shock Therapy, or Crazy Man Typing, or Ramblings Of Old Glen, or ?????????


Its now a m and my brain is woozy! No not from alcohol or drugs! Just me, getting sleepy. This is the time I usually type a little somethun, somethun. I'm not sure what to call what I do! Maybe "Silliness Sucks, or Insanity Rules!" Maybe "Junior Bob Bob Unleashed!" How about "Education American Style!" (hahaha) "Heerrr'ss Glennie!" "Glen Just Wants To Have Fun!" Mr. Glen's, Neigh-ba-hood!" "The Burnt Out Side Of My Mind"! "Spontaneous Combustion Brain Survivor Learns To Type!" Old- Feeble-@#$er-Speaks!" How about "Brainless Games!" Make up anything you like, because I don't give a rat's ass, I gotta be me, I gotta be me! I be plum ass silly and I'm proud of it! The silliness and the ramblings of an old man will add years to my life, yes it will! Hallelujah! I have figured out a way of testifying every night before I go to bed. I cleanse my mind, therefore I am! All that other stuff is too complicated for me, like meditation! So I do my own thing! I throw myself out into the satellites and am bounced off going into the depths of the universe! Oh shit! I never thought of it like that before! Into the universe! I don't want no Aliens cruising the planets in the Milky Way Galaxy and tune into Glen View and thinking, "no intelligent life down here!"
Well... Maybe... Just maybe, we could get an Alien Space Ship blasting through one of them worm holes, that shave light years off of their hurried attempt to get to Earth. On the far side of the universe is a planet called Ratsass, and they have been receiving signals from Glen View. The smart satellite/spacephone/intergalactic/thing-a-ma-jig-gee interprets Glen View and believes some crazy person has infiltrated the Internet, disguised as a blogger. The computer reads Glen View as junk mail and releases the signal out into deep space. Where these cute little Aliens read the secret code Rat's Ass used on Glen View. That's the code word, so they jump into their Space Ship to find Glen View. The Aliens track the signal back to the Midwest. There they find the one. The one they have been waiting for, to take back to their planet. To reestablish life as they wish it to be. The one who will reseed their planet. Oh! I failed to mention this planet was home to women waiting for Mr. Glen View. They take Mr. Glen View back to their planet Ratass and the 60 year old Glen becomes 18 years old again on a planet where all women look like Halle Berry, never aging! Poor Galen, as they call him is expected to be the father of all children!
DAMN! THAT IS ONE HELL OF A DREAM, OR A HECK OF AN IMAGINATION STILL LEFT INSIDE THE BURNT OUT CELLS OF A CRAZY OLD MAN! ahhahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! GALEAN      "I'm alive!!! I'm alive!!!" Sorry sometimes I get carried away and damn it's fuun!!! Glen

Saturday, March 24, 2012


HELLO!!! If you're reading this, then you're aware that I like to type whatever is in my cranium, just before I go to bed. This little attempt at an old man, that be ME, in learning to type. Notice, I didn't say learning how to write! I be too old to cross the t's and dot the i's. Dad burn it, the computee thing a ma jiggee does it for me. I call my computer, Hewie Picardo. It has the initials H. P. so that's why. Although my first choice was also nice. What? Did I hear someone ask "what was my first choice?" Horatio Pumpernickle, just didn't have the ring to it! Hewie, sounds cute and funny, at least to me! I always loved the name of the captain in Star Trek, The Next Generation, John Luke Picard. It sounds so, so uppity, and so Captainish! (Don't worry yer heads, if yer thinkun, that ain't no word! Anything be possible here on Glen View!) So I added an o, to make it more ME! I think it sounds soo ---- ME!

I bought my first computer actually less than two years ago. I hooked up to the internet and damn, I have all this power to search and read and go places Glen has never gone before. So I dilly-dallied, here and there. I quickly realize, oopsey! What was I thinking! BIG TIME!!! Every one that has a blog can write, much righter, than me! So I be down in the dumps. (depressed) Never the less, I had a will, and you know what they say "where there is a will, there is a way!" I do not know, who They are, but I have heard They, used an awful lot, and They, must be pretty damn smart, because They get, talked about a lot!

There be Them and They, that actually seemed to me to be able to type right nicely, using them BIG WORDS, that I do not understand! I be even more down in the dumps! You know why? I mean do you REALLY want too know WHY??? Okay since you asked for it! I'm an older man, and I do not have the time to learn everythaang! That, I need to know about computers, English, typing! Shit! I ain't never typed in my whole life! Nope! Nada! Why not a? Becaus-a, I ain't nev-errr needed tooo! I would be long dead and nev-errr posted a damn thing!!!

Them, They types of people, are highly educated. I cannot compete with, They! So's, (I just love how so's, sounds!) I read some more of them, They people blogs, and one day I realized somethaang! Them, They people, ain't most of the people, in the world!!! We real people, never went to college, most likely! We like to read, but get pissed off (They would nev-errr use a lowly word like pissed!) at some of them big words! You know what I mean! Sure we, we people can read the sentence and figure them big words out, but them, They people, are trying to show how much smarter, They are! Well! Them, They ones, can kiss an old man's ass!

Anyhow, I would read where, They would take 2,000 word to say what I could in a few hundred words. And statistics, wow, do They love statistics and references and so on and so forth! I be bored out of my fricking mind and forget what the hell They were talking about! Then I realized somethunn! It be like watching Politicians! Have you ever watched Politicians in the House or Senate taping themselves, talking to themselves, about somethunn or the otherr! I watched this Comedy Channel one night for awhile, only it was real!

So's I find them, They ones that knows everythaang about everythaang, BORING! Not only that it was like reading, peat and repeat!

I just want to learn to type a little, play around with writing a little! I ain't never going to write, right! You see I think there is room for everybody, all kinds in this big old world! My style, if I have a style, and hope, I never do, is to simply, write whatever comes into my mind, have some fun. Bring a little humor into our everyday life, by simply, just being ME! So that my friends is what Glen View is all about in a nut shell! Well I sure as hell cannot sum it up any better than that!!! Glen

Friday, March 23, 2012

Nutter Butter Cocktail For The Mentally Impaired???

Silliness prevails, no not my silliness! I thought I was plum silly, but when I read the newspaper or articles on the net, I see plum loco people a plenty! A young girl texting, falls into a lake in Michigan! Hey, I can't make this stuff up, this funny!

Tebow mania goes to New York. Now this should get really interesting! I can't wait to see what happens!

Anyhow, the press can rest and write about someone else, hopefully, other than Peyton Manning.

I'm priming my brain trying to click onto something, but I'm not sure I can make it happen tonight. Too long a day. I'm afraid my brain has gone to bed! Baby, I'm trying to revive a dried up well! Surely, I can find something to complain about! I'm totally aghast with fear! What if? I have the dreaded silliness block? What if? I can't write anymore? I think I'll try meditation, maybe a 10 minute nap of meditation will help, damn sure ainna gonna hurt nothing at this point. So here goes. Deep breath ----- deeper breath -------- cough, cough, cough. DAMN! To much air!  [snoring --- !]

Thirty minutes later I'm awake and have peanut butter on my mind! I've come back from the dead, food is on my mind! Yippee yi aw! I must have peanut butter! I must be running low on nutty butter protein, in my gooey tank! Man oh, man! That was good! Gosh darn it! I haven't taken my silly pills. I was so tired, I forgot! I should come to life any minute now. Pills and peanut butter, that's called a nutty butter cocktail for the mental impaired! That's it! Finally! I'm cooking! Whew-wee! That was a close call! I began thinking, what if! I couldn't practice my silliness every night before bedtime, I may as well die! Be like the girl falling into the lake while texting! I was so scared! OH NO! MY FINGERS ARE IN LOVE WITH MY KEYBOARD! THE SAME AS THE ONES ADDICTED TO TEXTING! It's worse than I thought, please help me! We're even more alike, I can't type worth diddly squat, and, and, them texters misspell words on purpose, where I can't type! I'M SO CONFUSED! Perhaps a double peanut butter cocktail, straight up, no bread, just me the spoon and peanut butter! Wow! I'm living dangerous now! I be teetering on the precipice of nutter butter no return! To do, or not to do! That be the question! Can I live with myself, if I'm not nutty? The answer is NOPE! I must be what I am! Perhaps the reason I'm still here is to share my nuttiness! You see some people need marijuana, cocaine, poor man's crack, and all that other stuff, this old boy knows nothing about! Just give me my peanut butter, straight up and my blood pressure medicine.

Oh! Oh! Oh! Finally my brain cells are kicking in! What in tarnation is this here "pink slime?" Yeah, they be puttin some stuff which is called filler into ground beef. I don't know about you but I like beef --- in my ground beef! The U. S. D. A. SAYS NOT TO WORRY, IT'S ALL BEEF PRODUCT!!! Those words scare the hell out of me and I'm going to start grinding my own or start eating bison burgers! What the hell does U. S. D. A. stand for any way? I believe, US are Dumb Asses! Yep! They take this whatever it is and use ammonia to make this pink slime red! If it were real beef what !@#$ING color was it, to begin with??? Damn the whole thing sounds so stupid! It was approved to go in school lunches by the "US Dumb Asses!" Oh yeah! That pink slime makes that spaghetti sauce delicous, more delectable, than real beef! Man them hamburgers are so good and so much healthier for our children! Give's a complete new meaning to sloppy joe sandwiches, don't it!?!?  Am I making you hungry? I hope there was peanuts and not some kind of brown slime in my peanut butter!

I like meatloaf and I put many kinds of filler in my meatloaf! But from now on, I DAMN SURE! AM GOING TO BE SURE! I DON'T START OFF WITH some kind of ammonia shot pink slime something or the other! I wish to choose my own filler, like, onions, crackers, eggs, etc. From now on it's going to be Glen's freshly ground real meat or bisonloaf!        Damn, I'm tired and that's all I got for tonight, please come back now ya here! Glen

Thursday, March 22, 2012


WARNING! WARNING! BIG TIME! I'm really tired and just took my medicine. I have been feeling a little more and more uneasy. I felt mentally good for over a month. I feel internal pressure seeping through my skin, like a pressure relief valve needing to release, but damn if I understand why! That only makes it worse! I try so hard to stay within myself! What has changed? My life is probably as simple as one can make it! I absolutely HATE this inner feeling that raises it's head from time to time! I fight so hard to understand and pin point the cause. I have the effect but why??? It's inner nervousness that becomes more pronounce as I get tired. I have several more hours to go at work and feel as though something's working against me from deep within and I cannot understand, no matter how hard I try! I force myself too do my job no matter how tired I become! The inner adrenalin rush to flee the Dinosaur as in a Caveman to run faster makes me inwardly sick because I can't comprehend what brings this on. I tire of this silliness, without purpose! I wish it to be gone! I have fought this inner tension since childhood and tried everything to exorcise it! BUT! It ALWAYS returns! Nothing ever the slightest bit constructive, comes out of this! Destructive yes!

No matter how hard I try, it's never enough! It lies dormant down deep! Finally I think it's gone! I'm free! But the unsettled, uneasy feeling comes to the top and reverberates it's nonsensical notes! Damn how I wish to be free of it!!!

I thought hard, about not writing of this! But I know I'm not the only one! No matter how hard WE try to keep it down, it always gets back up! Why must we be tormented from within ourselves! The world, working, people, sometimes is torment enough for every mistake or thought we've ever had!

I wish to speak of all, in my examination of life, even mine, on this what has become a diary of sorts/blog! WE are real people, we're not just numbers! My thoughts are your thoughts! My humor is your humor! Pain is real and we feel pain just like the next person! I certainly don't have the answers but you know what??? We search TOGETHER! MY WORDS, ARE YOUR WORDS! MAKES NO MATTER WHO TYPES THEM, IF WE FEEL THEM DOES IT? WE RUN THE GAUNTLET OF EMOTIONS TOGETHER! SHARING HOPE FOR ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER SUNRISE, ANOTHER BEAUTIFUL SPRING, THAT CURLS YOUR TOES FROM THE SHEER BEAUTY OF LIFE FLOWERING ONCE AGAIN, FROM OUT OF THE DARKNESS!

We the real true hardworking family raising people never give up! We keep on plugging away! We die one day, but our spirit survives! Hopefully to guide others, if we're lucky! (I really like that thought!) So I'm going to sign off to all my Brothers and Sisters! I wish you goodnight, goodday wherever yee be and keep the faith! Glen

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

How You Doing?

Man! I had fuun writing my last post! I can really be me now! Oh boy! My heart has been laid bare for all to see! Now, we'll, I mean I'll, really get down to work! I hope you'll ride the galaxy of insanity along with me! It won't cost you much, maybe a few lost brain cells, surely no more than listening to a Politician! All you need do, is tune in and see where my mind goes! The bars to my captivity have been thrown open! I'm free, the limits of my silliness can widen! (Now that's one scary thought!) Just think of the other dimensions, I may cause havoc in! My face alongside the one on Mars! I can become a new ring around Saturn! I could be my own secret weapon, as I time travel making the past/present/future my own! I'm alive! I'M ALIVE!!! (I always wanted to use that line from the Frankenstien movie "He's alive! He's alive!" --- I gotta be me! I gotta be me!

Wow! Too many vitamins, caffeine, sugar in my health drink, soda pop, or lightning drinks, so many different colors, pretty bottles and cans! I tries, em all! All that stuff in them work wonders to an old man's, feeble, depleted body! I say to you out there simple words, that say so much, "YA-HOO!!!" For awhile, I'm young, alive! I better hurry this post along before I start to come down from whatever!

Is it just me? OR is Drug Stores, actually all stores, that sell regular liquor, expanding the liquor part of their stores, as well as the drug part of their stores??? (I love them little question marks and exclaimation points!!! If one is good then 3 is better!!!) I go to one of them all night big box stores to get some doggie food and some aleve, to aleve my daily arthritis pain. Since I work the graveyard shift and have many, many, problems, I prefer going in the early am. I don't like being around a lot of people in my old age. I like peace, and as much lessening of confusion and needless tension you see. So I can go in and get whatever I want and only have to play obstacle course with the oodles and oodles of pallets, boxes and aisle closings. I manage this type of obstacles easier. Damn! I originally had a point before I went into outer space without a space ship! Oh! Oh! Oh! I remember now! I wanted a gallon of distilled water and in my searching, I come across a big ass aisle of nothing but beer, wine and that hard liquor! That hard liquor was in the largest bottles I have ever seen! Damn this must be alcoholics Christmas Wonderland every day! Can't you imagine my Uncle Earl, an alcoholic who's long gone, seeing this much liquor in one place. Only in his drunken stupor and mind altering visions could he of thought of this much liquor! He would of thought he was in alcoholic's heaven!

Unfortunately this seems to tell the times we live in! Over medicated, drink too much, smoke too much, eat too much, watch tv too much, listen to, damn I can't bring myself to say it! I'll rearrange some letters to camouflage it! Listen to Polluterticians too much, and my, my, my, my, you cannot go NOOO WHERE, without one of them Devil toys stuck to some one's head! There is only one thing you cannot get too much of! My silliness! I'll be silly for you, so no one will think you're crazy! Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Glen

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What The Hell is Proper!?!?!?

I just took my medicines, so I have about one hour before complete and even more idiotic silliness hits, than normal! Oh well, I like amusing myself before bedtime, my wish is to give you a smile or a chuckle no matter, how I do it. I go right to sleep, I reckon this has become therapy/meditation and a journal of insanity for the whole world to see! OH SHIT!!! Never thought of it, like that before! Now I won't be able to write one dad burn thing! I'll be too embarassed and nervous. Damn! I better make that it for today! Goodnight my friends sleep tight and have sweet dreams!

Aw come on just teasing ya! If you can't tease your friends, who can you tease!

Can I handle getting even more sillier? Yep! But can you out there! Can you handle, me being any CRAZIER! I reckon if you're a return reader, you read for my meandering silliness! (I love ya'll!) I know! I know! That's not proper! (i-say-!@#$-proper-can-i-say-that-?) Is that wOrD, proper or improper? That word f!@k, be used so much today, it seems proper! dAmN is using capitol and LITTLE letters proper! IF-un I want to, I wiLL. dAM'S! ANY ONE WHO READS ME KNOWS, i be silly and have fuN! Yi-ZA! = wOw-Za!

Dann it all too hell! The modern wonders of communication is creating more IM-proper communication than ever! So don't NOBODY turn up your big ass f!@#$ing nose at me! I had this 10th grade English, so-called teacher who turned up his nose at ones, that did not speak PERFECT, WEAR NICE CLOTHES AND SUCH! you see, i come from the proverbial other side of the tracks. i be a poor boy with hearing problems. i sit up front so's i could learn as much as i's could. i grew up reading the classics, yep! Mark Twain! To a young lad, it does not get any better than Mark Twain! Mi famalee ur puur pholk, un nevur nown purfuct, f!@#ing, English! Anyway, me and this so called teacher Mr. Farris, all class he talks about golf. He made fun of me for the last time and I give hiim wat's fuur! Yep! I had to repeat that class but it was worth it! I went from barely passing to a B in the good teacher's class! Oh well, I suppose me saying that, has been coming for nye onto 45 years!!! I'm free! I'm free! Sorry! I do get carried away!  

 The words being spoken and texted today is about as improper as improperness can get! (Let alone the improperness of cellphone usage.) I be an, almost deaf old man, I DO NOT, wish to hear any cellphone conversation, as I stand in line getting my Doctor prescribed valium and prozac!!! Damn PEOPLE This old f!@#er be waiting on his much needed meds, I'm tense already because the line is long at the speedy checkout! I forgot and took my diuretic too early, so I am holding my legs tight, U'know! (In case you don't, I GOT'S TO PEE!)

There's talk in my state of doing away with teaching handwriting. Say what! Mary Lou can't type worth a hoot now! We the modern world depend on modern technology, and when! Not if! That technology goes down! What is Mary Lou's fingers going to do? She be sitting in her bed punching them wee letters on her unusable cellphone! She'll be like Linda Blair in that scene from The Exorcist! Well at least Joe Bob junior can go hang with his Bro's and speak perfect English!

I sure don't want to disappoint you, and ask that you try to read between the misspelling that I guarantee you, I will do! If you're from another country and don't understand English real good, then you're visiting the right place! Huh! I know nothing about PROPER sentence formation and all that other crap! Yep! I am a country boy from the Heartland of the Midwest! I graduated high school and English was my worst class, as I'm sure as you can tell! I warn all new readers now, I just took up creative writing, I suppose that would be the PROPER terminology, if-un I was trying to learn to write PROPERLY! I'm an older man, as in way past my prime and I don't give a "Giant Rat's Ass" about Properness. I ain't got the time to learn properness! NA, NA, NA, NA, NA NA! (You must have six NA'S to sound right! Oops! See how I get sidetracked that be ME!) I want to have fun and write EXACTLY, as I think! That's exactly my kind of humor. I wish to put into words, the way I think! When I get wound up talking too friends and family they be laughing. I don't need no alcohol, no drugs, no nuttin! I have always been this way and have fun!

So I wish to WARN y'all out there --- oh, oh, oh. I just thought of something, that I think is important! Well, its important to me! I just love, as in really loove, to see new countries popping up on my stats! It plum warms the cockles of an old man's heart! Oh shit! I best look up cockles in the dictionary, because that doesn't sound nice, please hold -------- are you still there? I'm not done yet, please hold ---- if you're still there, please hold some more. I'm an old man and have to go to the bathroom --- damn, now I'm thirsty --- I'm back and I've lost my thought so I don't care now!

A wee bit of background on me, oops that's enough! Sorry! I sometimes get ahead of myself, especially my mind gets way ahead of my fingers! I don't think my mind has the proper software to go with my fingers! They seem to fuss and fight a lot! Like a couple old married people talking at the same time, not listening to one another! Oh, oh, oh, I almost forgot! I'm partially deaf, always have been, so sometimes I intentionally and sometimes I unintentionally screw up, sorry! I ask for y'all out there to help me, as I try to help myself, by learning to write, by reading in between the lines. Oh! I'm in big doo-doo, that be shit! How about y'all read in between the white space, in between my screwed up words! No, no, no, I reckon that won't work either! Damn! I be in a real predicament now! What the hell can I do? I know! I know! Read my words, but read, real slow like when you was learning to read, because you might have to organize words and sentence formations PROPERLY! Yeah! That be the answer to all my problems! So while I learn to type and spell words, and use proper sentence formation and all that other proper crap, that I did not understand in school like verbs, adverbs proper variations of words as far as tenses! I'm getting awfully tense, thinking about tenses and English! You know after about a year and a half, I see now, this wrestling with the Proper words and Proper everything to do with English sure as shittin, ainna, gonna work for no country boy! Why oh why? Have I wasted a part of my life trying? That just shows you how really crazy this old man is! I apologize for wasting my time and your time! My old dog told me, "you cannot teach an old dog new tricks."   Glen    

Monday, March 19, 2012

Ramblings of an Old Man, ME! Ah, ha, ha, ha!

Physicist, Glenicist, and other things, never to be taken as fact! The ramblings of Glen is just that. Huh! Can I have your attention please! I might just give some of my thoughts! Oh no! Yep! I have nothing better to do right at this moment! String theory, nano technology, as in blow you away, or HUH! 

I'll just jump right into it! I truly believe technology exist so far ahead of what our measely little minds can comprehend! Military and the Largest Corporations buy, control, conceal! WHY? Duh! Control, is power and power is money. Who is making tons of money off oil? Them oil giants make o'heap of money and want us using that FOSSIL FUEL! Fossil MY ASS! Yeah, right!!! Old Mother Earth is making that black gold in her body! Dinosaurs, Sinosaurs, more like, Moneysaurs Crookus Fuckus Corporatus! We get the shaft-us! No matter how easy the oil is to get, or how deep we get Fuckus and Mother Earth Gets scarred for life! Just like the Gulf oil catastrophe. WE, as in you and I, the good people of Mother Earth. Damn it all to Hellus! Them Super Richass Monsturs are Devil's own!

Okay! Okay! Okay! "What in the hell are you talking about you lame brain nit-wit!" asks Joe Pesky.

Ah, ha! Its been awhile since my inner voices have spoken, I thought I had exorcised them, or they went to Florida for the winter. I call them the Misfits in my head. Lord Have Mercy! I'm not sure for me or them! Hell no! That doesn't mean I'm nuts! All of us have inner voices inside us! Don't you hear them and listen to what they tell you! As a child we may of referred to them as pretend friends, OR, that's what our grown up parents with no imagination, told us to call them!

Most probably Unidentified Flying Objects are our own military with much advanced propulsion systems. This old man, ME, believes that our military does have technology that is years ahead of what we the ordinary people have! I bet ya, they be amazing things. But hell no! They ain't going to tell us! We're just the simple minded idiots that pay for them with our hard earned tax dollars. Seems I have read and heard about trillions of tax dollars unidentified over the last 15 or so years. Let me say one thing pertaining tp that.


How about pork barrel politics. Sheesh it's hard telling what kind of Alien politics be going on! Oh my goodness did I say Aliens? Nobody believes in Aliens do they?

String Theory by Mishu Akaku, shit I don't know how to spell it! He tells about this theory and I'll tell you what he is one smart Physicist. I have listened to him many times. He talks of other dimensions and tells of different things but in a way that regular people such as myself can understand.

Even before I knew of Mishu I somehow believed in other dimensions. I cannot say why, I just do. I may of watched and read too much science fiction as a kid like Star Trek and such, I dunno!  It would tend to explain a lot of things like ghost coming through from other dimensions or portals.

There are so many unexplainable goings on, to rule out anything. A wise old man once told me "I wish I knew 10% of what I don't know!" I told him "I'd settle for 1%." We both laughed and shook our heads.

How can one not believe in other life beyond our planet? You would have to be deaf to all other possibilities! In my lifetime of seeing what computers and electronic innovations has done in such a short span of time is mind bogggling to someone like me, who has been around to see such marvels!

Portals, I believe do exist and could explain many different out of this world possibilities! Any way I prefer to keep my mind open to other possibilities and continue to think, reason, learn for myself! I ain't dead yet and believe we're never too old to use our own mind.

I've rambled quite enough for tonight. Isn't it mind altering to go outside on a clear night and look up into the vastness of the universe. To even think that we know and understand all, dumbfounds me! Goodnight and think about being abducted by Aliens! Sorry I could not help myself! Glen

Sunday, March 18, 2012

little boo boos and BIG BOO BOOS! (some funny, SOME NOT!)

                                                                  little boo boo's
I had a good laugh at my expense. Damn! When I say I take my bed time medicines and then type, I'm telling the truth and nothing but the truth, so help me, to learn to TYPE and SPELL!!! If you can't laugh at your own boo boos, then you can't laugh at nuttin! (I say yippee yi aw!) I'm new at this game and am a learning, every dad burn day. I be, a works in process and hope I always am! I'm having more fun than a barrel of monkey's! I should of remembered the Aretha Franklin song R-E-S-P-E-C-T! I ask you to look over my lack of experience. My main goal is to GIVE LAUGHS and I do that sometimes intentionally and un-intentionally. I try not to go back and read my post at a later date because I get mad, at myself at some of the stupid mistakes! Oh well a few boo boos a day ain't going to make old Glen go away! HAHAHA!


                                                                BIG BOO BOO'S
I have tried to block out the news about the soldier who shot civilians in Afghanistan. It's very hard to do when no matter where you look you see headlines about it. I have not, nor will I read any of the articles on this!






The mothers and fathers of this world, did not produce our sons to become killing machines! Our sweet innocent babies watch cartoons as they grow and laugh just as every generation before them. Ah! But their brainwashing, has not yet started!

In the modernization of our children, the games begin early.Yes games! War is not, nor should be a game! Do you think children should be playing the types of killing war games that have been played since the modern computer era began. How impressionable is this to growing minds. Hell! Fathers play games with their 12 year old son's, while their 6 year old watch! I question how much money is made from the WAR GAMES Industry, targeted at our children? Get em young make money from them create and warp their minds! (You think that's laughable! I SURE AS HELL AIN'T LAUGHING!)These same beautiful children go to movies as teenagers viewing action movies with make believe bodies, blood splattered across the big screen, into our living rooms, the big, bigger, gigantic televisions and monitors in their bedrooms, where once was a baby full of giggles! Don't give me that mumbo jumbo, that's not warping their minds! I say BULL-!@#$ING-SHIT!!!

I've been around long enough to see the first cute little games that morphed into games of war. It ain't the cute little games or the cartoons that mess with our little Tykers minds! Killing becomes commonplace with games where you see the enemy turned into a blood splatter in big screen extravaganza! Only in games, you can reset and start over!

These young men in the modern era of unmanned drones and such can go to war, playing war, with the military remote controlled billion dollar toys. Do you personally think that modern warfare, where sending laser guided missiles or any kind of remote controlled systems and innocent people not get hurt! Ah! But if you kill by remote control, you don't see the bodies, so it's not real is it? Or is it? It does not count, you simply reset the game and go again right! Of course it's not real it doesn't count!

I've tried to make my point, I hope I have! Now on the flip side. We as average, against war, peace loving God worshiping citizens of this planet will never see the real face of war and pray that we never do! I remember high school colleagues killed in Vietnam to a fine young 25 year old young man I worked with a few years back, a helicopter pilot shot down in Afghanistan leaving two fatherless sons!

I got a mite sidetracked! The real war of all wars is putting soldiers on the ground, witnessing atrocities that would fuck up our minds. Seeing the real sights, of real blood, on real bodies in real time and real wars is unfathomable to me! I cannot see why any man would put himself in this situation. It happens now, just as it always has since the beginning of time! What a crying shame against us all! I will not condone killing of any human being, it's wrong, but so very unfortunate to all, it continues! Whom our son's fight the wars for are not human!

I've rambled enough. Goodnight my friends!!!! Glen

Saturday, March 17, 2012

R-E-S-P-E-C-T! & D-I-S-O-B-E-D-I-E-N-C-E!

Many thoughts whirling inside, like a giant tidal wave! If only, we could throw our negativity and problems into it and watch them swept away. Would be nice, wouldn't it! Cleansing our minds, in imaginary tidy bowl.

I'm too old to take on others problems. Taking care of my ever increasing demands of health, age, lifetime scars, fills my daily agenda. I can take on, no more! Easier said, than done! Heah! Even in my own moratorium, of taking care of myself, I cannot overlook the morass assholes, I find myself surrounded in todays world. A sad state of affairs, I must say!

My life at this stage, is as simple as I can make it. I truly live a most humble day to day existence. I enjoy the simplicities of my own, controllable boundries! I love my family, home and pets. After five months, I still miss my best friend, my Australian Cattle Dog "Punkster," as I did the day, I tenderly, yet heartbroken, dug her grave! I feel as though a small part of me disappeared, never to be resurrected! One day I'll write a story about her. I have been mulling over a children's book or story about her, some day, I'll make it happen, some day!

I wish to cause no one no pain, or problems. I give my all no matter what I do! I seem to find myself in a rather perplexing uncontrollable predicament. I have this Grandfatherly instinct in me. I'll give my opinion and some don't like it! I say "la-de-da!" If they act like a spoiled brat, then I'll call them on it! I been around long enough and I have earned my right to speak, my piece! Some, they don't like it!

I had a good conversation with my friend at work, I'll call her Sue. Out of 14 machines, Sue and I run 6. We are not the spring chickens, out of our group of Gilligan's Island "Castoffs!" The much younger versions of the "castoffs," run 1, or 2 machines. Why is that?

I'm absent from time to time with health issues, Sue never misses! We're a lot alike in our thinking, both Scorpio's. Scorpio's give their opinions rather easily see, so what's wrong with that! Especially when you're right! I've always done my job, what's wrong with the other members carrying their load. Damn! Us old pack mules be getting worn out you see!


An older man, in his early eighties W. F. several years ago was running 2 machines beside Sue. Sue being the person she is, was helping him. W. F.  said to Sue "your as stubborn as a Jackass" Yep! We still laugh at that one! W. F. in his early eighties was doing what some can't do today! Why do you reckon that is????

W. F. passed away a few years ago! They don't make em, like him anymore!!!

I have this thing about "workers" not doing what the Supervisor tells them to do! It gnaws at me! Even if I think, a Supervisor is wrong, I'll give my opinion, but do what they say! There is this unwritten rule I grew up with, called "respect," you see! I'm not being paid for my brains! I'm been paid for my brawn, right! There is this one thing, I absolutely cannot tolerate is insubordination! It drives me batty!

There be this old gray haired fat man where I work. That be me! I have more mental and physical
disorders than all them Castoff, Castaways put together! If me and Sue can do our jobs, then why the !@#$ can't they!!! I suppose, if you hire Jack-offs or Cast-aways you can't expect too much I reckon!


Friday, March 16, 2012

SILLY THOUGHT TIME "what other kind is there?"

Let's plaa "Wheel uf---Thoughts!" It that be Ok with U. Ah oh! Seems I'm amiss on a cylinder or two! What's Up!

I had a thought as I was making a delivery tonight in the early AM hours. I'm going to try to recapture it. I was theorizing about Theories, Physicist and how they try to use mathematical equations to explain theories. Yikes I'm bored too death already! Where in tarnation did that thought come from! You know the kind of Scientist that specialize in thinking about theories. You know like uncle Einstien and all that silly looking mathematical stuff on black boards. I think uncle Albert took naps and an Alien from another dimension would slip through a slippery space in time and so on and so forth and give uncle Alby some help. Yep! That's what I theorize! These Scientist fellas are always talking about old uncle Einstien and all his theories. Every blasted photo I ever seen of Uncle A. he looks awfully sleepy. I say he would be theorizing and his mind would go to dream state and with the help of them Aliens, he was able to come up with a lot of theories. He be theorizing about this and theorizing about that! He would go over to his blackboard and draw some nonsense that only Aliens, Time Travelers or only a few people in the world could theorize!

We r-e-g-l-a-r (Oopsey! Seems, I forgot u in that equation, I'll just hit my little spell checky Alien thingee, did he have something like this?) people haven't the foggiest ideas about all this mathematical goings on, do we? Hell no! We normal people don't deal in "theories" we deal in factorama's! Yep! That there, be a fact! We cannot theorize us a couple gallons ol' gasoline! We must BUY it! If I go to my local Convenience Store and pump me some gasoline, go inside and get me some munchies and a BIG GULP, I cannot draw me some fancy looking Alien from a slippery space lines on a piece of paper and tell the 250 pound, tattoo, metal studs in their lower lip, with one also in the tongue, some piece of bone through the nose, lower ears with big round, not ear rings some quarter sized plastic looking whatch-a-ma-call-thems, cut and inserted in them! I DO NOT think the Mr. Bro Cashier no matter how stupid he looks would take a theoretical mathematical paper! WOULD HE???

I just had a chuckle! I want you to play along with me, PLEASE? Bring up your imagination and pretend what Mr. Bro Cashier with one of them studs in his tongue would talk like? Aw come on! That's funny all by itself!

I hand Bro the piece of paper as serious as I can be and say "this theoretical piece of paper is worth a
lot more than my gasoline."

Bro looks at me and it might go something like this "th, th, th. wat kinee ooo thit r uw pllun unn mee?

I see he be getting mad! His slobbering increases, his studs in his lower lip start quivering, the one itty bittty ring in his left eyebrow goes up and down, his Fu Manchu string like beard on his chin, starts going from side too side like a pendulum!!! His dragon tattoos on each arms are breathing fire, I think to myself "this here Bro doesn't understand how valueable this Theoretical Mathematical Alien Equation is!

Bro slobbers Okay! 

My mind has shut down, that be all FOLKS!!!  Professor of "Theoretical Shit" Glen

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Front Porch and Listening!!!

Spring greetings to everyone! It was close to 80 degrees where I live, alright! I'm going to lean my head back and take a few deep breathes. Maybe something will pop into my mind. I have to remind you I type after taking my medication, so If I take too many deep breathes I might fall to sleep. If I fall to sleep hopefully my fingers can do the walking and type a little something,  something, for my friends. So here goes nothing. (snoring) I warned you, I took about a five minute snooze. Now where was I? Oh! Oh! Oh! I haven't missed anything have I? I haven't thought of anything to write about! You know what might be neat! I have never just wrote what really pops into my mind! I know your probably thinking "you mean to tell me you actually think even a smidgen about what you type!" Actually I try my best not to! By the way, I like that word smidgen, means a little! When I get wound up seems unusual or seldom used words that I have heard from my childhood, OR remember, I'm hard of hearing, always have been so sometimes I wonder if I am creating these words, or if they actually exist from my rather peculiar family. Some of my relation were real doozies, but I suppose we all have some ones in our family that best be locked up and the keys thrown away! These ones make life fun! I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the different members of my family tell stories, jokes, just having fun and laughing. I call this "The Front Porch Learning." You sure can learn a lot about life by truly listening! Real, "true listening" is gone! I'm sure you know what I mean! Too many distractions, overload of information from every direction! I'll give an example. Most of my working life was in factory, fast paced production with quotas to meet. Seems like your always chasing your tail like one of them hyperactive dogs, running around in circles. (That be worth a grin, thank you!) Once the work day starts you need the adrenalin rush to keep up with the line. So when time comes to get off work your mind is still pumping to the speed of the production line. So I come home to relax, put my lazy boy lounger back, grab the newspaper, turn on the evening news and talk to my spouse. You see my relaxation technique was not as relaxing as one might think is it? All this information overload, certainly is not conducive for winding down after a hectic day. Most assuredly I was not giving my best for really enjoying the newspaper. I heard only bits and pieces of the evening news and not paying enough attention to my better half! I felt as though I had to be doing all these things at once to relax. Relaxing my ass, no wonder I have high blood pressure! Somewhere along the line I thought I had to do all these things, sad part of it is, it become a ritual!

Flash forward to today! I see a world compounded with all the best electronic gizmo's money can buy! Am, I right! Dang-tootin I'm right! We're being wired from the get go and these young-ins don't even know it! How sad in one way! More of everything is needed to enjoy, so more, becomes more, but the important stuff disappears! Basic communication is a lost art. I'm talking real, true, face to face communication! Better still no one listens! I'm talking true face to face body language listening too learn, not waiting for a break or a small lapse from someone taking a breath to add your two cents worth!


I have come a long way from years ago, but must talk to myself to stay within myself and baby it becomes most challenging in the modern world. I learned more about life and used my own mind to reason out the bull on them Front Porch conversations, where children were to be seen, not heard! Somehow it makes a lot of sense to me in my old age! You cannot learn, if you cannot learn to listen!!!  Thanks for visiting my humble little site! Glen

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

P. P. P.?

I don't know where yesterday's post popped up from! But I can tell you my friends out there (say hi Glen) in blog-o-spere, is there such a word as that? Oh hell! Who gives a rat's ass, it is now! Ding! Dang! Darn it! Where have I read that before? You never know what kind of words or variations of proper words an old Man and Senile people might come up with! That's what makes this pecking away at these little letters so dad-gum fuun! Yip-pee-I-A or is it yip-pee yi-A? Seeing the word pee reminds me, please hold.....................

"Yee-haw" was an extremely fun post to write. I was tired when I come home from work, so I curled up with my dog Pedro and slept for about 30 minutes. I warmed up some of Glen's own meatloaf and fixed a glass of tea, sit my old body at the keyboard and lickety split non-stop, that little prose was done. Man I loove when that happens!

I wish to confess to my friends, who I lovingly call Brothers and Sisters, if I can be so bold? I'm going to be doing some testifying tonight! Pedro heard me speak these words and put his paws over his eyes and jumped under his blanket.

Any way, I'm a junkie, an addict, yep! Here you may have thought this old man Glen reminds me of my Grandfather. (If you did think that, I take that as a compliment, thank you!) I get so carried away sometimes as my mind zooms around like the Andretti's at The Indianapolis 500 Motor Speedway!

I began this excursion in madness as a hobby, to occupy me, (I meant to type my time, but, occupying me, is exactly what I BE DOING, EXCEPT IT "ain't" PROPER! NA, NA, NA, NA, NA, NA! guess what I like it and I'MMA LEAVING IT IN!!!) because physically I can no longer enjoy my old hobbies. I have all this pent up mad cap madness, I have accumulated for well over half a century. Yep! I be getting old and my body is wearing out. Yet my mind still whirls like an old Maytag Wringer Washer! My mind doesn't run as good as a new Maytag washer, but it be like that Energizer Bunny, doesn't miss a beat! Not that anyone would ever read my silliness, but I wanted to give it a go!

I have many obstacles to jump over, ONLY an old fat mad, don't do! NO JUMPIN! nope! One obstacle be, no computer! Whoopsey! Another obstacle be, no blog! Another obstacle be KINDA LARGE REALLY! I Don't know the first thing about writing, zip, nada! Then, then, then, my hands started sweating and trembling! The LARGEST obstacle of ALL! (Can you guess it?) I have never typed in my life!!! I hear all you fancy pancy ones out there who have typed since Kindergarden saying "nothing to it!" Well La-de-da!

So I'm thinkun (meant to) ain't nuthun (also again, ah oh! I'mma feelun silly) but coordination and knowing the alphabet. Shucky dern, I've know me letters since first grade, no problem-O! Damn my first look at the keyboard! Somebody done messed up my keyboard! These letters, be in the wrroong place! Have they changed the alphabet since I attended first grade??? Wow-za! I be in a heap O trouble!!!  Now I be in a real s-i-t-u-a-t-i-o-n! I be up the creek without a paddle!

I have three words on my refrigerator, PATIENCE, PERSISTENCE AND PERSEVERANCE. I put them there for a reason! Gosh darn it! I plum forgot why!!! Yes I did! I walk by the refrigerator and half hidden under a picture was these words. A white light shines on these words, about that time my head felt funny, like being smacked, not enough to knock you out, but to get your attention. Someone or something, is attempting communication! About that time, I hear a voice say "what are you doing idiot"! Yes, it was my little woman smacking me upside my head, to wake me up!

So here I am less than two years later, I find myself addicted to coming home after working the late, late shift and before I go to bed "practicing." I added that P because I need to catch up with all of you! Yes I do! I be an addict! Yep! I'm gonna practice and use them other three P's until I get the hang of it! HA, HA, HA! I'm having soo much fun I hope I never get the hang of it!!!  Your Pal Glen

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


It's time to play, "What's on my mind!" Let's spin the little wheel inside my head and see where it stops this morning! Every day, be a good day, as long as the clock is still ticking! Yes-sir-ree! It seems as though it was only yesterday, I lay in my baby bed trying to snatch them pretty but irretrievable toys just above my little uncontrollable arms. Them silly things be flailing around everywhere hitting me in the head, but I could not, no matter how hard I try, snatch them pretty noise making silly looking things above me! Them big ones like my Mommy could make them things shake, rattle and row! My arms would not stretch out, there must be something amiss with them, they stay curved at the elbow, if only they would straighten! I'd knock them suckers to kingdom come, yep I would! Teasing a little baby like that! Just out of my reach and what's wrong with my hands? I keep scratching my baby soft skin with them razor blade thingees on the ends! Sheesh! Is this what the rest of my life is to be? Wanting something that's always out of my grasp! I lay here most of the day, that's not absolutely correct! I don't want to start my life off lying like them Politicians! I sleep most of the day. I have the same reoccurring dream, and it sure seems real!!! I'm in this dark, warm, snug, sound proof room! A place that I know really well and find much comfort in. It seems to fit me like a glove! I hear my Mommy's heartbeat, which makes me sleep as sound as an Old Hound Dog! There is parts of everyday, where I smell this awful skunk like odor, makes my stomach turn! My Mommy will look at me smiling. I don't know how she can smile and be smelling the same smell I am! She'll say "did you poo-poo again?" Like that skunky smelling stuff is coming from me. She must be a little silly, babies smell all baby powder fresh, there's noo-way a baby could smell like that! I suppose, if she has been smelling that awful smell over a period of time most probably took a few points off her I. Q.  I must admit most of my day is sleeping and trying to catch a hold of them weaselly, wascal, toys from hell! I'll get myself all worked up and let out a yell and throw a temper tantrum! Dang it! Babies get mad too! I just thought of something! Do you reckon, nah can't be! Maybe there introducing me to what life is all about! Perhaps life is grasping at things, beyond you're reach, stinky smells, people with silly looks on their faces from too much whatever in life!!! Oh no! What have I gotten myself into! But then there is really nice parts in my young life! Quiet time, looking up at my Mommy and she makes me laugh, feel all warm inside. Then there is lunch time, dinnertime, breakfast and all them snack times! I don't know what kind of sleeping pills that naturally comes in Mother's milk, but when I latch onto one of them suckee things it's yee-haw and dream time baby!!!  GOODNIGHT GLEN

Monday, March 12, 2012


I'm in a unusual mood. I dislike admitting it, but I am a moody person. Not sure why, but inside of me can change sometimes in a heartbeat. I suspect if I was analyzed by a Psychiatrist, the problem began in childhood! Well hell yes! As children we're growing, learning every second of every day. Our little brains are turning faster than a guinea pig working out on one of them wheel toys people buy for them!

(I see that in my mind and chuckle, them little, guinea pigs, gerbils, rats whatever they are make me laugh.) Sorry but it's hard for me to stay on one subject!

My mind has never stopped, as a child I was thirsty for knowledge. I wish to know all, about everything. My mind never stopped. Sure it be the things that children think about, for the most part. It's them other parts that children should never contemplate, that become stuck in their minds! Can't get them out, can we? Hell! I'm not asking for compassion! No sir! These things we witness, are a part of, and or, perceive as children do, good or bad, form us until the day we die! That be a fact we can't expell! No matter how much we wish, or try. I am, what I am, from every encounter, as you read my silliness, my serious side, my dark side, my opinions and thoughts. We're all unique INDIVIDUALS formed over our lifetime.

I wish with all my heart, that children could be children until they turn legal age. Then slowly be introduced into adulthood and become acclimated to the realities of the world! At least they could live a portion of life, as a child.

I wish to ponder on that last paragraph for a minute.... Damn I think I confused myself, please hold as I re-read and reflect.

That would be ideal slowly introduced to the pressures of the real world. Yes it would! OR would it?

A child's learning is not just about playing, imagination, love, with absolutely no problems. We're a works in process from the day we're thrown from the snuggly comforts of our mothers womb! Bright lights, noise, cold, then people problems begin! Ah! Them people problems never stop! Do they?

Ah! I have strayed from the title of this post. What did you expect! I write what comes into my mind when it plops in. My mind has always been like a gerbil on a wheel, can't help it! My moods come and go for many different reasons. My lifetime supply of patience ran out 20 years ago. I can be one moody individual, of that I well know! You see I try hard, with every fiber of my being to be a better person. We cannot flip a switch and change who we are!

I have learned after a reasonably long life, to live within myself! Damn I sure as hell don't want to live within some of the others I come into contact with! Is that a put down? It depends! I've been training myself for 60 years. I sure as hell don't have the patience to start over, nor do I wish to!!!

I be the culmination of all you read here on Glen View, I strive every day to be a better person. We must live all, of everything, unfortunately, to be what we be!!! Goodnight my friemds grom G

Sunday, March 11, 2012


It's early morning and I'm about as relaxed as I can be except for possibly sleeping. Wow, it feels soo good! Don't know why but I'll take it! Yes I will!

Please, don't think I'm making fun, based on speaking about testifying, on some of my recent posts. Quite the contrary, in the churches I grew up in, testifying was considered a beautiful important part of the service. Yes it was! Brothers and Sisters as all were called, would stand up and pour their hearts out. It was pure and they always gave thanks to the one above. It was the passion, that stood out, taking the service higher and higher. Sometimes it was so pure with what was called "the spirit of the lord." The minister would say after hearts were laid open, "I can't top that, no need for a sermon tonight!" I hope, I have made myself clear on that, in NO WAY is it meant to be a put down! I remember how people would say "amen" and shake their heads in agreement. "Hallelujah, that's right" so on and so forth! The congregation became one and was feeling the beauty at the cleansing of souls. I suppose there's perhaps some religions that still do that! Although, I have my doubts! 

So testifying and the comments that I'll most likely use again, is meant to be a good thing, because I be wound up, feeling the spirit of the words I'm writing!!! If you believe in something strong enough, WE the congregation of the world should be testifying! That may be the only chance we get to speak. WE need to speak, and quit listening to all the wrong mouths that spout insanity. They're the ONES who speak with false, tongues. Those Devils be in all corners of the world! Sneaky Snakes from Satan himself, telling all kinds of lies! WE must see through the evilness of these Smooth talking, Shape Shifting Snake Oil Salesmen! You know what I be talking about don't you!!! Yes you do! We wish to believe these Snakes with fork tongues, because we wish to be taken care of, like our Momma used to take care of us as young-ins. We ain't young-ins no more! We be grown up with are own experiences of life! WE must, use our own minds, we're on our own now!

We have been led by Shape Shifters, they're smooth talkers! Yes they are! They have powerful allies, behind them, pushing their agendas certainly not the agenda of "we the people!" Amen!

These Shape Shifters wearing expensive tailored suits tell us the Simple Folk such foolishness as "I know what it's like to be in your shoes." Yeah! Right! They're mostly rich ones who are being led by billionaires or as I prefer to call them, "Ones who fancy themselves Kings and Queens!" They still think of us as their slaves!

One day many years ago, I awoke from a stupor I had been living in. I was deeply depressed and quite frankly did not think I would ever climb out of the hell, I was buried in!

WE, as in, WE THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD, must pull ourselves away from the World of Misinformation, Disinformation, Lying, Mayhem, Brainwashing, Snake Oil Salesmen of our world! It be hard I know! Everything you have been taught, is hard to give up! We must allow ourselves to see through all the smoke and mirrors! Time is now! Yes it is!
If you're reading this humble site from a poor old man, whose only advice I have to give is simple, but straight forward and from my heart, after a lifetime of believing, The Wrong Stuff!

Use our logic from within our souls! Do your own thinking, quit believing what you see on The Mighty, Nightly, Newscast! Use your own brain!--- Damn It!--- That's about all we have left! Everything else is mind control by a few, for the Masses! Always has been! In todays world of 24 hour news channels, instantaneous mind numbing, mind controling world! It's too easy, too just listen and believe, that's the problem!!! SHEESH! BROTHERS AND SISTERS OF THE WORLD WE'RE SMARTER THAN THIS AREN'T WE??????????????????????   Yes we are!!! Glen

Saturday, March 10, 2012


It's been a long day, but, but, but, it's Friday! Yoo who! Yip-pee! Ain't it grand! There's somethun bout get-un off work on Friday! (I'm feel-un goood! Soo---I might misspell some wurds on ya, fer sum reason whan I'm feelun good and silly, I like to spell wurds---how my eers and mind hear them, this ought to be a real hoot!)

To start with let's throw all that Hollyweird weirdo trash out the window, yep! Begone---who gives a rat's hiney about the same-O, same-O?

Sports, who gives a rat's ass about super rich sports stars? If they have took too many blows to the head and want to continue so that another hard hit could hurt them BAAD! It be their neck! Not mine but all that coverage about one man, come on now I say to some of you, OR is it the Sports Writers that are soo stupid they can't find anything else to talk about! Sheeesh, good God almighty people, get a life! My thoughts on P. Manning. Team him up with Tebow and that ought to give a Rocky Mountain high! One Mile Stadium be in the Stratosphere! Ladies and Gentlemen who love their football be getting goose bumps thinkun about that! Whow-wee!!! 

Rash Lumball, is there really people out there that actually listen to that ?????

Republican Presidential Challengers look an awful like, like Politicians! Need I say anymore?

Whow! How about the price of gasoline? Is it just me? Every time I drive by them CONVENIENT Stress Stores my pocket gets lighter and my ass feels like I been !@#$ED!

After all that money spent in Iraq and we don't get gasoline for .99 cents a gallon! Them Politicians can't do nothing right, can they?

All them to big to fail Conglomerates get our tax dollars and the Federal Reserve gets the interest that we pay, now what do we get??? Yep! Not even a kiss or at least a tad of lubricant! We get the shaft again!

We can thank Nascar for starting it's season, so all the Billy Bob, Joe Bob's won't have to think about the problems of the world until November!

How about them Auto Manufacturers that we loaned, or is it give money to? There for a little while our Government was giving out so much money I can't keep track! They turned themselves around or so it seems who the hell knows!

What gives with Israel? Do they have a burr under their saddle or what! They be this little country surrounded by countries that hate them and they are talking like a Mighty Pit Bull. They have an Ace up their hole! HAHAHA! I like that! That Ace be The United States and I don't like that, one iota!

Damn my poor wittle eyelids are getting droopy and I'm having a hard time concentrating! Hell don't sound any different than normal does it!

I'm too sleepy to continue so here's the deal, all you out there continue with my thoughts. I'm going to go to sleep and visit a world where everybody loves one another and all share equally! Yes baby! If only in my dreams! IMAGINE!!! IF ONLY FOR A LITTLE WHILE, TO RECHARGE MY BODY, MIND AND SOUL!!! Goodnight and may peace fill your hearts!!! AN OLD MAN CAN HOPE CAN'T HE? Glen......    I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart who visit my humble site...

Friday, March 9, 2012

I Just...

have to let you know... I just have to let go... and that be right here on my very own, insanity and silliness blog... fer the whole world to see... yes I do-oo-oo! What kind of an old man am I? I be a silly one, can't you tell by now! There be highly gifted, high I. Q wise ones. Well la-de-da, some people I know have little i q, so I reckon them Genius ones stole some of the little i q ones apparently! That makes sense to me, them smart ones, always stealing from the little ones. Big I. Q crooks and bullies! Some people have all the luck. Some people be naturally talented or gifted at say music, or the arts. Some are natural athletes who make a heap O money with little round balls and such. Some people I'll call them ordinary people, who don't have any of the good abilities in life, love to go to these Roman type coliseums and watch these athletes do their thing, oh yeah! Now if-un an old man like me remembers correctly, when I was a young Roman slave, them Gladiators fought to the death and them pretty leaders in dresses bet on their favorite Gladiator. I'll just bet them Gladiators weren't to glad about the whole fighting to the death part! So's them big muscular athletes fight to live and if history is correct, or is it Hollyweird's word? I have lived so long and the stories and truth seem to get lost with every new Emperor! I have trouble remembering, truth, fiction, fantasy, sorry us old men do become forgetful. Well you understand each new leader has their own agenda and we commom people get confused, easy.

I be one of the ordinary folk, average i. q. never excelled at anything. I live my life as the average Joe, oopsey, Glen. What the hell is wrong with working for a living, not doing drugs, not spending time in jail, always doing my best? Ain't nothing wrong with honesty, is there? Ain't nothing wrong with thinking is there? Ain't nothing wrong with giving my opinion is there? Ain't nothing wrong with speaking through my heart is there?

Why is it, I feel like the last kid picked in games? I try as hard as I can, no matter what I attempt! Remember the story of "The Little Train That Could," you know, the big mighty train was broken, so the Little Train told himself "I think I can pull them rail cars, I think I can," guess what he did! We the Little Trains, try as hard as we can are getting a mite tired, of all the laws being passed to protect certain few! Who be these few? These few be the Criers! We the average work hard raising our families, pay our taxes, go to Sunday school and cause no trouble ain't them! No sir! We have NO-body watching are back, never have! If your a special interest group, the laws are wrote to protect you, yes they are! You're not a legal resident, automatically you demand rights. Rights to what? We the regular tax paying, good ol citizens pay for your child's schooling and healthcare, yes we do! Yet you picket as illegal aliens for equal rights, you think your better than me, who has paid taxes for a lifetime, yes you do! You demand! Demand ain't a nice word, no it ain't! I demand you go back and earn a living in your own country and picket and demand, yes I do! You fix your own country before demanding my rights, yes sir! Amen!

I may not be doing a satisfactory job of explaining, but why do we the load bearing foundation of a skyscraper to hell, not get our just do? H-a-l-l-e-l-u-j-a-h!!! Brothers and Sisters! I find myself testifying again tonight, there ain't nothing wrong with that, I can't help myself! Whow-wee!Your skin color is not what I be talking about. It be the fraction that demand! Yes they do! We the regular folk better be demanding, BIG-TIME! Instead of being the damned! It's damn if we do and damn if we don't! We are not being heard, we are being overlooked, we need to be HEARD!!! A-M-E-N!!! I'm feeling good!

So, on one end of the spectrum, you have rich powerful lobbyist, doing the thing, for the rich folk as in corporations, banks and such. On the other end you have the whatch-a-ma-call them few percentile losers (Whoops did I say that? I didn't mean to say that! Yes I did!!!)

Any-who! Whoo, be looking out for us? We, the ones, who do the work,  pay our taxes and be good? NOBODY, we ain't "demanding" loud enough! No we aren't! We best be getting us some of them lobbying ones! OR MAYBE, WHEN WE GET TO BE ONE OF THEM SMALL PERCENTILE WHATCH-A-MA-CALL-THEM GROUPS, LIKE SAY THE BIG MOUTH ALIENS, FROM PLANET UP-YOUR-ANUS! ONLY THEN WILL THE LAW ABIDING, FAMILY RAISING, HONEST, HARD WORKING JOE'S AND JOSEPHINES BECOME EQUAL!!!   Nah! That was just a dream I had, where the GOOD people get their rights! Dag gone it, that felt really good!!!  GLEN

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sorry I Can't Think of Anything Intelligent, HA, HA!


mailto:MEAL!@#$ing, !@#$, !@#$ing-!@#$,!@#$ing,-Oh,-Oh,-am-I-being-received-across-the-globe-and-out-in-space?-I-wish-to-become-the-first-message-to-be-received-by-unintelligent-life-forms-in-any-galaxies----please-come-to-earth-and-take-our-leaders-back-to-your-planet-we-have-no-need-for-them-anymore-they-have-taken-all-our-money-and-bankrupted-earth-will-let-you-have-them-for-nuttin-please-please-please-oh-will-give-you-all-the-Ding-Dongs-a-fine-chocolate-snack-your-spaceship-can-hold-your-truly-Professor-of-Dumassology-Dr.-Glen-View.

See what can happen when you leave your child unattended OR you leave an old man that knows nut-tin about computers alone after taking his daily dose of  !@#$ING-seratonin-re-up-take-inhibitor-somethin-or-the-other.  SCARIER THAN YOUR WAITER, WHO'S WEARING ONE OF THEM NOSE RINGS, WHO'S ABOUT TO SERVE YOU DINNER! YOUR WAITER HAS A COLD AND YOU CAN IMAGINE A GOOEY BUNCH OF ???T DRIPPING OFF THE BEAUTIFUL, BUT APPETITE SUPPRESSING GOLD PLATED NOSE RING!   

U-know what? O'l dumass Glen may have just discovered a new weight loss plan. Instead of all the other diets in the world, including hynosis. Visualize the waiter with the yuck, I can't repeat that again! Whenever hunger hits, recall that picture I vividly described to y'all, yuck, yuck, yuck!!!


I know you're probably thinkin to youself "DAMN! That be one !@#$ed up old !@#$er! I concurr! (Does concur have one r, or two r's, I prefer two and that be a better thing to think about, bout now!)

How does one get to be as, as, as, as, as screwed up as me? Well! I been working a lifetime to attain the highest degree of un-sophistication that I have ass-er-tained! I'm at the 32 degree now, only one more degree and I'll be a complete and total Master! U-can tell I'm real close can't ya? Damn! It will be the happiest day of my insane life!

This accomplishment would not of been achieved, if not for some special people, I have had the luck to be around. I have so many I would like to thank, including the many teachers that had to go away, after only a few weeks of me in their classrooms. I wish all of you well, especially since I never had the privilege to see you again. The only info the Principle gave me as he pushed me out his office and locked the door is "they be in a better place." Some what confusing fer a child in Kindergarden!

When I was young they had separate classes for the Special Ones. I believe they call them Challenged today. Everywhere I go people ask me "are you challenged?" I answer "yep!" You would be surprised how nice people talk to you once they know your Special!

I found me a nice place to work where they treat the Special Ones right good! I feel at home here and I'm not the only Special One! I have many Special Friends and when I'm out shopping I see more and more! 

I have been reading a lot about what may have led to the Challenge Pandemic of the last few generations, from medicines and vaccines, seems each new generation receives more and more vaccines to vaccinate against the vaccinations OR so it seems to one Special one like myself.

I've read about pesticides that have been around for the farmers to rid themselves of all the pesty pest. Although I'm not sure what kind of pesty pests a farmer out plowing in his $100,000.00 Tractor in the field would ever encounter? Perhaps a wayward opossum or a bandito raccoon, they wear a mask for a reason u-know, or an old half blind Buck Deer thinking, "that Tractor is a mighty fine looking female!"

You wish to see pest drive into my town in the heart of the Midwest after midnight stop at a Convenience Store especially in the summer time. These Convenince Stores make it uncanny convenient! These pests stand outside smoking something that wow-za, makes my mouth dry just walking by them, and are they dressed funny, can't keep their breeches up and have braces, but the Dentist apparently was drunk, cause they have metal coming out their eyebrows, metal studs on their lower lip, on their tongue, rings through their nose and other such strange places, only one with a mind like mine can imagine!!! That Dentist must have a good business, cause I see many around my town that look like that!

Articles about contamination in our drinking water, seems along the mighty rivers medicines and everything that goes down the toilet is filtered through water filtration plants, yeah right! What's left is released back into the river. Why don't they just call it what it is, sewage, uweee!!! So the next town gets the shit end of the river (place laugh here) so on and so forth and then it goes out into the ocean making Challenged Seafood!

I read about Chem Trails. Now what the hell is a Chem Trail! Chemicals supposedly sprayed from the air to rid the planet of pests! I suppose like the Farmer spraying his land to get rid of pest, only they be covering more ground quicker than the Tractor!

There must be an awful lot of pest in the modern world! No matter where I roam, I find pest. I meet some of the Pestiest and Challenged ones I have ever had the misfortune to encounter!