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Monday, June 13, 2011

What's on my mind!!!

Do we change? U-know, do we really change anything about oneself as we age? As we reach our physical potential, as far as height, that is it, we're all, we're going to be, right! Suppose at age 18 we can no longer mentally grow or improve just like height, that's it!!! Our reasoning skills or any mental skills can no longer process or learn anything beyond what we already have! College would not be of any value to you because your mind can't process anymore data. Your mental capacity has been reached. Each day just as your body depletes and age wins your brain cells diminish. (That must be the case of politicians wouldn't you agree). I believe many people are like that now. I know a 45 year old that STILL acts 18... Sad isn't it... I certainly thinks so... I know one young man in particular who is mentally no more than 12 and will always be that way. Is this the future? I hope not, but I see this regression, or am I the only one!!!

I have always been a student of observation, self trained, I believe because of hearing loss from childhood complications. I could never hear all of what the Teacher said, especially if they would write and talk to the blackboard. I would always have to fill in the blanks or read the books and put in my own understanding. I'm not complaining, it has made me who I am. I believe, I possess a sensitivity beyond normal because of this. I certainly wouldn't call it a gift, but has helped guide me, and I believe has given me skills as I age. It has been a double edge sword my whole life, what makes me also breaks me! I search for guidance and understanding from within my soul.

These observational skills and cut to the chase, see through the BULL helped me in my many years of Management. My ultimate downfall came in my inability, to not let the everyday problems of my occupation and world get to me. They built up and age became my enemy.

I was taught honesty, love and work ethics from my Mother. Seems quite simple doesn't it! This simplicity of life was handed down to her from her parents, simple enough it seems. It is a very simple equation. Honesty + love + good work ethics = adults to carry on & instill that generation to generation. I'm here to say it ain't happening the way it SHOULD. That burdens my soul & I CANNOT let it be and say "FUCK IT". The way others seem to! It is the Big Brother in me that wants to give TOUGH LOVE & PRAISE when deserved! Am I one of the few that feel this way! Even as I teeter on the precipice of losing my medical challenges I CANNOT overlook and say "FUCK IT". That seems the same to me as saying "I don't CARE" and that is the problem I have fought and am losing. Why should I care I'm not long for life. I have fought and apparently am losing a battle with blood pressure. The Doctor told me just two weeks ago as he shook his head and tells me "you take enough medicine to put down a mule". My comment was "my metabolism apparently is different than everyone else". (My life's story).

Maybe I am stubborn like a mule! I have worked hard all my life and not given a free ride. I know right from wrong and am blessed with simple logic. I told someone once if I could put one thing on my tombstone it would say "here lies a simple, honest, hard working man"... I'm more proud of that than any other accomplishment in life and would be proud to help instill the basic core values that once were prevalent and sadly missing or disappearing at least in the everyday world I come into contact with... THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR VISITING MY HUMBLE VIEWS AND WRITINGS, YOUR FRIEND HERE AT GLEN VIEW, GOODNIGHT.        


  1. "if we imagine no worse of them than they of themselves, they may pass for excellent men"
    Wm. Shakespeare-

  2. aw I liked this.