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Wednesday, June 18, 2014


I be sitting here at the computer, trying to come up with something. I start pecking away at the keyboard the way an old chicken would peck and claw at the ground. The old fowl would be looking for something fer her belly. I on the other hand am looking for something to fulfill, relax me, before retiring to dreamland. It soothes me, no matter what I peck away about, darkness, laughs, stupidity, seriousness, I'm a all season weirdo character, ya see! (haha) I have some short stories I hope to someday write feel in love with typing away before I go to bed, and I do need the practice at this damn keyboard! Kind a funny somehow as I think back at how hard it was just to type a simple sentence, not all that long ago. I still type simple but can type faster, I'll never be able to keep up with my mind though! My mind even in its slowdown mode by far outruns me fingers, they can walk but not run . . . yet, someday, someday.  Some . . .  DAY, if I practice, practice and practice, hopefully, I can find a happy medium. I have no idea right now, and don't care how fast I type, I do it for fun. What I do know is, my mind is running a Nascar track somewhere, and my typing is in a school zone. I look back and laugh at all the mistakes I've made, and how long the first posts took me. It was a have to, thing, for me! I just kept a plugging away . . . I have to, I must . . . seemed a life or death thing. Why that is now, I totally understand. My life had changed so much as in the aging process, I must find something that'll allow me the desire to carry on! It's as simple as that, read into that whatever you will, but anything other would be a lie. So I reckon, I was lucky, or actually knew somewhere up top, deep down inside my soul, there was no quitting, anything less would be a sentence,  I wish never, to consider! Perseverance, insanity, stubbornness, who knows who cares at this point, huh!!!

DAMN! Am I being serious or what! Enough of that line O thinkin'! I'm actually a forever young at heart kind a guy, that woke up one day whilst I was laying in a hospital and found myself trapped in a Senior's body! Some old Senior man snuck in and robbed my body! Darn toot-in one did! Would I lie to you? I, I, I, might pull your leg a wee bit and twist your mind into convulsions!  ( Hahahahaha! )

If I've accomplished nothing else I'mma quite sure I've heard some of you saying,   ""WHO . . . IS . . . THIS . . . GUY . . .????""

BELIEVE ME, I'M STILL A SEARCHIN'!    Goodnight and thanks to one and all who dare to visit . . . GLEN VIEW!

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