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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Challenged (yep, I am)

I accept the challenge, every day is a challenge. How so, damn what planet are you on to even ask. You are asking "what has old Glen been smoking" and I ainna, gonna tell ya! I just checked my blood pressure and it is good, for the first time in months, ah oh, WHY? THAT BE AN INTERESTING QUESTION... and I don't know, and I don't care, na, na, na, na, na, na!!! Ah oh! I'm feeling way to @#$%ing good! Must be the end of the world as I know it! Damn I hope so! I'm so fricking tired of working with these "CHALLENGED" people, it has challenged me, to not whip, some whip ass on these "Challenged" people! Who the ???K ain't challenged from working and paying for all these fricking WARS and "Challenged Lame Ass Politicians". Them crazy ass SOB's ain't got enough @#$%ing sense to see that if we didn't pay all that DAMN INTEREST on 14 gazillion $'s we could have "MORE WARS" going! Shit let's just go for the whole @#$%ing Planet and restore the planet back to The Planet Of The Damn Apes. They's smart enough, to not make ATOMIC BOMBS & NUCLEAR POWER. You wanna know why? Causin their @#$%ing SMARTER than US!!!

U-know I just wrote some crazy ass shit! but, but, but it makes more sense than anything I hear from Washington! QUESTION????, what in tarnation do them damn silly ass bOObs do anyhow? Absolutely NOTHING seems to get done. They are fighting now because O'bama started a war In Libya and the other E-L-E-C-T-E-D Officials didn't get to vote on it, unbelievable, all them silly pin heads want to be starting wars! You know what I say "quit using my money and the money of our children, use your own money, you XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX".

Anyhow, where the hell is all these CHALLENGED people I come into contact with everyday coming from? Is some Country making these Challenges ones and infiltrating this once Great Country with low IQed, no common sense numskulls. What the hell! is someone adding something to our water supply like "FLUORIDE". No wonder Johnny and Sally can't read, but they sure know how to make some stupid young-ins.

The hell with worrying about the outbreak of Flu, we are in full fledge outbreak of @#$%ing FOOLS!!!
Every day I see more and more Fools out there, I just want to stay home, I'm so afraid of comtamination.
In my working environment, if they need 2 or 3 fools to do 1 @#$%ing job, they just get on their Fool's Fone and call Fools R Us. Their motto is "We Stack Them Fools Deep For Ya". You know what! it's so funny, it works!!!

You think I'm pulling your leg don't you? Seems I was a @#$%ing Fool, way ahead of my time. I have worked hard with respect for all, especially my government, paid my taxes willingly for what I thought was a real purpose. The land of the free, home of the brave thing... If I was smart, I would go to a Psychiatrist and get myself declared CHALLENGED. I bet ya, I'm more challenged than most of them Challenged ones. CAN I COUNT ON YOU-ALL OUT THERE, TO AGREE? AH,HAHAHAHAHA
thanks for visiting what little bit of brain i have left, here on glen view, where the sanitarium is in consistent state of expansion. 

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