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Friday, May 16, 2014

A Little History!

Hello there, it's ME! Let me see what I learned today. This part of my post should it become a post is where I prime the pump. Get me mind a floein', don't a matter what it is, just get the thang a rollin'.

(Okay right here is why I love this stuff, you thought I was a goin' to say shit, didn't ya?) ((before that I used the word floen, that be actually flowin', but That was a typo that I liked, so I gonna, leave it in! I gonna, create my own, vocabulary! Yes I is! I like it!!!))

What I love hate 'bout work is . . .  I just done one of them oxymoron things. Love hate, that is soo cool! Just popped right out a me brain. I'm a rollin' already, and ain't said diddly-squat. That means anything at all.

Ya see I never bothered to learn English . . . to fricking boring! I figured back then after I lurned to read, I read a lot! 

(This right here, is what I be a talkin' 'about!!! In the earlier sentence, I used read, and read, one meaning read, like reed, but the other read, is red! You tell me how this language makes any sense? )

I best explain at least a tad. The subject English starting around the seventh grade bored me too no end. I knew the normal usual lurning stuff, such as, the readin', ritin and rithmetic stuff, you know.

What more is a younin, gonna need, to work in factories all his life, sheesh . . . I worked real good at readin', could rite, and really good at that rithmetic shit! What do I need anymore than that, huh?

Okay! okay! okay! I was a really good and I thought smart, until them dumbass educators decided to kick it up a notch on this here youngin'. They decide to introduce me to other subjects in middle school. Nobody asked me, they just started adding a bunch o other subjects. After all I grew up readin' Mark Twain, he done went and taught me, all I would ever need to know! Remember now I'm from the hilly country, as in hills and hollers poor. Today they would call my family as livin' green, you know livin' off the land! Back then we was called poor, country people, possibly hillbilly, I'd reckon.

What were I a sayin' before? Oh yeah, how much educatin, a poor boy gonna need to work in a factory? I was already waay ahead of all my family on my Daddy's side. My Grandpa never lurned to read and write till age 62. He were too busy a workin', earnin' a livin' ya know, survivin';. So when he had some time after retirin' he went to school, and lurned how to read and write. Isn't than somethun? I think so! He wanted to read that bible, didn't want noo-body a tellin' him what the bible said! He was gonna read it himself, and he did!

Back to this over-educatin' stuff. I be a right fine student, then they go crazy with me. Geography, History, Algebra and so much other stuff, made my mind swell up like a balloon, and I thought it was going to bust!

To the subject I absolutely feared . . . English!!! Them teachers "tried" to teach me all these rules and such. I ain't never had to afore! I could talk English, write enough English, for a lifetime of welding and factory work. All these proper rules, fried me brain! Damn! I ain't going to college, not going to be a scientist, sure as hell ainna gonna teach no kids, as in being a teacher. DAMN!!!

My tenth grade English teacher was talking about Shakespeare, how good he was, read some of his work to the class. I think to myself "WHAT! WHAT THE HELL IS THIS MAN A TALKIN' 'BOUT? HE TALK LIKE THAT WHERE I GREW UP, HE WOULD HAVE A LABEL PUT ON HIM REAL QUICK! IT WOULD BE A SIMPLE ONE!!!

I reckon that's enough of nothing for tonight. Hope you received a smile or a chuckle at my expense, goodnight now, y'all come back now' ya here, or is it hear!!!! 

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