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Monday, June 2, 2014


I put off mowing my grass till late because of the sun and heat. This Sunday evening. It was overcast and a light breeze, I said to myself,  "self you best be a getting, that yard mowed." I was a mowin, away, perfect mowing conditions, no hurryin' a takin' my time. THEN . . . I say . . . then, a raindrop falls on me head. I look up at the sky and think "nah it just a goin' to sprinkle." I keep on a mowin'. Then it started raining a little more. "I can still finish my yard a little moisture on me windshield ( My glasses. ) ainna gonna stop this here old hombre! I got pert-nert half of me yard cut when . . . dag-nap-it the rain came down hard enough me winshield wipers couldn't keep up!  ( ha-ha-ha 'member now I'm a wearin glasses. ) So shite. I did not complete my task, I be a pissed off old man. That's the way it goes sometimes.

I do reckon I should a done it earlier in the day!   WELL YEAH!   Now I can see it! There's an old sayin' "the early bird gets the worm" only in my case today it would a been "the old man a mowin' early, would a got a sunburn!"  (Hey that sorta rhymes don't it?" )


Yep! check the local radar before mowin'.

SO if "the early bird gets the worms." What the hell does that have to do with an old man? NOPE! don't see it!

I'll examine this  in more detail. I cannot mow grass at sunrise, too wet, asides any NORMAL person would be in bed, right?

Oh! oh! ohh . . . I ainna no where near NORMAL! I work the dreaded "Graveyard Shift!" ( And there is a lot O shite! )  ((( Ha-ha-ha a wee funny there! )))

NOW-SA, where was I?


For those of you that like something other than my silliness I urge you to read some of my short stories.

"CORNER LOT" A man and woman buy a house from an old woman Dorothy. I will only say this story started off in one of my dreams and my vivid imagination come out. I close this story as a Halloween story. I enjoyed writing it immensely.  [ IN MY ARCHIVES THE OCTOBER OF 2010. ]

"LOST ROAD"  A young man finds love in a most unusual way, across dreams and dimensions. Another brief dream moment I turned into a short story. [ ARCHIVES NOVEMBER OF 2010 ]

"THE FLAME"  This story is what got me into writing. My brother was working as a pressman at a small town here in the Midwest. He shows me this most unusual sight above the local newspaper. This newspaper has been handed down for generations on main street. He unlocked the door to this
apartment above the town newspaper, stale musty air was the first thing I sensed. A PLACE THAT HAS NOT SEEN HUMAN PRESENCE IN GOD KNOWS HOW LONG! The completely furnished apartment looked like 1955. The kitchen table was set for two. I was there in 1997, since it has burnt. It shall live forever in my mind and that supernatural impression it made on my mind lingers still. In 2004, I wrote the first draft by hand. All I can say is, the story "THE FLAME" fueled the need to put my thoughts into words. I also believe it's the best thing I've done and will always be my favorite. IT WAS MY BABY AND STILL IS. THE REASON WHY IS I PUT MY HEART AND SOUL INTO THIS, UNTIL I HAD NOTHING MORE TO GIVE. AH! IF YOU DO FIND THE TIME TO READ IT I LEFT IT INCOMPLETE BECAUSE I COULD NOT DARE TO END IT, EVEN THOUGH I HAVE THE ENDING IN MY MIND. PERHAPS IT WILL DIE WITH ME, IF IT DOES IT WILL ONLY BE FITTING. [ ARCHIVES DECEMBER OF 2011 AND HAS SEVERAL CHAPTERS APPROXIMATELY 24,000 WORDS, I DO HOPE YOU'LL READ IT AND TREASURE IT AS MUCH AS I DO!!! ] Glen         ONCE AGAIN THANKS FOR STOPPING BY!


  1. I have read The Flame, and that is one of the stories that got me hooked on GlenView. Excellent writing my friend and I hope anyone who stops by will take the time to read it. Thanks for reminding me of the other stories. I need to slow the world down so I can find some time to go back into your archives and read everything. I was doing that for awhile, then suddenly life just went crazy.

    Oh hey, don't complain about the rain. Cherish it! It rained here yesterday briefly, but only after a long dry period where my grass has withered and faded to brown. Hopefully this isn't the beginning of a drought for us.

  2. By the way. I challenged myself to write a blog a day in the month of June, so started yesterday . Give me a swift kick if you see me slacking off !

  3. Thanks and I will certainly give you a kick!