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Friday, June 24, 2011


         I count as the beautiful Grandfather Clock chimes. Counting along has become a habit, unsure why, I can't resist! Never have I been able to ignore the sounds of a Grandfather's Clock nor the swaying of the pendulum. Remembrance of youthful fun, and old age habit I reckon. On this day the chime at midnight's is more striking than yesterday's midnight awakening. Twelve months have come and gone, some days better than others, one year older. One more seems important somehow, one more day, one more, one!
          Can't remember my early Birthdays, or what age I was at my first Birthday memory, just the wonderful warmth of seeing the candles and my Mothers face as I attempt blowing them out. She was smiling, a big beautiful glorious heart to my heart smile. That was my best Birthday memory, replaying that day replenishes that feeling. One more year is significant to a child, one more year I can start school, one more year I'll be in another grade higher, you have no idea, all you know is one more.
          You grow so fast, and before you know it, your a teenager, in middle school. That year was the toughest year of my life. I was forced to grow up, by the death of our President on a Dallas day in November and one year later, my Grandfather on a November day, my best friend, my father figure. He dies in November, right after my Birthday also in November. We simply would set close to each other, no need to speak, being in the same room and looking at each other was comforting in ways I never understood. Through the years I have thought much about this, and we were one and the same. My Grandfather, my Mother and I, are cut from the same cloth. Peace lies there, contentment, love! "ONE"
          I cry for two, but I'm only one. One who has lost, and one who was forced to grow up before his time. I did not choose to begin adult burdens, I was just a kid, doesn't that matter? That one day, that one year changed me for the rest of my life. I re-evaluate and see that as I rest by the Grandfather Clock that keeps perfect time and fills my heart with every swing of the pendulum and hand movement. There is something about that Grandfathers Clock that makes me feel special! From the first time I gaze upon it at an estate sale, I must have it! We relax here quietly in the den, meditating, thinking about everything and resolving nothing. After listening to my old friend chime midnight I go to bed. Peaceful relaxing dreams, never nightmares. One morning as I eat breakfast a feeling of dejavu overwhelms me. A brass plate with numbers on the back of my Grandfater's Clock flashes. That would be the date of manufacturing most likely. With help I pull my old friend away from the wall. I can't make out the numbers, so I ask my younger brother to read them to me. The date was the same day my grandfather was born... I could not believe my hearing, please double check that date! I lapse into my rocking chair with a smile on my face, I catch my face in the mirror and I see my Mothers face with the same smile I remember at my earliest Birthday blowing out the candles.
  THANKS FOR MY READING MY REMINISCENCE..... I grow tired of the everyday's mind numbing, energy sucking Vampires. I was determined to write something heartfelt and simple TODAY.             

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