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Monday, June 20, 2011


My attempts at pursuing a new hobbie in my golden years have been frightening, challenging and brought back sitting at my desk in the Big Red Brick Schoolhouse. The nervousness of never being smart enough, nor good enough at any endeavor. Damn, that's not what an old man needs! But hey baby, I'm not dead yet, so why not try? WHY NOT??? One dies when there is no brain waves, I have too much crap going around and around upstairs, I'm not sure they're brain waves. I'm a simple man from the humbliest of  beginnings, and guess what against all odds, "HELLO", this here,old boy is still alive and-a kicking. Not kicking as high and bodily slowed to a crawl. I never got hooked on booze or drugs. I defy logic per my DOCTORMAN!!! Hell its probably all the preservatives in all the processed foods I have ate in my life. My grandpa used to eat bacon only they called it jowl bacon, years ago. Besides his bacon, he would consume 6 fried eggs and 10 biscuits for breakfast!!! Yep, that's how they ate back then and he lived beyond the normal age. There was no such thing as processed foods back then. They raised, canned, butchered and made pert-nert everything. So it was all natural. Shuckins you would fry yourn taters in bacon grease. Man o-live you ain't ate no fried taters unless you have had them fried in real GREASE. If you would of fried them taters in olive oil they would of sent you packing down the dirt road.

These humble folk were unpretentious, simple straight shooting honorable people. These are the people that came to America to have freedom and these are the same simple patriots that helped old George win FREEDOM FOR THE U S of A over 200 years ago. Humble, proud, made everything for themselves. Self reliant, most poorly educated but with backbone & righteousness compared to the wusses of today.

That same ornery hillbilly, egg sucking, jowl loving, biscuit eating son of a gun learned to read & write at age 62! He then had the time and commitment to make it happen, & so it came to past. I would visit and he would be sitting over in the corner reading out loud with his one eye. OOPS did I forget to tell ya, my grandpa only had one eye! Completely forgot never seemed important enough to say, it never stopped him. He would then look at me with his one eye and tell me what the Bible said! I never understood, nor read the Bible, to complicated and foreign to me, but he did several times before he passed. Is that an accomplishment or WHAT!!!

I look up the word HUMBLE, not proud; not self assertive; modest. Unpretentious as in a humble home. To lower in pride; make modest or humble in mind.

Lord have mercy, them sounds like goood people to me! I know one thing for sure if I was looking for people to give jobs to, there seems like my kind of people. These are the types that have built this country I live in and it ain't them that are destroying it TODAY! Over 2 centuries ago there was a war fought by and for the humble simple people from different countries, seems we're in the same shape now! Them rich self sbsorbed assholes of gold, never let us be, they keep pushing and pushing. We have only one thing in our arsenal to fight the mighty minority. You know what it is! Even as you read this they are trying to take away our only true form of worldwide instantaneous communication that is not yet controlled by the MASS MEDIAS, and that be the same rich SOB'S that have always tried to enslave and keep us HUMBLE AND GOOD ONES OF THE WORLD FROM CONTINUING PURITY OF HEART, SOUL AND PEACEFUL WAYS...  Thank you my humble friends.         

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