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Monday, May 5, 2014

Asunder, Shakespeare, Splatter!

I've seen that word asunder before. Does not sound like a word used in my everyday world, nor my upbringing. I was watching Romeo and Juliet last weekend on the classic movie channel at 2 am. As always I have the close captioning on I found some of the words intriguing. Well yeah! It's Shakespeare! Don't see that often do we? I think not!

ASUNDER, into separate parts. Example. Lightning broke the oak tree asunder.

Okay! I see ass-under and can't get it out of my mind when I see asunder. Maybe because I kept spelling asunder, ascunder why? I don't know it's a Glen thing you know!

Ascunder most certainly sounds like ass-under, heah? Damn! I be so confused!

This Sunday night as in 2 am I come across a real old movie on the TMC channel. A silent film made in the mid 1920's called "Sparrow." Starring Mary Pickford.

I find myself drawn to these old movies that I would've never watched before. Why?

Today I tire of 100 channels and nothing on! When I sit down to relax, I wish to be entertained. Death, destruction, vampires, remakes of movies that have been remade and over hyped for every new generation. Special effects have taken over!

Last week I watched Shakespeare's "Romeo And Juliet." This week I watched a cute little movie with language as far away from Shakespeare as one could get! Why did I enjoy such difference? I'm a mite perplexed on that myself?

I was taken aback by the cuteness and simplicity of "Sparrows!" Orphans used as slave labor, believing in God no matter how pitiful their conditions. Molly (Mary Pickford) plays a teenage girl that takes care of 9 orphans in a barn. The language was pure backwoods! Paupers who pull at your heartstrings, providing you have any!

Quite possibly that's part of the problem today. We have so much, too fricking much to choose from, ain't none of these here young-ins, gonna watch somethin' like a this! It be too simple, pure!

Whether it be Shakespeare, or back woodsy poor folk, there's not enough to hold the modern ones attention span!

That's so fricking sad!!!!!!

Words such as the old fashion Shakespeare kind, tell us a story with the words of that era. Especially for me if used in a black and white movie, with the correct scenery, clothing and such.

The simple vocabulary I grew up with tells the story also.

Most certainly could not put Shakespeare's words to "The Grapes of Wrath," or Crime and Punishment!

We cannot wrap our minds around watching Shakespeare's plays, Not possible!

We cannot wrap our minds around the simplicity of "Sparrow."

No I reckon, words no longer carry the impact they once did! A good story is a good story be it the year 1550, or today!

If we take away all the rockets a glare, the guns a blazing, the blood, guts, cadavers dissected with realism so close, children have nightmares, little Johnny gaming, splattering, bad guys over and over, until there remains no reality! It's just a game!

I could go on and on, but I'll leave you with this.

Little Johnny watching the blood splattering in an all night gaming session.

Or a stutterer named Splatter, splattering people he loves, as he stutters in "Sparrow?"    

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