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Thursday, June 2, 2011

I tire of the "CRAP"

I come home after a hard day's night! My wish is to take my mind away from where I have been for 9 hours of boredom, with a little labor. My mind seems my only salvation anymore, as I am other places, other than work, while I'm at work! (If you know what I mean Vern) "Did I hear someone say"? "what then hell did he say"? I'm forced to go elsewhere, because work and Aliens have taken over Dodge, so to speak. I'm getting older and my goal is to keep what few brain cells I have left! I'm currently negotiating to keep them old synapses from withering away and going into Alzheimer's. The list of demands are vitamins and Prozac. The negotiations have been finalized and the synapses really like the Prozac kick.

Anyhow, I come home wishing to put my feet up, to get blood flow to my brain and watch something funny or entertaining on my Tele-vis-ion. Something that will make my mind back to normalcy from the challenged and craziness I have been through. 

Oh no! it wasn't meant to be! I was hoping for a decent movie and that was a mistake. Okay to the meat of my dilemma. I don't live in a big city, I don't live on the east coast, I don't live in California or the west coast, I don't live in MEXICO. I live in the heartland where corn grows 8 feet tall and not CRAP you see!!! I'm in no hood, nor am, nor want to be, no body's Bro, don't care to speak Spanish or no other damn uncivilized ruination of the English language. I don't wish to watch people dancing in low ass pants and fondling themselves and singing one syllable lyrics, that only repeat the same one syllable lyrics, while people are having seizures. I don't wish to watch people smoking grass, instead of riding a John Deere mowing grass. I don't wish to listen to people who cannot speak enough English that I cannot even understand, driving 30,000 dollar 64 Chevy Super Sport that looks like it also is having seizures! I don't care if pretty boy is a hair stylist or a designer of women's clothing or that the man driving a Harley with a girl behind him is also a woman!

I tire of the crap that is pushed down my civilized ways. I tire of the damn commercials especially info commercials. Why lame brain morons think we want to watch a 30 minute commercial when no one even in the heartland watches commercials, we are skipping through them so we don't have to watch the SOB's. So we pay unbelievable amounts of money to be bomb blasted with duds that simply are rotting our brains and I cannot find NOTHING even in the wee hours of the am, not even a Bugs Bunny or Road Runner Cartoon. One channel is a Spanish network that can't even translate into FKING English. This is not Mexico, YET!!! This is not Sunday, I don't need 3 Christian channels and what is this Israel Channel being shown in the Heartland! There is everything being shown except something we the people in the Heartland want to watch!!! 

Try going to these $1.00 video rental machines that have sprung up everywhere. Where do they get these movies. They seem to be catering to the mental midgets of lame brain America. There is no wonder the intelligence level of the country has gone down hill.

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