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Thursday, May 8, 2014

"Where's My Mind?"

Once more I'mma gonna play "Where's My Mind." I'll close my eyes at the computer in complete darkness 'cept the light of the screen.

Can't seem to relax my mind. I see, a milk cow, a car, doors, all kinds of debris in a tornado. I'll try again.

I see a rhinoceros, a dung beetle, I watched the animal planet earlier for a few minutes. Once again,
this may be useless!

This is the next night, I'm writing two post, I hafta get away from the other for a while. I reckon I'm a tryin' to work a somewhat dark post and a lighter one at the same time. "Very interesting," I must say! Maybe I'll post them at the same time.

Trying to make sense, where there is no sense, makes no sense! What the hell did I just say?

Somehow . . . that's makes a fair amount of sense! Oh my God! I've finally done it! I've went over the cliff, where I was hanging onto a root, to keep from visiting, where I may now be! What am I a tryin to say?   Crazy!!!   Yep!   I a been teetering onto the precipice fer . . . fer . . . a long time!

The other post I'm workin' on, is "It Takes Over." Somethin be a takin' me over, that be fer sure!

"What be the secret, fer a workin' on two post at the same time?" That's a tough question I'm sure glad you asked!  IT BE POSTED RIGHT BELOW THIS UN.

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