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Thursday, June 12, 2014

To Learn . . . To Suffer . . . To Die?


Is that not, what life's about? Learning is life in a NUT-shell. Well possibly I made it a mite simple.

I have this thought right now I must explain! The thought along with a sense of dire seriousness flashes through my mind at 5 AM.

Peacefulness . . .  the likes of which I'm normally not about, fills me at this moment. I have written many posts in the last couple hours, all serious. It seems I'm in a heart-sounding off moment. It feels most unusual, free and right for this particular moment, in time.

My thoughts are not of laughs, which is always, there. I've found making lite of all problems has been the best way to go, however seriousness is at the helm, I'll sail with it.

I think I'll retrace the last week and see why this serious side has taken over. I try to keep my little world as simple as I can. While once I was forced to live in the main-street of our everyday world, where I never fit in. FORCED is the proper word. ( For those of you who know me, know how much I hate that word as in English and properness! )

At the age of  38 a label was attached to me from a battery of tests where I was employed. A simple psychological test, we were experimenting with at the factory. There was 15 of us taking this test, The importance was to use this test on potential new hires you see. As the nut in the nutshell, I've been employed here, about 20 years and was evening Supervisor for 50 people, making very good money. I was rejected as a potential person to be hired!!! The first of many forthcoming labels by the modern "Fraudian" (Yes, I meant it spelled that way as in frauds!) Doctors.

Well I was aghast! I've been a loyal employee rising through the ranks and proud of the job that I've done. The president of that small company must have read my mind. Certainly he reviewed all 15 people and wanted to talk to me.

The paper said advise not to hire, and the word introvert which I never understood at that moment was forever and forever engraved into my mind.

INTROVERT, I've found many meanings, I'll choose the ones that I think ring true. Withdrawn - reclusive - reserved - quiet. ( I never thought of that as bad! )

Through the years another label was hung around my neck like a flashing neon sign.  Manic Depression also called Bipolar. WHAT???

"Yep you're reading my thoughts!" But then you're always reading my thoughts, right?

A couple words enter my mind, stigma, and dogma. "WHAT?" Where did those specialty, attachment words fly in from?  ( Must be Fred Fraud again!)

Well . . . I best let you read into that whatever you want for I go into a rant and I'm too tired to type all the cuss words and other summations on such matters.

Have you noticed in magazines and on the televisions commercials, seems to me the Pharmaceutical giants have cures for EVERYTHANG!!! therefore they as on the Doctoring and Pill Manufacturers MUST keep coming up with new disorders to create new pills for the new DISORDERS!!!

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  1. You know I have long thought that was one of the stupidest things they ever started doing. Giving people those psychobabble tests in order to get hired. I could go into a rant here myself, but I won't since it is your blog ! They even make people take those who are going to work at McDonalds. What happened to the days where you went in and applied for a job and they judged you by the interview? Anyway, maybe it explains the good for nothing people they seem to hire in the workplace these days.

    That is purely ridiculous that you had worked there all those years and even had to take that test. But at least you got to keep your job.

    And yes, I often lament the fact that there are pills for everything and pills to cure the things that are caused by the pills that one is taking and on and on........... Something stinks with all of this and I think it is called MONEY.