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Thursday, May 29, 2014


I've been watching late night television as in 4 am. Seems I'm addicted to the never ending commercials! I thought there was a limit as to how many minutes of commercials per hour? I suppose that doesn't matter at 4 am. There is two stations I may watch at that hour USA and TNT. One of the Law and Orders, seems there many different versions of, and House. Neither of these did I watch when they were new shows. I did get a laugh on one of the older Law and Order shows. One of the police officers walked into a phone booth. You sure don't see that anymore in the world of cellphones do you?

I really like the character of Doc House. A mind blowing fricking idiot, that's why I like him.

Already wandering off track. Normal for me huh?

My mind is somewhat fried sometimes after coming home from my own Idiotville, so I like to fix me a little somethun for me belly, a glass of tea and lay my lazy-old-fat-man recliner into the take me away OR beam me back home Scotty position. Add my doggie in me lap and I'm ready for relaxation baby!

Back to talking about the commercials. The commercials have become my newest meditation trick. I know you're sayin' 'bout now, WHAT!?

During the small amount of time the actual show is on, I'm focused on the dialogue, close captioning, no sound.

'Bout now you're wondering why I watch it that way. I'm almost deaf and don't want no shoe upside me head from my sleeping angry half.

So ya see I lay my head back and take a siesta during the commercials and my dog smacks me upside my head when my show returns.

'Bout now yer thinkin' hows that possible? Come on people ya got to admit I made you question it and my sanity but it's funny!

There must be a built in timer in me head or somethun. No I don't fall asleep but it sure helps me to relax.

I caught a few episodes of Smallville when it first aired. I found it to be a simple fun little show about a mild mannered young Clark Kent growing up. I then lost track of that show. TNT is showing it in reruns now, so I started watching it sporadically.  (( Man ain't that a word s-p-o-r-a-d-i-c-a-l-l-y,   whow-wee! ))

Well seems I missed a heap o shows! I've got interested in it again. WHOW-WEE . . .

Okay I admit I read comic books as a kid, and my fav was Superman and grew up watching the old Superman television show with George Reeves and saw all of the Superman movies with Christopher Reeves, and . . . watched the television show Lois and Clark and all the Superman movies made. Okay, okay, okay, I admit to being a kid at heart!  The latest one I found too overblown with computerization effects and just too overdone! Well that's the way it seems to be done today.

I do not go to movie theaters, haven't in 15 years, ironically enough the last movie I saw there was Superman, the one that was out at that time.    

I  must admit to you, I recently found myself caught up in the goal of posting 30 post for May, I was going along rather well until the weekend of the 24 th, I began forcing it. After writing numerous post that weekend and reading them a couple days later, the fun was gone. I now realize if it ain't fun, it ain't right for me. That don't mean I cannot write when I'm down, it means not forcing it! It recently has been fun after a long layoff when I went back to day shift after 10 years. I've been back on the dreaded graveyard shift for close to a year now.   ((The leap into the grave should be easier. hahaha ))

This whole endeavor going on four years was about a new hobby in my later years.

(( Two burnt out second hand computers and about six keyboards I hit over me head a lurnin' to type, yucks the hardest thing I've ever done and I'll be a lurnin' the PROPERNESS OF English till the day I die! ))

 I use to be a real hands on man, age and deteriorating health has turned into this. This is my hobby and I want it to be fun.


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