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Thursday, May 8, 2014

It Takes Over!!!

From somewhere . . .  it comes! Why? I do not, know! I've learned some, at controlling it!  It's what makes me . . .    ME!   Sometimes it can, consume me! I hate it! Once in awhile, it's gone! Some days it's so slight, I hardly notice! OTHERS . . . like Monday night!!! SHEESH!!!   God-zil-la . . .  be on the loose! Again!

I search for the why, I do not know! I've asked a thousand times! IF . . . I can . . .  keep my mouth shut, I can, just barely, control it. Ah, but I'm not controlling it, am I?

To think what I think, too feel what I feel, in silence, feels like control! Too suffer inside, but to say, too unleash my mood upon others, I try not! Dare, I let it out, then . . .  "The Monster Moodiness" wins! I feel much worse, so it seems, I must try to hold in check! But I never win!

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