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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Whirling, A Hissing, A Chattering!

Here I sit alone, in midnight darkness. Feels right, in ways, I fail to comprehend!

No noise pollution a cluttering my soul. Wonderful things, we overlook!

When the machines are a whirling, air a hissing, people a chattering. I don't like it!

Wish it, on no one! I do-not!

Concentration's diminished, even with hearing, less than normal. Tune out all!

Cannot, hafta pay, the Piper. That Piper has a heap a my money, some-where's!!!

I'm a Pauper, still . . . I must pay the Piper!

Vroom, vroom, the machine hollers, it's continual roar, "feed me, feed me!"

DAMN! never is enough . . . !

I'm a slave to this here machine, greasing, cleaning, fixin'! It can't get enough!

It cries out to me, as I'm in the warehouse, "bringing it more."

Never enough, never enough . . .!

Wasn't always like this! WRONG! Always has . . .

I've heard them cries! Since the age of 18!

ONCE . . . I never thought, "when will it end?"

Too young, too full, ya see!!!

Like a machine a hollering, "more, more, more!" It stops, never to cry out again!

Someday we stop! We must, we have no control!

When that day comes, I'll know, and say one thing, "I gave my all."

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  1. That is all any of us can do my friend, give it our all !