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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Noise Pollution!!!

The quiet, calms me, 2 A.M. and all is well! Peace fills my soul, no noise pollution such as the sounds of traffic and machinery whirling, to work me into a tizzy. Only the light of the screen a shinin' on my keyboard. Some, might go crazy without sounds, I, on the other hand love peace, and quiet!

Even with a significant hearing loss, certain sounds drive my heart rate up, such as the sound of motorcycles reving their engines. "Why?" I ask. No mufflers, ah . . .  shows to me the size of their??? You know! Riding motorcycles without helmets, shows their not too bright, and sooner or later, their brains will be smeared all across the asphalt.

Another sound and body annoyance, is the back seat vibrating bass from hell, in little cars. I suppose if you have a Kia Rio, then you have to have 20, 000 watts of push me along, kill me now bass throbbing off, "my chest" with tiny hammers penetrating into my heart, like the stings of a thousand hornets! Hell kids cannot hear now! Tell them something and it loses translation, never makes it to the command center! Place the message in their stereo, let the bass throb it into their subconscious, two days later they have it! Better still, learn some rap music and hand signals to communicate to Junior Diddy!

((( Ooh! Maybe the bass has a soothing effect to young boys, I be not aware of ! If I can feel the bass a bouncin' off my chest, then maybe, it has a soothing, vibrating, rub-a-dub-dub, the little tubby, of a always up in the air of a 17 year old! )))  

One other environment that's not as loud but drives me coconuts, or is it bananas? Anywhere there are a bunch of people talking. I'll just call this, "talk pollution," no, I like "mouth pollution" better! Sometimes in the break room at work, with my hearing aids in I hear the motors and other shit from the vending machines, add to that people chattering, coughing, with some other irritable noises such as one man will drink from a water, after it's empty he'll bang it excessively on the table. It drives me wack-a-doodle! I must take my hearing aids out, or turn them off. Works better if I just leave them in and turn them off, because it muffles the obnoxious noise, fucking pollution!

Well now! I can see this post is headed no where, but down the crapper, to post or not to post that be the question, whether it is wiser to not type, or to type and remove any doubt about intelligent life here on Glen View!!!  Ahh, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!

Oh, I forgot this little story of when I got my first hearing aids. I walk out of  the Hearing R Us building, wearing my new aids, SHEESH! What the hell is all this noise! I'm hearing so much shit, I can't concentrate. My nylon jacket is making a noise I ainna never heard before! Damn! My car's a going rattle, rattle, boom, boom, squeak, squeak! The turn signals are making too much noise for me! The windshield wipers are a going splish-splash. I tell them to "kiss my ass!"  My blood pressure has gone through the roof! I have to stop at the grocery store, no matter where I am in the store I keep hearing strange noises that follow me everywhere. I think, "I'm in THE TWILIGHT ZONE!" No matter what isle, I is, this noise was driving me crazier. Finally, I realize. Even though I was at the back of the store, that damn scanning beep, was stuck, er something! I can't take it, no more! What will it sound like when I get up to the check out? I jerk them hearing aids suckers out, and put them in my pocket!  Why if I would of had them in at the checkout, I do believe I would of checked out!!!

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  1. Oh, I can SO relate to this post Glen. Not the hearing aid part, but the sounds that are irritating and drive one crazy. You know, I can only imagine how that must have felt when you first got your hearing aids and heard all these annoying sounds you never heard before. I don't know that I would ever want to be deaf, but it would be nice to tone down some of the everyday noise.