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Friday, June 17, 2011

Don't you love to wait!!!

I wish to comment on our everyday social standards good and bad. Socializing, interacting in normal everyday situations. As adults and well mannered individuals, we patiently wait, seems waiting has become a part of accepted normal human behavior, we understand and accept that we must wait to get whatever we're after simple enough right! As school children we are taught to wait and line up to go to the cafeteria etc. Waiting our turn is a learned valuable accepted behavior and proper etiquette. Does not everybody have them! Does our parents not teach this important trait! Of course they do or at least that is part of a parents parental responsibility and is reinforced through the schools, right! By the time when one is viewed as an adult at the age of 18 we should be as finely tuned as a violin.

I have never been good at waiting. Still I do it! Have to don't we, to accomplish anything, right! You damn right-a I'm right! Are older people better at waiting? There older, therefore they have more experience. The ones that can't train themselves to patiently wait, probably have a heart attack and died a long time ago. Can you imagine how much time you spend waiting, if you live to the normal life expectancy? So you would think we would be really, really good at this one learned human behavior, RIGHT!!! WHY! don't I think so?

It's 5:45 AM, you have your clock set for 6:AM. You wake up and see you have 15 minutes more that you can sleep, do you get up, I don't think so! You go back to sleep, the alarm goes off, you think, aw shit! you push the snooze button. Hell you're starting the damn day off waiting and you ain't even got your ass out of bed yet!!! Am I right! hell yeah I'm right!!! Sorry to be soo passionate about this, but doesn't everybody do this? If you don't your not normal! You've waited too long in bed and now you're too late to have coffee and breakfast. What happens now? You stop buy a drive-thru and wait! You're late to work and quess who's waiting on you, the Boss! You spend all day at work waiting for break time, lunch time and time to get off work. You fly out to your Subaru and stop at the Grocery Store, you spend more time waiting in line than what it took to get milk, bread. Damn! You need fuel so you stop at Convenient Ain't Us! You can't get your debit card to work at the pump so you must go inside the "CONVENIENT" store to pay. There's one cashier and five people in line, so what do you do... wait, finally you make it to the cashier, now that your at the checkout the cashier says "please wait", she deposits a million dollars, all 20's into the safe. You can't get the swipey thing to work for your debit card, so you give it to the cashier and she doesn't have any problem at all! So you have lost 15 minutes of your life because the "CONVENIENCE" of paying at the pump with your convenient card didn't work. Now you hid home and construction causes you to wait, and when you get home your kids are waiting on you for dinner. You can't wait to get through dinner to relax. You set down to enjoy your favorite show on TV and it has been postponed for a Presidential Speech. You can't wait for the President to shut up so you can watch your show. So by now it's time to go to bed so tomorrow you can do it all again!!!!

I HAVE KEPT MYSELF WAITING AS I LOST MY ORIGINAL POINT AND GOT LOST SOMEWHERE IN LINE. Why is it that some people think they're too good, too busy, too important too wait just like we have been taught all our lives too patiently wait? I HOPE WHEN IT COMES MY TIME TO WAIT IN LINE FOR THE FINAL TIME, ALL THEM ASSHOLES THAT CAN'T WAIT TAKE MY TURN AND I CAN WAIT ONCE MORE, TO GET BACK ALL THE TIME I HAVE WAITED IN LINE!!!    thank you...      

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