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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Emptiness is horrifying and so sad! It appears from nowhere like a Summer's Storm. Working through the emptiness is more challenging each time. I will my mind, soul and body to press on. What else can one do? To completely give up is death... Not I, I'll fight the daily madness of life that comes my way...  Emptiness gnaws at me and I don't understand? I sometimes wake up in a drunken stupor. I was not like that when my head hit the pillow expecting a night of sweet dreams. Why then, when I awake is my soul so empty? I stay in this stupor of oblivion for a few hours or a few days! Once upon a time I was in this fog for years, can't go there again. I simply cannot, I would disappear forever. I once possessed a stronger body and soul with a wee bit of light. My life's light has dimmed.

Existing, by having a routine and working enables my mind and soul to carry on. I have attempted many challenges in my lifetime. I reckon, I succeeded as many times as I've failed. I should of worked harder at some of my endeavors, as I reflect here on the front porch, rocking time away. Viewing the sunset of my life.

Just as my Grand-dad learned to read & write at the age of 62, I begin a quest that hopefully last until my last breath. I wish to convey to you my everyday challenging of darkness and light, via my blog. I have felt simplicity, kindness, love and seen the dark side of my soul. I humbly wish to give my perspectives of life on a daily basis if possible and throw in some stories I have been working on. I cannot do anything about the atrocities that are all around us and all over our planet! My wish is to visit you on your screen and show my funny, sad or the completely out of control zaniness that sometimes takes over a child in an old man's body. I purposely did not give out personal info about myself. I wish for you to see me as you wish to see me, as I give to you, myself, from my heart & soul. I'm searching for peace the same as all of you out there. My heart may visit yours as we connect from time to time. That would be so beautiful. I'm just like you wherever you reside. Sometimes I feel blessed and sometimes I bleed from sorrows!!! THANK YOU FOR VISITING MY HUMBLE SITE.     

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