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Monday, June 27, 2011

Old Growth Forest

Pretty much left alone because I'm far away from the suburbs & not fit for development, unfit for farming, fit only for exploring and a habitat for God's creatures. I'm an out of the way tract of rolling hills & ravines not fit for the summer's pleasures like boating, heh! heh! heh! because there is no lake to bring the trouble makers & garbage & all that "civilized" crap! The water flowing through is run off stream and creeks, that dry up in the summertime, leaving only small pools for my animal friends to survive. I'm of no value and I'm "terrific", I think so! Harvested for timber a long time ago I have been left alone for rejuvenation. I am regenerating with beautiful lovely trees, that sprout every year fighting for their right of survival. The young trees grow roots that are able to withstand the wind that sometimes howl for days. The rain feeds the roots of all plants, in return giving nourishment to all living creatures so life can renew. Even the greenery flowing through their digestive system help life to replenish. NOW YOUR TALKING RECYCLING & GREEN, THE MASTER RECYLER!!! The forest has been doing that forever... The greatest part of being a forest is the joy of spring. Everything from tiny green plants shooting up to babies of all kind shooting out. Rejuvenation of life, beauty in the purest & simplest form!!! Sure some life is lost, but a renewable & sustainable BIG PICTURE. My mother you all know her MOTHER NATURE DOES HER PLANNING FOR THE GOOD OF THE PLANET. THERE IS NO EVIL IN MOTHER NATURE!!! Thank you!

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