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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I'm speechless from altering events in my personal life right now. I only hope I'm not typeless. I really need something to take me away for a little while, and since I can't type worth a hoot and my remembrance of English classes never were remembered, I'm going to do my best to take you with me anyplace other than present reality, will work for me. It's late night and do you know where your brain is? Good I don't! Taking for granted the every day certainties of life, ain't for certain is it? No matter what we wish to believe life ain't a fairy tale that ends happily ever after!

 Time spent in a hospital is unlike any other thing in life. I'm talking experience from my earlier incarceration (this might be a mite overblown but it describes it OKAY)! You feel so helpless and vulnerable like a newborn thrust into a unknown world of madness. That's the view from inside looking from the bed, reduced to a clump of pin cushioned play toy for a whole hospital of never seen before Aliens from the basement of the hospital just waiting on some unsuspecting sick SOB like me to walk in!!!!!!! I can handle it, if it's me, "BUT" if it's your closest love one, as in the one who gave you life and is the only constant from the first day until now.    

 When it is the Matriarch of the family, how the hell do you handle it? The Rock of Gibraltar. Your still a little kid looking up at your Mother, you have never looked down on her your whole life, whether your 45 to 61 years old. The Super Mom who single handily has weathered more storms than all her children together. One day I will chronicle her life story to put it, in perspective. I will say this and it's not because she's my Mother, she is "Determination, Kindness, Perseverance & Angel rolled into one. You will find NO ONE who will say a harsh word about here. She has always been my Hero and Role Model!!!

To the best of well intented Hospital Staffers, she is, but another patient. I understand, it's just a job, but if it was their Mothers and they were taking care of them, it would be a totally different line of thought wouldn't it? Of course!!! I'm sorry they're simply human... Well my Mother is not just one old human, she is the most cherished person I have ever known...     

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