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Friday, June 3, 2011

What do I believe!

Damn, maybe I picked too hard a subject! Seemed so simple at the time, we all believe, don't we? I'll ask myself, self "what do you believe"? ....damn too tough a subject, I reckon! I'll reminisce about my day in case you want to nap. Woke up late, not good! GO directly to JAIL, sorry work. No time to eat, I grabbed a bag of M&M's & a soda, don't like coffee but do love caffeine (yea! ha!) Oh!, oh! oh! I do believe that caffeine is a GOOD DRUG or is it a drug? I don't drink energy drinks, but ain't that what they put in them?

 Used to be a guy who worked here, who drank 3 in eight hours. Mr. Energy would come in a regular guy, but when he left, he was hyperactive. You don't reckon them energy drinks played a roll do ya??? Sometimes his personality would change, from rude & crude, to ruder & cruder. He would F that and F this. I just thought it were plum past his bedtime! But no! he would tell the supervisor to F that & F this. One thing for sure that F word was used more after a couple of them energy drinks. He drank them tall skinny ones in a green can, one day I looked on the side of one of them cans, suddenly caffeine and 135 was highlighted like magic, either that or one of them light bulbs above my head like in cartoons, viola 135 F-ing mg's per F-ing can, damn that sure seems like a lot of F-ing caffeine!!! If he drinks 3 of them BAD ASS drinks between first break and last break, then he has drank 405 mg's of F-ing caffeine in a little over 4 hours. Goodness... gracious... God Almighty!!!

I thought, I drink too much caffeine by drinking 3 sodas a day, and this here F-ing dude drinks 4 times more than me in 4 F-ing hours!!! What in the hell has the world-a coming tooo! What F-ing lunatic came up with this Super Duper pick me up crap? Did some marketing F-ing nut say "hey Roy!, we gotta compete with that illegal drug called crack! Why don't we just put 135 mg's of caffeine in a drink and call it Energy Drink! Making it cheaper than crack, that way every Tom, Dick and Harry and especially school children, already strung out on that soda in the green can that rots teeth will think that we're going green as in good for you campaign earthy type F-ing shit u-know!"

Anyhow, I couldn't believe the amount of caffeine this Slim Jim(tall & skinny)  dude inhales every night. So I started paying closer attention to his personality. He would come in a regular asshole, but become a bigger asshole as the night progressed. I understand why he was so skinny and his assholeness become larger as the night wore on. Me and him exchanged F words a few times. He eventually got himself fired.

Why in hell would anybody in their right mind allow such an over abundance of caffeine to be put in drinks, but then who is over that the FDA? That be self-explanatory then ain't it!!!

I use a soda as a pick me up when I'm getting tired. I get the sugar buzzes and a little mule kick. Damn give me 3 of them damn energy drinks and I would out run a semi-truck on the F-ing Interstate.

I believe the world runs on caffeine and sugar loaded drinks, DON'T IT? Now fess up! I go to them gosh darn convenient stores and get me them fountain drinks. Yep, I fess up, I have an addiction to the regular sugary caffeine wonderment, um, um, good, and while I'm testifying to you out there, wherever the hell you are (by the way please feel free to leave a comment and tell me how F-ing CRAZY I am. Like I don't already F-ing know it!!!, That's why the title is GLEN VIEW as in SANITARIUM.) Damn I got side-swipped and never got around to telling you what I believe, maybe that's because with 101 personalities I don't know what I F-ing believe! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA GOODNIGHT FROM THE ASYLUM!!!

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