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Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I think about many things every from silliness to seriousness and in between! But that is nothing new, we all do don't we? After midnight I gaze at the moon and it was "beautiful", shaped as a banana... is that what is called a crescent moon? It sure didn't look like the moon, it had a eerily orange glow to it! Does that mean anything?

 It has been an extremely warm day, the heat and humidity has forced itself upon us and we are suffocating! The dog days of summer have caught us as we sleep. July rolls into the Heartland, but its early June, what gives? We go from cool wet May to mid-nineties???

I relax in the swing and breathe in the the exhilarating sweet smell of Honeysuckle. I don't need that Tijuana rolled gold smoke purchased from Jose Gonzalez. The smell, the feel of the night makes everything alright. From a eerily shaped orange moon to the sweet smell of Honey suckle. Opposites but exciting makes one feel alive! 

I work in an air conditioned factory, but the first really hot day it decides to rest. Not good, not good at all! The thing with all the modern conveniences is, they spoil you. I began work in a factory with no air conditioning, with ovens and was able to tolerate the heat. I wouldn't last an hour in that environment today, before this old man would pass out.

It was a test of will, with sweat running everywhere. But the next day Mr. Air Conditioning was back and all I can say is HALLELUJAH. Simple pleasures are wonderful!

I don't really have a point to this story as you can tell. I like the word "fret" and you don't hear that word anymore. Life wears us down irritating our tired souls as we seem to be pushed closer to oblivion. Our hearts are wearing thin and out, because every dag blasted thing gnaws our compassion and humanity away. The only way to survive is to find solace in a hobby, family, friends, whatever relief from reality you can find. There is no hope for humanity unless we can survive the atrocities that are being bestowed upon us by?????


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