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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Old Dogs, Old Me & "Ole"

          Ole as in Spanish, used to express approval, triumph, joy, etc.. But you already knew that didn't you! I say ole, to the peace in our hearts! I say ole, to laughter of any age, any time, any where, Ole!
          Ole to families, with big OLE to Mothers & my better half of many years & my old dog who has been part of my family for many years, ole, ole!!! To me I ask, "hey old man what is ole, about being old"? Please let me think for one moment, [snoring]. I wasn't sleeping I was thinking!
          Watching children playing is something you can never get enough of. They're so full of themselves! Just watching them and their faces, everything is fun! The inquisitive nature of a two year old, exploring the mysteries of EVERYTHING, touching, putting everything in their mouth, looking up at you & questioning? They understand NO better if it taste yucky. You look at them & say "NO", means noth-ing! but if it taste yucky!!! they understand from the look on their face, ooowww!!! Drop it & get that taste out of my mouth & mooove on, they got a lot of interesting stuff to put in their mouth for taste recognition, how else can babies learn, their own senses have been stifled from wearing their own diapers! They must rely on other senses & the mouth is the next best one, OLE, OLE!!! The dog is looking at the goofy baby that walks now & doesn't have to rest every few feet or fall down, it's confusing to Sam, he just wags his tail, ah oh! tail, here comes the baby grabbing for Sam's tail. Gotta have that tail,  Baby is going for the tail! Tail is moving too fast! Sam's tail flaps Baby a few times across the face, the look on Baby's face is unforgettable as you laugh!  Old Sam walks around Baby & Baby follows full of curiosity, that look on her face means two things, complete attention on catching Sam's tail OR,,,,, pooping, right!!! Of course they all have that same look, like they have to hold that concentration. Enough on that, Baby's look was concentrating on that flappy thing that tickled her face. Sam keeps going in circles and Baby follows, you can tell she is going to be a stubborn one! Finaally she sits down for a rest, that confuses Sam and he comes over to do some investigating of his own. Too late, it's a trick and Baby grabs Sams tail and holds on with all her might! You can see the determination on that little tyke as she is grinning ear to ear. Sam knows he has been hoodwinked by Baby and doesn't struggle. Baby gets a mouthful of that tail and ooowwweee another yucky thing crossed of her list and about one million more things to taste. She be a stubborn thing. for sure...
          Actually getting older wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the getting used to the getting older part! You see as you age, the little things you used to take for granted, YOU CAN'T! NO MORE!!! Example, you worked in the garden a couple hours and you overworked muscles that you haven't been using regularly. You take a hot bath before bed time to relax them... THEN THE NEXT MORNING YOU'RE AS STIFF AS A BOARD!!! You ask Ma, "help get me out of bed Ma"! So you spend all day on a heating pad and taking Aleve. Your mind is better than ever, but your body needs a complete rebuild! That's wears you down mentally, if you let it. That's why I have you people out there in the universe! Instead of me doing that physical stuff & overdosing on Aleve to get rid of the PAIN. I'm-ma coming after you! I want you to say to yourself, "I'm not gonna tune in to that Glen View fella's blog, that old man is one crazy old fart". So you go to work, but, but, but, before you can sleep at night, you have to tune in just to see exactly what that crazy old man is up to!!! Then when you visit me I'm gonna say. OLE, OLE, OLE........ GOODNIGHT AND DON'T LET THE BED BUGS BITE or IT COULD BE ONE OF THEIR YOUNG ONES GOING THROUGH THAT STAGE U-KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!            

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