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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Recap & "THANKS"

The meaning of recap (drum roll please); to put new tread on a worn tire. WHAT? I think I have lost it entirely, that's not what I had in mind! Who in their right mind would put new tread on an old worn out, ta..ta..ta.. tire. (You thought I was going to say that F..F..F..word didn't you) NA, NA, NA, NA, NA, NA!!! I best reflect on this a momento, I'm like an old worn tire, you could call me a recap! Put some of that new tread shit on me, I wanna roll again just like new! Hallelujah brothers and sisters, I been recapped and I'm good as new!!! Wait a minute they have Viagra to reinflate u-know, so why not "Recap". If they put new tread on an old yet solid and proven foundation, I'd be better than being a baby again and having to relearn all the crapola again, hells fire I already know that crap!!! I can see the advertisement slogan, "Recap, to Recoop and be as good as new again"! I like it! WHOOPSY, SORRY, EXCUSE ME A SEC OKAY!!!

There apparently is another recap in Mr. Dictionary and I went off on a tirade of insanity. I apologize. Recap is a recapitulation, "A WHAT"!!! That don't sound too good, to an old man on the brink of destruction. Shall I try this once again, I know it's passed my beddy bye time, but what ta..ta..ta.. the hell is going on here. Recap per the second definition of that word is... a recapitulation, or summary. Well that's what I thought and planned, was a little summary, but NO! when you're a man and you see something that you may confuse with cutting something off, your brain goes into the alert mode! Red lights start flashing and you automatically go into a defensive mode as if you have been out in below zero weather for a spell!!! I was confused with decapitation.

Once again, I'm sorry but I didn't see that long version of recap coming. To be serious, I would like to give thanks to those of you who find the time in this hectic world to visit my humble blog. I appreciate it from the bottom of an old man's heart. I attempt a challenge, way too late in my life. I know absolutely the bare minimum about this damn computer. Honestly, I never learned to type in school. I reckon I figured I would be tolling in a factory all my life and still am, so what in tarnation is a-pecking away at them little keys gonna do me, I ain't no chicken!!! Also I hated English, my worst class and as you can see still is! I don't know the PROPER sentence structure and any of that other stuff that one should know and guess what, I don't give a SHIT!!! I work with a young man that has the mental faculties of maybe a 12 year old, but he has taught this old man fuun! He goes around and ask people "are you having fun" and damn it I am. I ask you to overlook my lack of schooling as I try to make up with my overactive imagination. Which has been a curse and a blessing but that sums me up pretty darn good...

A good friend of mine I'll call him Klem, actually started this blog fer me. He was aware that I fooled around with writing simple silly stuff by hand. He says "start your own blog". Shit!!! I didn't even have a computer and knew absolutely nut-tin about them. What amma I gonna do, look at it! I talk about this early in one of my blogs, Creating of Glen View. Klem is the smartest man I know and he is a Brainiac, he been to college and everythang! Me I'm a poor man from the Heartland. It's quite funny I suppose, the brain & the nut. U-know differences sometimes is interesting. In my recent years I have become a recluse from life and all the obstacles I can no longer face. He be outgoing and has traveled a heap, but our roots are here in the Heartland during our formative years and losing someone special early in life, also growing up in the same era has made us more alike than different. I find it terribly funny how he can quote Shakespeare and I briefly know who the man is. I thank you BUDDY!

I would like to thank my spouse of a lifetime, who once said "I think aliens has taken over his brain" I agree and they are just getting started "BABY". YOU AIN'T SEEN N-O-T-H-I-N-G YET. I'm doing my best to learn many things when most rock away the golden years watching TV and great grand kids running around screaming for no darn reason. You see, I still wanna be that kid running around, or in my case crawling around and saying "GOSH DARN IT! I AM HAVING FUUUN!!! AS ALWAYS THANK YOU FOR VISITING MY HUMBLE SITE... PLEASE OVERLOOK MY INEXPERIENCE AS I ATTEMPT TO GIVE YOU A LAUGH, A CRY, OR SOMETHING CORNY, FROM CORN COUNTRY TO TICKLE YOUR HEART... goodnight & don't let the bed bugs bite!!!       

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