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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Me-MySelf and I!

I have bits and pieces of post, I looked at some of them and said  "what?"  Scary! I thought . . .  "what ferking idiot wrote these?"  Then I remembur . . . Me/myself/ I.  There ain't no wonder, I had no idea of what I was reading! Too many people, a tryin' to think! Three people working on somethun, like too many cooks in the kitchen, you know?

No wonder this old man has trouble getting anything from the brain, let alone getting his fingers to cooperate, on that darn keyboard!

( I hope some day, before I die, I find that damn key, that makes this keyboard work!!! )

Now where wasn't I? OR was it Me, or was it Myself? 

((( Come on people you have to slow way down and use just, a few firing synapses to understand, here on "View Glen," "BRAIN FARTO" Glen View . . . I think!!!)))


A thought, just thought its way, up to my storefront window! My computer is a Hewlett Packard, I call him Hewie Picardo. My thought is, or is it was? Maybe I need a computer more designed to fit me.

How 'bout, since I'm almost deaf, one made to hear and understand me? Nah, that ainna, gonna, work cause since I can't hear properly, my words come out like I hear them and BELIEVE me sometimes they come out real screwy!  ( Just like this post )

How 'bout one of them computers for dummies, like computer 101, for beginners? Yep! That's what I need!  ( That's what I want for Christmas! )

How 'bout since one side of my parents was backwoodsy as in "hills and hollers." You ain't never heard of that expression before? Well . . . instead of thinking mountain high and valley low, think small, therefore we have hills and hollers! SEE! Also before the telephone them hollers made hollering easier to your neighbors! Just open the door and holler over to your cousin, Jimmy Ray Earl Bob!

I got side swiped, what the ferk was I a sayin'? Oh! oh! oh! A idiot computer with a name like, Earl Bob!!! I like it!  I want one of them Earl Bob's computers, yes I do! I'm going to look one of them up right now! I had a smart computer whiz tell me "you can find anything on a computer!"

There once was an automobile called a Packard, maybe they quit making automobiles and can make a computer that can work with an old fart like me!

SEEMS FOR SURE . . . this post is headed for the scrap heap with my other post, but DAMN! I had fun with it!

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  1. hahaha!!! I admire your ability to just type away and whatever is, is ! You always start my day with a smile dear ole buddy ole pal of mine. (I still like Professor)