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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Weakend And Matter!


Hello . . .  there! It's me again, and this here is 'Glen's Corner." I have over a hundred unpublished posts, starting all the way back to the beginning, you know the big bang!!!  (I know I have you confused using the big bang thing! Perhaps I can clarify, or is it clear-a-fly.)   OR   (Perhaps not, ya see it be real simple!          (( "I say what I think without thinking what I say." ))   I can see I've gotten myself into another fine mess!

Please allow The Professor to expound/implode or something on the explosion. Once there was nothing. There was no matter, therefore, there was no matter worrying about nothin'. Do y'all follow me so far? I cannot reduce it to a more simpler statement, because they don't come no more simpler-er than this Professor. I profess to knowing nothing, therefore I know it all!

I read some where's, one time, or maybe a couple times, and heard some where's about matter and anti matter bombarding and   "here we is!"   That be pretty darn simple and explaineth, everythang!!!!!

Hey! you think that's somethun? It's still going! Going where? To wherever it's a going, sheesh . . .  do I have to tell you everything!!!!



A funny thing is? I can sit down at my computer, and be free! Write whatever, I wanna! The fact that I'm having so much fun is, unbelievable! I added a, e, to unbelievable and my computer corrects it. Humm . . . gets me to thinkin'! Ah oh! In todays world, where so much is fixed!    Why can't, nothing get fixed?    Oh my God . . . I know! headache, after typing that! It makes sense . . . that's the scariest part!!!   (Think slowly about what I just said, it scares the hell out of me, sometimes. . .  I scare the hell out of me!!!)

I've been a trying to tune, this here keyboard, for nye onto, a few years. Damn, I must think. About, maybe, close to 4 years. Hell . . . I don't know!!! I get confused, sometimes. Your age timing, changes a wee bit for some reason. "How so?" You've heard that sayin' "time flies." As you get older seems like you're putting your feet through your breeches one day, and the weeks over! You realize it's Saturday by counting yer work pants! So you decide to sleep in, when you wake up, it's Monday. I think, "where did the weekend go?" The same place the work week went! That concerns me, A LOT!!! I'm puzzled about this, and cannot reason it out. So as not to shut the remaining synapses down I hafta blow it off, "it's an old age thing."

Yeah! You tell yourself, A LOT! "It's an old age thing!" You plan chores for the weekend, you use to do during the week. Don't wanna. get, too tired, I's need, all my energy fer workin', fer the man, and all my synapsey things, fer a thinkin, while a workin. Ya don't wanna push the limit, causin the limit keeps decelerating! Then, when weekend rolls around, yer synapse ainna workin'! By the time yee have rested enuff, the weekend is gone, or, yee be, so weak during the weekend, you haft to rest!

Maybe, there's a   weason?   Maybe, weekend, shoulda be spelled, weakend, 'cause yee be so weak at the end of the week, to do anything! Yep, sound's logical to me!

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