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Saturday, May 31, 2014

"Heavens To Betsy"

Time to play "Where's . . . Glenny's Brain." A wonderfully amazing game created by yours truly. One hell of a game I must say, when me brain is a clicking, boring when it ain't.

Is it just me or is it the words on everything growing smaller? My eyes seem to be in a permanent red zone. The allergies, snot and sneezing, I can live with, but the not being able to read my monitor is ferking pissing me off! It's bad enough that I possess a bladder of an old man, but "Heavens to Betsy," not being able to clearly see what I type! ( That could be a blessing in disguise, might'n it now" )

So I have the answer I bought one of them newer flat monitors. Yikes!

At this moment I'm not even sure I have a brain, I think it flew the coop! Speaking of flying. I could not sleep as in 4 am and took a ride through main street with my windows down and my hearing aids in. Lord have mercy them birds were a singing, it's a shame I did not know the song they're a singing. Probably not, if they'd heard my singing they'd left for sure! ( ha-ha )

Damn! My brain ainna locking onto nothing! My week at work was, was, was, work and stupidity, you know! I must give you a hint. The stupidity is not coming from me. I understand that's probably hard for you to believe?

What I'm about to say is the absolute truth "So Help Me God." And he most definitely needs to help me!

There's days in my small neck of the woods, here in Idiotville, when I think I'm watching a documentary unfolding right in front of me. Instead of filming at one of them mental facilities, you know where they house all the fricking idiots! ( Oopsey! that's not a politically correct word is it? )
Just think of the book "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest."

"You haven't read it? Well the movie then! Still don't know? Dag nap it people where have you been? Think Jack Nicholson goes ferking nuts, you know loony-toony!"

Some days it seems like I'm looking at the people in my every day environment and, and, and. They ain't of this world!!! Ain't got a lick O sense! I mean there are some ugly ones, but not as in aliens like the movie Aliens! They have the brains of a newly hatched lizard from the planet Uranus. That seems where their brains be!

There has to be a Alien Invasion going on? My I. Q. is pure country, but, but, but some, I say some I. Q. is  off the chart as in off planet earth.

Don't tell me y'all out there haven't noticed! It's just creepy. Can't get away from 'em! Unless it's just ones like me that only come out at night, that hafta work the graveyard shift. I go to the convenient stores at night, what do I see, ALIENS! I can't understand them, it's like there talkin' a foreign language! ( Oh well maybe that can be explained by me forgetting my hearing aids. )

Here's a question fer ya? I'll go to one of them big box stay open 24 hours stores, like Wally's World at 3 am and there be nobody as in customer's, but about 100 strange looking people placing product on the shelves. I must emphasize this "STRANGE!"

"You haven't noticed it?" Well my best advice to y'all is, get yer shopping done by dark, go home and lock yer doors, keep the doggie in, and watch some of the modern television shows, don't tell me Aliens ainna taking over our bodies and minds!!!!!"

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