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Friday, September 23, 2011

Way Past Midnight!!!

I'm lost as usual and hope no one finds me! (Oh you're okay, I meant work and such), I wrote something earlier today before work, seems a mite too serious. I like writing after work when my mind is full of crap. Did I say what I think I said! Oh well, ain't the first time, and I damn well ass-ure U it won't be the last time! I been a-trying to break myself of that four letter word, so I been a-cheatin. Oh my I've done gone country "Your cheating heart, will tell on you", sorry back to reality Hankster! Hell no, that's why I learned to peck away at this new fangled electric typewriter thing a-ma-bob... Please hang tough as I search for a purpose tonight! Last night I were plum wore out. Tonight I feel loonier than ah oh! I been trying to break myself of that word that starts with F, NO, not FOOD!

I best explain I had a friend starting in grade school, he was one out of a family of 15, wow-za! You need to know this.

 (prosecution says "i object your honor does the idiot have a point", your honor says, "probably not, but he's usually good for a laugh, and I make better decisions when I'm laughing". prosecutor says "never mind your honor".)     

I'mma not sure what happened there, so let's move on. Any way, Chuck started saying the most unusual thing. Everything was, EXAMPLE, "my daddy came home drunker than ten f#%&ers, or I'm madder than ten XXXXers". I can't believe, I wrote that! I warned you I was looney! You didn't know that though, did you?

The world gets too serious and uptight. Even if you find something decent to watch on the television, I mean the 72 inch drive-in theatre, with the surround, bust your eardrums and feel the base bouncing off your chest. Damn no wonder our kids can't sleep after watching Shrek, Shreek 21! U-know what I hate? You find something worth watching and then, them damn commercials, yikes they ain't anything they won't advertise anymore! I'm not going into details but, U-KNOW what I mean, don't ya!!! That's why it's best to rent a movie so it can give you a real live theatre experience. You watch through trailers showing the best damn looking 33 movies you ever seen! You say to yourself, "damn self why haven't we heard of these movies, didn't they come to our theatre"? Where they show 32 movies and charge you $10 for popcorn and a one gallon drink! My first movie was 1,000 Leagues Under The Sea. You paid $.10, yep that's right 10 cents for a regular box of popcorn & 10 cents for a 10 ounce coke.

We are bombarded with soo much of soo much we can't have fun! You want more, expect more, louder, faster, more sex, more violence!!! Damn! When will it stop? We must have the newest gizmo's! We buy we have a rush, then something else comes along we need another fix, it never stops! Movies used to be 90 minutes long, then Dances With Wolves comes along. My ass can't sit for that long amount of time. Don't people have to go to the bathroom anymore?

My point, I reckon is a simple point! We can't relax, we don't know how! It takes more and more until nothing relaxes you, am I right! Damn tootin! goodnight

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  1. Oh this one made me smile!! I grew up with four brothers (and 3 sisters, yeah we were Catholic) so I learned how to use those four letter words. Later in life when I became a parent, I knew I had to stop using that kind of language so I started making up words to substitute. My youngest daughter gets a kick out of my new "cussing". She says I come up with some of the strangest words !
    I can't remember 10 cent movies, but I do remember 25 cent movies and popcorn and a regular drink, not one that by the time the movie is over you wonder if your bladder is going to bust before you make it to the restroom. I rarely go to a movie anymore. In fact the only movies I have seen in the last 5 years have been children's movies that I took my grandchildren to. I can't justify spending so much on a movie that will be out on DVD in a couple of months. As for TV, I have all but given up on watching it except for the local news and House and Sons of Anarchy ( which is not the most wholesome viewing, but it is one time I can get my 19 year old daughter to sit and watch something with me and I got hooked on it so I have to watch *smiles*
    I hope you and yours have a great weekend. Sorry the comment was so long !!! eeeks